2015 Class A Section 5 Team Tournament

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Photos by Roger Mischke


Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City 66 Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted 10
106 Aaron Lang (ACGC) Won by Forfeit
113 Rylan Molinaro (ACGC) Won by Forfeit
120 AJ Schmidt (ACGC) Won by Forfeit
126 Brennan Holien (ACGC) Won by Forfeit
132 Dylan Penis (HLWW) Maj. Dec. Shane Whitcomb (ACGC) 13-4
138 Jacob Whitcomb (ACGC) Fall Harry Shannon (HLWW) 5:02
145 Tyler Mortenson (ACG) Fall Skyler Dacus (HLWW) 3:31
152 Cullen Hoffman (ACGC) Dec. Andrew Kieser (HLWW) 7-3
160 Jase Peterson (ACGC) Dec. Elijah Riemer (HLWW) 5-3
170 Derek Dengerud (ACGC) Won by Forfeit
182 Sheldon Rasmussen (ACGC) Won by Forfeit
195 Schyler Whelchel (ACGC) Won by Forfeit
220 Garrett Schanus (HLWW) Fall Cody Berghuis (ACGC) 2:55
285 Jonathon Behm (ACGC) Won by Forfeit

Kimball Area 40 Paynesville 36
106: Shawn Rue (P) over Josh Donnay (KIAR) (Fall 0:40)
113: Cameron Schmidt (P) over (KIAR) (For.)
120: Michael Donnay (KIAR) over Alex Mages (P) (Dec 15-9)
126: Joseph Donnay (KIAR) over Garth Utsch (P) (Dec 6-4)
132: Blane Tschida (KIAR) over Riley Messer (P) (Fall 0:37)
138: Quinten Berres (KIAR) over Nick Gabrielson (P) (Fall 0:40)
145: Brady Mehr (KIAR) over Connor Meagher (P) (MD 15-5)
152: Jacob Mages (P) over Adam Theis (KIAR) (Fall 1:12)
160: Tanner Schreifels (KIAR) over Taylor Veldkamp (P) (Fall 1:32)
170: Skyler Schiefelbein (KIAR) over Cameron Schmitz (P) (Fall 0:36)
182: Patrick Kranz (P) over Austin Hentges (KIAR) (Fall 1:18)
195: Grant Ludwig (P) over Ben Zipoy (KIAR) (Fall 0:58)
220: Anthony Wendlandt (P) over Grant Garding (KIAR) (Fall 0:28)
285: Troy Filzen (KIAR) over Lucas Peterson (P) (Fall 2:54)

Osakis 59 Eden Valley-Watkins 16
106: Seth Johnson OSA won by fall 3:04 over Trevyn Ludwig
113: Logan Hartshorn OSA won by fall 3:28 over Zack Nistler
120: Trenton Coyer OSA won by dec 11-6 over Matt Schindler
126: Darrin Stoetzel OSA won by tech 5:45 (18-1) over Troy Kelly
132: Brendon Coyer OSA won by forfeit
138: Ryan Engfer OSA won by dec 9-5 over John Unterberger
145: Tyler Dockendorf won be maj dec 17-7 over Garret Sunder OSA
152: John Salzl won by fall 5:05 over Conrad Wiener OSA
160: Logan Donnay won by fall 5:12 over Dominic Strom OSA
170: Austin Sunder OSA won by forfeit
182: Tyler Spanswick OSA won by forfeit
195: Nils Hagen OSA won by forfeit
220: Ronnie Towle OSA won by forfeit
Hwt: Mitch Sunder OSA won by forfeit

Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa 55 Minnewaska Area 15
106 Mason Blair (MW) Dec. Canon Swanson (BBE) 4-1
113 Tyler Bents (BBE) Fall Mateo Arrendondo (MW) 1:10
120 Josey Tensen (BBE) Dec. Joseph Weaver (MW) 4-1
126 Kaleb Voss (BBE) Fall Dylan Jorgenson (MW) :51
132 Spencer Winter (MW) Dec. Spencer Amundson (BBE) 6-3
138 Adam Jaeger (BBE) Won by Forfeit
145 Colby Schramel (BBE) Maj. Dec. Marcelo Arrendondo (MW) 13-0
152 Weston Lardy (MW) Maj. Dec. Isaiah Gilbert (BBE) 12-2
160 Trevor Kern (BBE) Won by Forfeit
170 Caleb Blaisdell (MW) Tech Fall Jonah Voss (BBE) 4:44
182 Steven Mady (BBE) Fall Tyler Anderson (MW) :13
195 Joe Reller (BBE) Won by Forfeit
220 Cody Rust (BBE) Fall Tyler Vanluik (MW) no time given
285 Ben Feuerhake (BBE) Won by Forfeit


Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City 45 Kimball Area 23
106 Aaron Lang (ACGC) Fall Josh Donnay (KIM) :43
113 Rylan Molinaro (ACGC) Won by Forfeit
120 AJ Schmidt (ACGC) Fall Michael Donnay (KIM) 3:33
126 Brennan Holien (ACGC) Tech Fall Joseph Donnay (KIM) 4:17
132 Blane Tschida (KIM) Dec.Cameron Whitcomb (ACGC) 7-3
138 Quinten Berres (KIM) Fall Jacob Whitcomb (ACGC) 1:46
145 Brady Mehr (KIM) Tech Fall Cullen Hoffmann (ACGC) 5:40
152 Jase Peterson (ACGC) Dec. Payton Hanan (KIM) 6-0
160 Derek Dengerud (ACGC) Fall Adam Theis (KIM) :45
170 Tanner Schreifels (KIM) Dec. Tanner Fester (ACGC) 7-0
182 Sheldon Rasmussen (ACGC) Maj. Dec. Skylar Schiefelbein (KIM) 12-3
195 Schylar Whelchel (ACGC) Dec. Ben Zipoy (KIM) 10-5
220 Troy Filzen (KIM) Fall Tanner Berghuis (ACGC) 1:17
285 Cody Berghuis (ACGC) Fall Grant Garding (KIM) :55

Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa 31, Osakis 23
106 Seth Johnson (OSK) Maj. Dec. Canon Swanson (BBE) 13-4
113 Trenton Coyer (OSK) Maj. Dec. Tyler Bents (BBE) 18-5
120 Josey Tensen (BBE) Maj. Dec. Triston Stoetzel (OSK) 14-4
126 Brendon Coyer (OSK) Dec. Kaleb Voss (BBE) 7-1
132 Spencer Amundson (BBE) Dec. Darrin Stoetzel (OSK) 9-6
138 Adam Jaeger (BBE) Dec. Ryan Engfer (OSK) 3-1
145 Isaiah Gilbert (BBE) Fall Garret Sunder (OSK) 5:36
152 Colby Schramel (BBE) Fall Conrad Wiener (OSK) 5:06
160 Trevor Kern (BBE) Dec. Dominic Strom (OSK) 9-5
170 Steven Mady (BBE) Dec. Austin Sunder (OSK) 9-3
182 Tyler Spanswick (OSK) Fall Jonah Voss (BBE) :50
195 Nils Hagen (OSK) Won by Forfeit
220 Cody Rust (BBE) Dec. Ronald Towle (OSK) 8-5
285 Ben Feuerhake (BBE) Dec. Mitchel Sunder (OSK) 3-0


Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City 38, Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa 22
106 Aaron Lang (ACGC) Maj. Dec. Canon Swanson (BBE) 10-1
113 Rylan Molinaro (ACGC) Tech. Fall Tyler Bents (BBE) 4:15
120 Josey Tensen (BBE) Dec. A. J. Schmidt (ACGC) 11-4
126 Brennen Holien (ACGC) Dec. Kaleb Voss (BBE) 4-2
132 Cameron Whitcomb (ACGC) Tech. Fall Spencer Amundson (BBE) 5:10
138 Adam Jaeger (BBE) Dec. Jacob Whitcomb (ACGC) 8-2
145 Isaiah Gilbert (BBE) Dec. Tylor Mortenson (ACGC) 8-6
152 Colby Schramel (BBE) Maj. Dec. Cullen Hoffman (ACGC) 13-0
160 Jase Peterson (ACGC) Maj. Dec. Trevor Kern (BBE) 10-1
170 Derek Dengerud (ACGC) Fall Jonah Voss (BBE) :38
182 Sheldon Rasmussen (ACGC) Tech. Fall Steven Mady (BBE) 5:25
195 Joe Reller (BBE) Dec. Schyler Wheichel (ACGC) 7-5 OT
220 Cody Berghuis (ACGC) Won by Forfeit
285 Ben Feuerhake (BBE) Fall Johnathon Behm (ACGC) :48