High School Results – Saturday, December 27, 2014

Eau Claire Holiday Tournament
Championship Pool 1st thru 4th Place Results
1st Place - Eden Prairie
2nd Place - Minnetonka
3rd Place - Maple Grove
4th Place - Tomahawk
Round 1
Minnetonka defeated Maple Grove 46-25.
Eden Prairie defeated Tomahawk 40-33.
Round 2
Eden Prairie defeated Minnetonka 38-37.
Maple Grove defeated Tomahawk 36-31.
Round 3
Minnetonka defeated Tomahawk 58-15.
Eden Prairie defeated Maple Grove 48-30.
5th thru 8th Place Results
1st Place - Stanley Boyd
2nd Place - Medford
3rd Place - Madison East
4th Place - Eau Claire Memorial
Round 1
Medford defeated Eau Claire Memorial 45-24.
Stanley Boyd defeated Madison East 42-39.
Round 2
Madison East defeated Eau Claire Memorial 39-27.
Stanley Boyd defeated Medford 45-33.
Round 3
Stanley Boyd defeated Eau Claire Memorial 40-33.
Medford defeated Madison East 40-36.
9th thru 12th Place Results
1st Place - Superior
2nd Place - Black River Falls
3rd Place - Whitehall
4th Place - Abbotsford/Colby
Round 1
Black River Falls defeated Abbotsford/Colby 44-12.
Superior defeated Whitehall 63-12.
Round 2
Black River Falls defeated Whitehall 39-30.
Superior defeated Abbotsford/Colby 72-6.
Round 3
Superior defeated Black River Falls 55-19.
Whitehall defeated Abbotsford/Colby 36-22.

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