All Force Minnesota Christmas Tournament

December 19-20, 2014 at Rochester, Minn.

All Force Minnesota Christmas Tournament
1. Apple Valley 188.0
2. St. Michael-Albertville 170.5
3. Kaukauna 164.0
4. Kasson-Mantorville 141.5
5. Jackson County Central 132.5
6. Prior Lake 126.0
7. Willmar 124.5
8. Scott West 111.0
9. West Fargo 107.5
10. Bismarck 105.5
11. Totino-Grace 104.0
12. Farmington 101.5
13. Coon Rapids 100.0
14. New Prague 97.0
14. Owatonna 97.0
16. Anoka 92.0
17. St. Francis 91.0
18. Albert Lea 88.0
19. Eastview 82.0
20. Simley 78.0
21. Amery 71.0
22. Pine Creek 66.5
23. Hastings 65.0
24. Centennial 60.0
25. Mound-Westonka 59.5
26. Forest Lake 58.0
27. Cambridge-Isanti 55.5
28. Rochester Mayo 52.0
29. White Bear Lake 48.0
30. Benilde-St. Margaret’s 39.0
31. Stewartville 38.0
32. Hartland Arrowhead 37.5
33. Moundsview 18.5

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OW: Lance Benick of Totino Grace

106 Results
1st Place – Peyton Robb of Owatonna
2nd Place – Victor Gliva of Farmington
3rd Place – Nate Larson of Apple Valley
4th Place – Patrick McKee of St. Michael-Albertville
5th Place – Zach Glazier of Albert Lea
6th Place – Israel Navarro of Willmar
7th Place – Curtis LeMair of Prior Lake
8th Place – Ryan Chauvin of Pine Creek
1st: Peyton Robb (Owatonna) 14-0, Fr. over Victor Gliva (Farmington) 14-1, Jr. (Dec 3-0).
3rd: Nate Larson (Apple Valley) 16-4, Fr. over Patrick McKee (St. Michael-Albertville) 10-3, Fr. (Fall 3:20).
5th: Zach Glazier (Albert Lea) 15-2, . over Israel Navarro (Willmar) 10-4, Fr. (MD 10-2).
7th: Curtis LeMair (Prior Lake) 11-5, Fr. over Ryan Chauvin (Pine Creek) 4-3, Fr. (Dec 3-2).

113 Results
1st Place – Kyle Rathman of Apple Valley
2nd Place – Tyler Eischens of Anoka
3rd Place – Keaten Schorr of Kasson-Mantorville
4th Place – Jordan Martinez of Pine Creek
5th Place – Dillon Spaulding of Bismarck
6th Place – Tate Torgerson of Cambridge-Isanti
7th Place – Ty Lee of Kaukauna
8th Place – Jackson Stauffacher of Scott West
1st: Kyle Rathman (Apple Valley) 13-1, So. over Tyler Eischens (Anoka) 15-1, Fr. (Dec 7-4).
3rd: Keaten Schorr (Kasson-Mantorville) 14-2, So. over Jordan Martinez (Pine Creek) 12-3, So. (Fall 2:45).
5th: Dillon Spaulding (Bismarck) 16-2, Jr. over Tate Torgerson (Cambridge-Isanti) 15-6, Fr. (MD 10-1).
7th: Ty Lee (Kaukauna) 15-2, Jr. over Jackson Stauffacher (Scott West) 10-3, Fr. (TF-1.5 0:00 (22-5)).

120 Results
1st Place – Jared Franek of West Fargo
2nd Place – Garrett Aldrich of Albert Lea
3rd Place – Trent Leon of Kaukauna
4th Place – Adam McSorley of Hastings
5th Place – Zach Smith of Prior Lake
6th Place – Austin Connor of Amery
7th Place – Daniel Worthington of St. Francis
8th Place – Carter Piche of Scott West
1st: Jared Franek (West Fargo) 17-0, Fr. over Garrett Aldrich (Albert Lea) 14-1, . (Dec 4-3).
3rd: Trent Leon (Kaukauna) 17-3, So. over Adam McSorley (Hastings) 13-2, So. (Dec 8-7).
5th: Zach Smith (Prior Lake) 11-4, Fr. over Austin Connor (Amery) 13-5, So. (Fall 0:31).
7th: Daniel Worthington (St. Francis) 10-4, Sr. over Carter Piche (Scott West) 8-4, Jr. (Dec 4-2).

