2014 USA Wrestling Junior and Cadet National Championships


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Team Minnesota Results:

  • Cadet Women – Team 23rd Place, 4 Wrestlers, 1 All-American
  • Cadet Greco-Roman – Team 2nd Place, 51 Wrestlers, 12 All-Americans, 3 Champions
  • Junior Greco-Roman – Team 2nd Place, 51 Wrestlers, 11 All-Americans, 2 Champions
  • Junior Women – Team tied 28th Place, 3 Wrestlers, 0 All-Americans
  • Cadet Freestyle – Team 6th Place, 54 Wrestlers, 8 All-Americans, 1 Champion
  • Junior Freestyle – Team tied 2nd Place, 50 Wrestlers, 11 All-Americans, 3 Champions

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The Guillotine Photo Galleries:

Photos will be posted throughout the event. Guillotine photos by Jeff Beshey.

Cadet Greco-Roman National Championships
Junior Greco-Roman National Championships
Cadet Freestyle National Championships
Junior Freestyle National Championships

MN/USA Photo Galleries by David Peterson

John Sachs Photo Galleries

Minnesota Storm Champion Interviews by USA Wrestling:

Match Video (hundreds of videos):

Cadet Women

Cadet Greco-Roman

Junior Greco-Roman

Junior Women

Cadet Freestyle

Junior Freestyle

USA Wrestling Junior and Cadet National Championships Results:
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Minnesota Cadet and Junior All-Americans

Minnesota High School Wrestler Files

[eztable caption=”Cadet/Junior Nationals and Phase II World Team Trials Schedule” th=”0″ width=”600″]
2PM,SR WM Freestyle,Challenge Tournament
2PM-6PM,WM Cadet Freestyle,Prelims thru Semifinals
7PM,SR WM Freestyle,World Team Finals
7PM-9PM,WM Cadet Freestyle,Finals & Medal Bouts
9AM-1PM,Cadet Greco,Preliminaries
3PM-7PM,Cadet Greco,R16 & Quarterfinals
9AM-1PM,Cadet Greco,Semifinals & Consolations
9AM-1PM,Junior Greco,Preliminaries
2PM-5PM,Cadet Greco,Finals & Medal Bouts
6PM-9PM,Junior Greco,R16 & Consolations
6PM-9PM,WM Junior Freestyle,Preliminaries & R16
9AM,SR Greco Roman,Challenge Tournament
9AM-1PM,Junior Greco,Quarters & Semifinals
9AM-1PM,WM Junior Freestyle,Quarters & Semifinals
2PM-5PM,Junior Greco,Finals & Medal Bouts
5PM-8:30PM,WM Junior Freestyle,Finals & Medal Bouts
7PM,SR Greco Roman,World Team Finals
9:30AM-1:30PM,Cadet Freestyle,Preliminaries
9:30AM-1:30PM,WM Junior Duals,Preliminaries
3:30PM-7:30PM,Cadet Freestyle,Preliminaries & R16
3:30PM-7:30PM,WM Junior Duals,thru Finals
9:30,SR Freestyle,Challenge Tournament
9:30AM-1:30PM,Cadet Freestyle,Quarterfinals & Consolations
9:30AM-1:30PM,Junior Freestyle,Preliminaries
3:15PM,SR Freestyle,World Team Finals
3:30PM-7:30PM,Cadet Freestyle,Semifinals & Consolations
3:30PM-7:30PM,Junior Freestyle,Preliminaries
9AM-1PM,Junior Freestyle,R16 & Quarterfinals
2PM-5PM,Cadet Freestyle,Finals & Medal Bouts
6PM-8PM,Junior Freestyle,Semifinals & Consolations
10AM-1PM,Junior Freestyle,Finals & Medal Bouts

Schedule subject to change.

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