The Mats Don’t Roll Themselves Out

By Matt Krumrie

Ask any coach and they will tell you this: Volunteer support can be the backbone of a successful wrestling club, and parents who graciously volunteer their time can make the difference between a club thriving and merely surviving. Whether it’s transportation to and from the gym, rolling up the mats after practice or a tournament, working concessions or providing snacks, volunteers play a vital role in helping coaches manage the off the mat aspect of running a wrestling club.

Coyte Cooper was an All-American wrestler at Indiana University in 2004. While his competitive days are over, Cooper has since spent his professional career focusing on how wrestling programs—from the grassroots youth levels, through high school and college—can better run, promote, market and grow a wrestling program. In 2011 Cooper founded Elite Level Sports Marketing, an organization that provides wrestling coaches unique resources to market and grow their programs effectively. A big part of that is through the recruitment and retention of a strong volunteer base. Continue reading at

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