MN/USA Wrestling Junior Freestyle State Championships

MN/USA Wrestling Junior Freestyle State Championships results. April 27, 2014 at Anoka High School.

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MN/USA Wrestling

Junior – 100 Results
1st Place – Anthony Meister of Herakles
2nd Place – Garrett Vos of Waconia wildcats
3rd Place – Parker Huss of Ghost Riders Wrestling Club
Round Robin Matches
Anthony Meister (Herakles) over Parker Huss (Ghost Riders Wrestling Club) TF 12-1
Garrett Vos (Waconia wildcats) over Parker Huss (Ghost Riders Wrestling Club) Dec 13-8
Anthony Meister (Herakles) over Garrett Vos (Waconia wildcats) TF 12-2

Junior – 106 Results
1st Place – Sodan Ka of Eagan
2nd Place – Wyatt Gillette of Valley Elite Wrestling Club
1st: Sodan Ka (Eagan) over Wyatt Gillette (Valley Elite Wrestling Club) TF 12-2

Junior – 113 Results
1st Place – Zachary Nygaard of Hi Flyers
2nd Place – Drew Robinson of Takedown Gym
1st: Zachary Nygaard (Hi Flyers) over Drew Robinson (Takedown Gym) Dec 9-8

Junior – 120 Results
1st Place – Andy Schlosser of Takedown Gym
2nd Place – Esteban Teigen of Triumph
3rd Place – Jakob Bergeland of Centennial Wrestling
4th Place – Riley Altenburg of Pinnacle Wrestling Club
5th Place – Mitchell Lewison of Hi Flyers
Round Robin Matches
Andy Schlosser (Takedown Gym) over Jakob Bergeland (Centennial Wrestling) Fall 2:34
Andy Schlosser (Takedown Gym) over Esteban Teigen (Triumph) TF 0-10
Esteban Teigen (Triumph) over Jakob Bergeland (Centennial Wrestling) TF 10-0

Junior – 126 Results
1st Place – Austin Anderly of Valley Elite Wrestling Club
2nd Place – Ben Kelvington of Ghost Riders Wrestling Club
3rd Place – Paul Fitterer of Cannon Falls Mat Rats Wrestlin
4th Place – Thomas Stageberg of Pinnacle Wrestling Club
5th Place – Tyler Shilson of Hi Flyers
6th Place – Keinnan Thacker of Eastside wrestling club
1st: Austin Anderly (Valley Elite Wrestling Club) over Ben Kelvington (Ghost Riders Wrestling Club) TF 11-0
3rd: Paul Fitterer (Cannon Falls Mat Rats Wrestlin) over Thomas Stageberg (Pinnacle Wrestling Club) TF 10-0
5th: Tyler Shilson (Hi Flyers) over Keinnan Thacker (Eastside wrestling club) ID

Junior – 132 Results
1st Place – Travis Swanson of Cambridge-isanti Rum River Rai
2nd Place – Sam Bennyhoff of MN Elite
3rd Place – Taylor Venz of Farmington
4th Place – Tanner Day of Pinnacle Wrestling Club
5th Place – Wyatt Becker of Greenbush/Pioneer WC
6th Place – Derek Fruetel of Central Minnesota Wrestling
1st: Travis Swanson (Cambridge-isanti Rum River Rai) over Sam Bennyhoff (MN Elite) Fall 3:49
3rd: Taylor Venz (Farmington) over Tanner Day (Pinnacle Wrestling Club) Fall 1:52
5th: Wyatt Becker (Greenbush/Pioneer WC) over Derek Fruetel (Central Minnesota Wrestling) Fall 3:46

Junior – 138 Results
1st Place – James Berg of New Prague
2nd Place – Ty Johnson of East Metro WC
3rd Place – Louie Sanders of Mankato Area Wrestling Club
4th Place – Cody Peters of Aftershock
5th Place – Christian Bahl of Totino Grace
6th Place – Logan Axford of Mustangs
1st: James Berg (New Prague) over Ty Johnson (East Metro WC) TF 12-2
3rd: Louie Sanders (Mankato Area Wrestling Club) over Cody Peters (Aftershock) TF 14-2
5th: Christian Bahl (Totino Grace) over Logan Axford (Mustangs) Fall 2:30

Junior – 145 Results
1st Place – Griffin Parriott of Pinnacle Wrestling Club
2nd Place – Donnie Leuer of Hi Flyers
3rd Place – Ben Brancale of Pinnacle Wrestling Club
4th Place – Matthew Rustad of Pinnacle Wrestling Club
5th Place – Zachary Beaumaster of Central Minnesota Wrestling
6th Place – Travis Ostby of Central Minnesota Wrestling
1st: Griffin Parriott (Pinnacle Wrestling Club) over Donnie Leuer (Hi Flyers) TF 14-4
3rd: Ben Brancale (Pinnacle Wrestling Club) over Matthew Rustad (Pinnacle Wrestling Club) Dec 6-2
5th: Zachary Beaumaster (Central Minnesota Wrestling) over Travis Ostby (Central Minnesota Wrestling) TF 10-0