126 Results
1st Place – Mitchell McKee of St. Michael-Albertville
2nd Place – Jake Bergeland of Centennial
3rd Place – Tanner Cole of Owatonna
4th Place – Ben Kelvington of Scott West
5th Place – Dalton Wagner of Jackson
6th Place – Jamin LeDuc of Farmington
7th Place – Taylor Nein of Bismarck
8th Place – Zach Lee of Kaukauna
1st: Mitchell McKee (St. Michael-Albertville) 11-1, Jr. over Jake Bergeland (Centennial) 13-1, So. (Fall 1:33).
3rd: Tanner Cole (Owatonna) 12-1, So. over Ben Kelvington (Scott West) 14-3, Jr. (Dec 7-2).
5th: Dalton Wagner (Jackson) 7-2, Fr. over Jamin LeDuc (Farmington) 9-3, Jr. (Dec 7-6).
7th: Taylor Nein (Bismarck) 18-3, Jr. over Zach Lee (Kaukauna) 12-5, Fr. (Dec 4-0).

132 Results
1st Place – Tres Leon of Kaukauna
2nd Place – Hunter Marko of Amery
3rd Place – David Flynn of Scott West
4th Place – Sam Bennyhoff of Mound Westonka
5th Place – Aidan Yde of Hartland Arrowhead
6th Place – Grant Bolduan of White Bear Lake
7th Place – Anthony Jackson of Simley
8th Place – Patrick Kennedy of Kasson-Mantorville
1st: Tres Leon (Kaukauna) 16-0, Sr. over Hunter Marko (Amery) 15-1, Jr. (MD 8-0).
3rd: David Flynn (Scott West) 15-2, Sr. over Sam Bennyhoff (Mound Westonka) 14-2, Sr. (OT 11-9).
5th: Aidan Yde (Hartland Arrowhead) 9-4, Jr. over Grant Bolduan (White Bear Lake) 12-3, Sr. (Dec 7-0).
7th: Anthony Jackson (Simley) 13-3, 8th. over Patrick Kennedy (Kasson-Mantorville) 13-4, 7th. (OT 7-5).

138 Results
1st Place – Robert Lee of Kaukauna
2nd Place – James Berg of New Prague
3rd Place – Aaron Wilson of St. Francis
4th Place – Kyle Nordstrom of Simley
5th Place – Josh Bryant of Coon Rapids
6th Place – Ryan Reid of Mound Westonka
7th Place – Alex Green of Owatonna
8th Place – Cody Schoen of St. Michael-Albertville
1st: Robert Lee (Kaukauna) 17-0, Sr. over James Berg (New Prague) 15-1, Sr. (Dec 7-1).
3rd: Aaron Wilson (St. Francis) 12-2, Sr. over Kyle Nordstrom (Simley) 7-5, Sr. (MD 12-4).
5th: Josh Bryant (Coon Rapids) 15-3, Jr. over Ryan Reid (Mound Westonka) 13-5, Jr. (Fall 2:43).
7th: Alex Green (Owatonna) 13-2, Sr. over Cody Schoen (St. Michael-Albertville) 7-5, So. (Dec 10-6).

