ASICS FILA Cadet Greco-Roman Nationals

ASICS FILA Cadet Greco-Roman Nationals results. May 23, 2014 at Akron, Ohio.

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FILA Cadet – 39-42 KG Results
1st Place – Jason Holmes of Arizona
2nd Place – Peter Ogunsanya of Illinois
3rd Place – Trey Keeley of Illinois
4th Place – Holden Heller of Illinois
5th Place – Cody Phippen of Kansas
6th Place – Michael Kelly of New Jersey
1st: Jason Holmes (Arizona) over Peter Ogunsanya (Illinois) Dec 5-2
3rd: Trey Keeley (Illinois) over Holden Heller (Illinois) Dec 7-1
5th: Cody Phippen (Kansas) over Michael Kelly (New Jersey) Dec 4-2

FILA Cadet – 46 KG Results
1st Place – Dack Punke of Illinois
2nd Place – Cade Olivas of California
3rd Place – Louie Hayes of Illinois
4th Place – Dominic LaJoie of Michigan
5th Place – Randon Miranda of California
6th Place – P.j. Gohn of New Jersey
1st: Dack Punke (Illinois) over Cade Olivas (California) Dec 3-2
3rd: Louie Hayes (Illinois) over Dominic LaJoie (Michigan) TF 12-4
5th: Randon Miranda (California) over P.j. Gohn (New Jersey) TF 10-2

FILA Cadet – 50 KG Results
1st Place – Drew West of Iowa
2nd Place – Austin Gomez of Illinois
3rd Place – Trae Vasquez of Montana
4th Place – Brent Jones of Minnesota
5th Place – Paul Bianchi of Wisconsin
6th Place – Breandan Coughlin of Maryland
1st: Drew West (Iowa) over Trae Vasquez (Montana) TF 11-2
True 2nd: Austin Gomez (Illinois) over Trae Vasquez (Montana) FF
3rd: Austin Gomez (Illinois) over Brent Jones (Minnesota) TF 8-0
5th: Paul Bianchi (Wisconsin) over Breandan Coughlin (Maryland) TF 9-0

FILA Cadet – 54 KG Results
1st Place – Jacob Spiess of Ohio
2nd Place – Joshua Kramer of Arizona
3rd Place – Jacob Greenwood of Colorado
4th Place – Paul Fitterer of Minnesota
5th Place – Gabriel Townsell of Illinois
6th Place – Jon Trowbridge of Kansas
1st: Jacob Spiess (Ohio) over Joshua Kramer (Arizona) TF 9-0
True 2nd: Joshua Kramer (Arizona) over Jacob Greenwood (Colorado) Dec 6-4
3rd: Jacob Greenwood (Colorado) over Paul Fitterer (Minnesota) TF 8-0
5th: Gabriel Townsell (Illinois) over Jon Trowbridge (Kansas) TF 9-0

FILA Cadet – 58 KG Results
1st Place – Taylor LaMont of Utah
2nd Place – Jaden Enriquez of California
3rd Place – Christpher DeBien of Tennessee
4th Place – Corey Shie of Ohio
5th Place – William Kui of New Jersey
6th Place – Taylor Ortz of Pennsylvania
1st: Taylor LaMont (Utah) over Jaden Enriquez (California) Dec 1-1
3rd: Christpher DeBien (Tennessee) over Corey Shie (Ohio) Dec 12-10
5th: William Kui (New Jersey) over Taylor Ortz (Pennsylvania) Fall 1:25

FILA Cadet – 63 KG Results
1st Place – Dominick Demas of Ohio
2nd Place – Griffin Parriott of Minnesota
3rd Place – Lenny Merkin of New York
4th Place – Jasiah Williams of Oregon
5th Place – Logan Kass of Minnesota
6th Place – Rudy Guillen of Georgia
1st: Dominick Demas (Ohio) over Griffin Parriott (Minnesota) Dec 6-6
3rd: Lenny Merkin (New York) over Jasiah Williams (Oregon) TF 8-0
5th: Logan Kass (Minnesota) over Rudy Guillen (Georgia) TF 8-0

FILA Cadet – 69 KG Results
1st Place – Mason Manville of New Jersey
2nd Place – Jesse Porter of New York
3rd Place – Owen Webster of Minnesota
4th Place – Dakota Wall of Idaho
5th Place – Jack Adcock of Georgia
6th Place – Taylor Owens of Idaho
1st: Mason Manville (New Jersey) over Jesse Porter (New York) TF 8-0
3rd: Owen Webster (Minnesota) over Dakota Wall (Idaho) TF 12-1
5th: Jack Adcock (Georgia) over Taylor Owens (Idaho) Dec 2-1

FILA Cadet – 76 KG Results
1st Place – Nick Reenan of Pennsylvania
2nd Place – Beau Breske of Wisconsin
3rd Place – Vicente Guerrero of Arizona
4th Place – Dylan Lydy of Indiana
5th Place – Lane Lettich of Oklahoma
6th Place – Regan Bye of South Dakota
1st: Nick Reenan (Pennsylvania) over Beau Breske (Wisconsin) Dec 2-1
True 2nd: Beau Breske (Wisconsin) over Vicente Guerrero (Arizona) TF 8-0
3rd: Vicente Guerrero (Arizona) over Dylan Lydy (Indiana) Fall 1:29
5th: Lane Lettich (Oklahoma) over Regan Bye (South Dakota) FF

FILA Cadet – 85 KG Results
1st Place – Timothy Young of Illinois
2nd Place – Samuel Colbray of Oregon
3rd Place – Wyatt Koelling of Utah
4th Place – Isaac Florell of Minnesota
5th Place – Zane Black of Pennsylvania
6th Place – Jeremiah B. Imonode of Arizona
1st: Timothy Young (Illinois) over Samuel Colbray (Oregon) TF 13-4
3rd: Wyatt Koelling (Utah) over Isaac Florell (Minnesota) TF 11-0
5th: Zane Black (Pennsylvania) over Jeremiah B. Imonode (Arizona) Fall 2:00

FILA Cadet – 85-100 KG Results
1st Place – Ethan Andersen of Iowa
2nd Place – Jordan Wood of Pennsylvania
3rd Place – Michael Rogers of Pennsylvania
4th Place – Landon Pelham of Michigan
5th Place – James Ford of Ohio
6th Place – Neil Putnam of New Jersey
1st: Ethan Andersen (Iowa) over Jordan Wood (Pennsylvania) Dec 4-2
True 2nd: Jordan Wood (Pennsylvania) over Michael Rogers (Pennsylvania) TF 9-0
3rd: Michael Rogers (Pennsylvania) over Landon Pelham (Michigan) TF 8-0
5th: James Ford (Ohio) over Neil Putnam (New Jersey) TF 8-0

FILA Cadet – 125 KG Results
1st Place – Tate Orndorff of Washington
2nd Place – Jake Marnin of Iowa
3rd Place – Dante Jiovenetta of Florida
4th Place – Kevin Vough of Ohio
5th Place – Thomas Helton of Illinois
6th Place – Blake Schjoll of Indiana
1st: Tate Orndorff (Washington) over Jake Marnin (Iowa) Dec 9-2
3rd: Dante Jiovenetta (Florida) over Kevin Vough (Ohio) Dec 5-4
5th: Thomas Helton (Illinois) over Blake Schjoll (Indiana) Fall 2:21