ASICS FILA Cadet Freestyle Nationals

ASICS FILA Cadet Freestyle Nationals results. May 24-25, 2014 at Akron, Ohio.

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Hall, Olivas, Manville among list of champions crowned at FILA Cadet Nationals in freestyle –


FILA Cadets – 39 – 42 KG Results
1st Place – Gavin Teasdale of Pennsylvania
2nd Place – Peter Ogunsanya of Illinois
3rd Place – Zack Murillo of Connecticut
4th Place – Holden Heller of Illinois
5th Place – Rhett Golowenski of Oklahoma
6th Place – Patrick McKee of Minnesota
1st: Gavin Teasdale (Pennsylvania) over Peter Ogunsanya (Illinois) Dec 10-1
3rd: Zack Murillo (Connecticut) over Holden Heller (Illinois) Dec 15-8
5th: Rhett Golowenski (Oklahoma) over Patrick McKee (Minnesota) Dec 12-4

FILA Cadets – 46 KG Results
1st Place – Cade Olivas of California
2nd Place – Roman Bravo-Young of Arizona
3rd Place – Louie Hayes of Illinois
4th Place – Brandon Courtney of Arizona
5th Place – Drew Mattin of Ohio
6th Place – Zachary Sherman of New Jersey
1st: Cade Olivas (California) over Louie Hayes (Illinois) TF 10-0
True 2nd: Roman Bravo-Young (Arizona) over Louie Hayes (Illinois) TF 10-0
3rd: Roman Bravo-Young (Arizona) over Brandon Courtney (Arizona) ID
5th: Drew Mattin (Ohio) over Zachary Sherman (New Jersey) Dec 9-0

FILA Cadets – 50 KG Results
1st Place – Spencer Lee of Pennsylvania
2nd Place – Ben Freeman of Michigan
3rd Place – Joey Prata of Virginia
4th Place – Kaden Gfeller of Oklahoma
5th Place – Bryce West of Iowa
6th Place – Drew West of Iowa
1st: Spencer Lee (Pennsylvania) over Joey Prata (Virginia) TF 11-1
True 2nd: Ben Freeman (Michigan) over Joey Parata (Virginia) Dec 8-3
3rd: Ben Freeman (Michigan) over Kaden Gfeller (Oklahoma) Dec 4-2
5th: Bryce West (Iowa) over Drew West (Iowa) TF 12-2

FILA Cadets – 54 KG Results
1st Place – Daton Fix of Oklahoma
2nd Place – Nick Suriano of New Jersey
3rd Place – Brock Rathbun of Iowa
4th Place – Vitali Arujau of New York
5th Place – Dalton Duffield of Oklahoma
6th Place – Ian Parker of Michigan
1st: Daton Fix (Oklahoma) over Nick Suriano (New Jersey) Dec 1-1
3rd: Brock Rathbun (Iowa) over Vitali Arujau (New York) Fall 0:41
5th: Dalton Duffield (Oklahoma) over Ian Parker (Michigan) TF 14-4

FILA Cadets – 58 KG Results
1st Place – Carter Happel of Iowa
2nd Place – Nick Lee of Indiana
3rd Place – Gabriel Townsell of Illinois
4th Place – Richard Montoya of New Mexico
5th Place – Kyle Bierdumpfel of New Jersey
6th Place – Corey Shie of Ohio
1st: Carter Happel (Iowa) over Nick Lee (Indiana) Dec 12-7
True 2nd: Nick Lee (Indiana) over Gabriel Townsell (Illinois) TF 10-0
3rd: Gabriel Townsell (Illinois) over Richard Montoya (New Mexico) ID
5th: Kyle Bierdumpfel (New Jersey) over Corey Shie (Ohio) TF 10-0

FILA Cadets – 63 KG Results
1st Place – Jared Verkleeren of Pennsylvania
2nd Place – Austin Kraisser of Maryland
3rd Place – Wyatt Sheets of Oklahoma
4th Place – Dominick Demas of Ohio
5th Place – Johnny OHearon of Utah
6th Place – Robert Lee of Wisconsin
1st: Jared Verkleeren (Pennsylvania) over Austin Kraisser (Maryland) Dec 5-1
3rd: Wyatt Sheets (Oklahoma) over Dominick Demas (Ohio) ID
5th: Johnny OHearon (Utah) over Robert Lee (Wisconsin) Dec 6-1

FILA Cadets – 69 KG Results
1st Place – Mason Manville of New Jersey
2nd Place – Trace Carello of Illinois
3rd Place – Cameron Harrell of Maryland
4th Place – Jakob Restrepo of New York
5th Place – Joey Gunther of Illinois
6th Place – Kaleb Young of Pennsylvania
1st: Mason Manville (New Jersey) over Trace Carello (Illinois) Dec 7-0
3rd: Cameron Harrell (Maryland) over Jakob Restrepo (New York) TF 12-2
5th: Joey Gunther (Illinois) over Kaleb Young (Pennsylvania) Dec 12-7

FILA Cadets – 76 KG Results
1st Place – Mark Hall of Minnesota
2nd Place – Beau Breske of Wisconsin
3rd Place – Nick Reenan of Pennsylvania
4th Place – Taylor Lujan of Georgia
5th Place – Jacob Warner of Illinois
6th Place – Andrew McNally of Ohio
1st: Mark Hall (Minnesota) over Beau Breske (Wisconsin) Dec 4-1
True 2nd: Beau Breske (Washington) over Nick Reenand (Pennsylvania) Dec 4-3
3rd: Nick Reenan (Pennsylvania) over Taylor Lujan (Georgia) Dec 6-4
5th: Jacob Warner (Illinois) over Andrew McNally (Ohio) TF 18-8

FILA Cadets – 85 KG Results
1st Place – Hunter Ritter of Maryland
2nd Place – Samuel Colbray of Oregon
3rd Place – Lance Benick of Minnesota
4th Place – Nathan Traxler of Illinois
5th Place – Tyler Johnson of Illinois
6th Place – Jack Harris of Ohio
1st: Hunter Ritter (Maryland) over Samuel Colbray (Oregon) Dec 10-7
3rd: Lance Benick (Minnesota) over Nathan Traxler (Illinois) Dec 5-1
5th: Tyler Johnson (Illinois) over Jack Harris (Ohio) Fall 3:24

FILA Cadets – 85 – 100 KG Results
1st Place – Jordan Wood of Pennsylvania
2nd Place – Andrew Marsden of Illinois
3rd Place – Lucas Warren of Illinois
4th Place – Landon Pelham of Michigan
5th Place – Gannon Gremmel of Iowa
6th Place – Isaac Florell of Minnesota
1st: Jordan Wood (Pennsylvania) over Lucas Warren (Illinois) Dec 9-4
True 2nd: Andrew Marsden (Illinois) over Lucas Warren (Illinois) Fall 0:35
3rd: Andrew Marsden (Illinois) over Landon Pelham (Michigan) Fall 2:16
5th: Gannon Gremmel (Iowa) over Isaac Florell (Minnesota) Dec 6-2

FILA Cadets – 125 KG Results
1st Place – Jake Marnin of Iowa
2nd Place – Kevin Vough of Ohio
3rd Place – Thomas Helton of Illinois
4th Place – Dante Jiovenetta of Florida
5th Place – Garyn Huntley of New York
1st: Jake Marnin (Iowa) over Kevin Vough (Ohio) Dec 9-4
True 2nd: Kevin Vough (Ohio) over Thomas Helton (Illinois) TF 11-0
3rd: Thomas Helton (Illinois) over Dante Jiovenetta (Florida) Dec 2-1
5th: Garyn Huntley (New York) received a bye.

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