Junior – 152 Results
1st Place – Carson Brolsma of Hi Flyers
2nd Place – Logan Kass of Pinnacle Wrestling Club
3rd Place – Tone Fuenffinger of Takedown Gym
4th Place – Kyle Benjamin of Pinnacle Wrestling Club
5th Place – Joseph Dubbels of Pinnacle Wrestling Club
6th Place – Brady Keefe of Stewartville Wrestling Club
1st: Carson Brolsma (Hi Flyers) over Logan Kass (Pinnacle Wrestling Club) Dec 13-10
3rd: Tone Fuenffinger (Takedown Gym) over Kyle Benjamin (Pinnacle Wrestling Club) TF 13-3
5th: Joseph Dubbels (Pinnacle Wrestling Club) over Brady Keefe (Stewartville Wrestling Club) Dec 14-11

Junior – 160 Results
1st Place – Zachary Carlson of Central Minnesota Wrestling
2nd Place – Brandon Krone of Herakles
3rd Place – Brady Nelson of Mayo Wrestling Association
4th Place – Alexi Bode of Northwest Wrestling Club
5th Place – Parker Jackson of Northwest Wrestling Club
6th Place – Preston Flaherty of Herakles
1st: Zachary Carlson (Central Minnesota Wrestling) over Brandon Krone (Herakles) Dec 21-18
3rd: Brady Nelson (Mayo Wrestling Association) over Alexi Bode (Northwest Wrestling Club) TF 12-2
5th: Parker Jackson (Northwest Wrestling Club) over Preston Flaherty (Herakles) Dec 15-11

Junior – 170 Results
1st Place – Andrew Fogarty of Ghost Riders Wrestling Club
2nd Place – Lucas Westrich of Lakeville Youth Wrestling Asso
3rd Place – Matt Njos of Herakles
4th Place – Robby Schultz of Prior Lake Wrestling Club
5th Place – Jonah Lange of Northwest Wrestling Club
6th Place – Shane Siewert of Impact Wrestling
1st: Andrew Fogarty (Ghost Riders Wrestling Club) over Lucas Westrich (Lakeville Youth Wrestling Asso) TF 18-8
3rd: Matt Njos (Herakles) over Robby Schultz (Prior Lake Wrestling Club) Dec 9-7
5th: Jonah Lange (Northwest Wrestling Club) over Shane Siewert (Impact Wrestling) ID

Junior – 182 Results
1st Place – Seth Gardner of Hi Flyers
2nd Place – Jackson Striggow of Hi Flyers
3rd Place – Justin Dunnell of Lakeville
4th Place – Elerson Smith of minneapolis select
6th Place – Cole Schreder of Pinnacle Wrestling Club
1st: Seth Gardner (Hi Flyers) over Jackson Striggow (Hi Flyers) Dec 8-8
3rd: Justin Dunnell (Lakeville) over Elerson Smith (minneapolis select) Fall 0:38
5th: Luke Dodd (THUNDERBOLTS WRESTLING CLUB) over Cole Schreder (Pinnacle Wrestling Club) TF 10-0

Junior – 195 Results
1st Place – Isaac Florell of Totino Grace
2nd Place – William Parks of PERHAM
3rd Place – Joe Hoeve of Farmington
4th Place – Ryan Jones of Pinnacle Wrestling Club
5th Place – Lorenzo Hernandez of SOUTHERN MINNESOTA WRESTLING C
6th Place – Glenn Meyers of Blaine Wrestling
1st: Isaac Florell (Totino Grace) over William Parks (PERHAM) TF 10-0
3rd: Joe Hoeve (Farmington) over Ryan Jones (Pinnacle Wrestling Club) Fall 1:07
5th: Lorenzo Hernandez (SOUTHERN MINNESOTA WRESTLING C) over Glenn Meyers (Blaine Wrestling) ID

Junior – 220 Results
1st Place – Nicholas Pegelow of THUNDERBOLTS WRESTLING CLUB
2nd Place – Jameer Anderson of Northsiders
3rd Place – Jeremy Rodman of Herakles
4th Place – Adam Lucast of Lakeville South
5th Place – Dylan Gluck of Waconia wildcats
6th Place – Evan Block of Cannon Falls Mat Rats Wrestlin
1st: Nicholas Pegelow (THUNDERBOLTS WRESTLING CLUB) over Jameer Anderson (Northsiders) TF 10-0
3rd: Jeremy Rodman (Herakles) over Adam Lucast (Lakeville South) Fall 2:46
5th: Dylan Gluck (Waconia wildcats) over Evan Block (Cannon Falls Mat Rats Wrestlin) TF 10-0

Junior – 285 Results
1st Place – George Weege of Winona Wrestling
2nd Place – Brady Beier of Mayhem
3rd Place – Andrew Piehl of ROGERS
4th Place – Bailey Ratliff of coon rapids mat bandits
5th Place – Jesse Heifort of Pinnacle Wrestling Club
6th Place – Michael Schocker of Mat Stalkers
1st: George Weege (Winona Wrestling) over Brady Beier (Mayhem) Fall 0:50
3rd: Andrew Piehl (ROGERS) over Bailey Ratliff (coon rapids mat bandits) TF 10-0
5th: Jesse Heifort (Pinnacle Wrestling Club) over Michael Schocker (Mat Stalkers) Fall 0:55