145 Results
1st Place – Griffin Parriott of New Prague
2nd Place – James Pleski of Forest Lake
3rd Place – Taylor Venz of Farmington
4th Place – Brock Morgan of Apple Valley
5th Place – Miles Patton of Rochester Mayo
6th Place – Logan Kass of Benilde-St. Margaret`s
7th Place – Kenny ONeil of Prior Lake
8th Place – Casey Dravis of Eastview
1st: Griffin Parriott (New Prague) 16-0, Jr. over James Pleski (Forest Lake) 11-1, Sr. (Dec 3-1).
3rd: Taylor Venz (Farmington) 12-4, Jr. over Brock Morgan (Apple Valley) 17-3, Jr. (Dec 7-3).
5th: Miles Patton (Rochester Mayo) 14-2, Sr. over Logan Kass (Benilde-St. Margaret`s) 15-5, Sr. (Dec 8-1).
7th: Kenny ONeil (Prior Lake) 12-4, Fr. over Casey Dravis (Eastview) 9-4, . (Dec 4-3).

152 Results
1st Place – Brady Berge of Kasson-Mantorville
2nd Place – Brady Nelson of Rochester Mayo
3rd Place – Brandon Moen of Owatonna
4th Place – Bailey VanHandel of Kaukauna
5th Place – Nick Knutson of New Prague
6th Place – Kyle Benjamin of Farmington
7th Place – Travis Deegan of Willmar
8th Place – Joey Bothwell of Coon Rapids
1st: Brady Berge (Kasson-Mantorville) 15-0, So. over Brady Nelson (Rochester Mayo) 6-1, Sr. (TF-1.5 0:00 (22-7)).
3rd: Brandon Moen (Owatonna) 14-2, So. over Bailey VanHandel (Kaukauna) 15-3, Sr. (Dec 9-4).
5th: Nick Knutson (New Prague) 16-3, Jr. over Kyle Benjamin (Farmington) 10-3, Sr. (Inj. 0:00).
7th: Travis Deegan (Willmar) 12-2, Sr. over Joey Bothwell (Coon Rapids) 14-3, So. (Dec 8-4).

160 Results
1st Place – Andrew Fogarty of Scott West
2nd Place – Paden Moore of Jackson
3rd Place – Matt Njos of Anoka
4th Place – Colten Carlson of Willmar
5th Place – Aaron Berge of Kasson-Mantorville
6th Place – Adam Blees of Bismarck
7th Place – Mitchell Zachman of St. Michael-Albertville
8th Place – Jake Anderson of Hastings
1st: Andrew Fogarty (Scott West) 15-0, Sr. over Paden Moore (Jackson) 9-1, Sr. (OT 5-3).
3rd: Matt Njos (Anoka) 16-1, . over Colten Carlson (Willmar) 12-2, Jr. (Dec 7-4).
5th: Aaron Berge (Kasson-Mantorville) 15-2, Jr. over Adam Blees (Bismarck) 13-5, Sr. (Inj. 0:00).
7th: Mitchell Zachman (St. Michael-Albertville) 10-5, Sr. over Jake Anderson (Hastings) 8-4, Sr. (Dec 7-0).

170 Results
1st Place – Mark Hall of Apple Valley
2nd Place – Luke Norland of Jackson
3rd Place – Weston Dobler of West Fargo
4th Place – David Kent of Cambridge-Isanti
5th Place – Evan Ronsen of St. Michael-Albertville
6th Place – Andy Bigelow of Kasson-Mantorville
7th Place – Zach Shukoski of Kaukauna
8th Place – Nic Norem of Forest Lake
1st: Mark Hall (Apple Valley) 17-0, Jr. over Luke Norland (Jackson) 10-1, Sr. (MD 11-2).
3rd: Weston Dobler (West Fargo) 16-1, Sr. over David Kent (Cambridge-Isanti) 16-5, Sr. (Dec 7-3).
5th: Evan Ronsen (St. Michael-Albertville) 12-2, Jr. over Andy Bigelow (Kasson-Mantorville) 13-4, Jr. (Dec 3-2).
7th: Zach Shukoski (Kaukauna) 17-2, Sr. over Nic Norem (Forest Lake) 7-6, Jr. (Fall 0:55).

182 Results
1st Place – Keegan Moore of Jackson
2nd Place – Jordan Joseph of St. Michael-Albertville
3rd Place – Luke Dodd of Eastview
4th Place – Isaac Florell of Totino Grace
5th Place – Bennett Paulson of Amery
6th Place – Noah Ryan of Kasson-Mantorville
7th Place – Vaughn Johnson of Willmar
8th Place – Jake Sanders of Bismarck
1st: Keegan Moore (Jackson) 7-0, Jr. over Jordan Joseph (St. Michael-Albertville) 12-1, Sr. (Dec 3-2).
3rd: Luke Dodd (Eastview) 12-1, Sr. over Isaac Florell (Totino Grace) 11-3, Sr. (Dec 5-3).
5th: Bennett Paulson (Amery) 15-2, Jr. over Noah Ryan (Kasson-Mantorville) 13-4, So. (Dec 10-6).
7th: Vaughn Johnson (Willmar) 12-2, Sr. over Jake Sanders (Bismarck) 13-7, Jr. (MD 11-3).

195 Results
1st Place – Lance Benick of Totino Grace
2nd Place – Bobby Steveson of Apple Valley
3rd Place – Tyler Berdahl of Coon Rapids
4th Place – Mike Delich of Eastview
5th Place – Ryan Jones of St. Michael-Albertville
6th Place – Auggie Hahn of Willmar
7th Place – Eli Newton of Amery
8th Place – Chris Bauman of Simley
1st: Lance Benick (Totino Grace) 15-0, Sr. over Bobby Steveson (Apple Valley) 11-1, Sr. (Dec 3-2).
3rd: Tyler Berdahl (Coon Rapids) 5-1, Sr. over Mike Delich (Eastview) 10-2, So. (Fall 1:23).
5th: Ryan Jones (St. Michael-Albertville) 10-2, Sr. over Auggie Hahn (Willmar) 7-3, Sr. (Dec 4-3).
7th: Eli Newton (Amery) 14-4, Jr. over Chris Bauman (Simley) 11-4, Sr. (Dec 10-8).

220 Results
1st Place – Gable Steveson of Apple Valley
2nd Place – Rylee Streifel of Prior Lake
3rd Place – Jacob Briggs of St. Michael-Albertville
4th Place – Jack Ryan of Simley
5th Place – Tristan Westerlund of Albert Lea
6th Place – Kez Flomo of Totino Grace
7th Place – Chase O`Connor of Kasson-Mantorville
8th Place – Brandon Metz of West Fargo
1st: Gable Steveson (Apple Valley) 17-0, Fr. over Rylee Streifel (Prior Lake) 13-2, Sr. (Dec 5-2).
3rd: Jacob Briggs (St. Michael-Albertville) 12-1, Sr. over Jack Ryan (Simley) 11-3, Sr. (OT 3-1).
5th: Tristan Westerlund (Albert Lea) 15-2, . over Kez Flomo (Totino Grace) 7-3, Sr. (MD 12-3).
7th: Chase O’Connor (Kasson-Mantorville) 12-3, Sr. over Brandon Metz (West Fargo) 14-4, So. (Fall 4:20).

285 Results
1st Place – Alex Hart of Prior Lake
2nd Place – Brady Reigstad of Willmar
3rd Place – Tristan Hall of Bismarck
4th Place – Sam Anderson of Totino Grace
5th Place – Nathan Horn of Jackson
6th Place – Blaine Nordin of St. Francis
7th Place – Tim Duffy of Eastview
8th Place – Taylor White of Pine Creek
1st: Alex Hart (Prior Lake) 6-0, Sr. over Brady Reigstad (Willmar) 11-2, So. (Fall 0:33).
3rd: Tristan Hall (Bismarck) 18-2, Jr. over Sam Anderson (Totino Grace) 6-2, . (Dec 1-0).
5th: Nathan Horn (Jackson) 8-3, Sr. over Blaine Nordin (St. Francis) 11-3, Sr. (MD 15-7).
7th: Tim Duffy (Eastview) 9-3, Jr. over Taylor White (Pine Creek) 3-3, Sr. (Fall 2:45).

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