Bemidji Rick Lee Duals

Bemidji Rick Lee Duals

January 9-10

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Fri-Pool A Results
1st: Kenyon-Wanamingo
2nd: Blackduck/Cass Lake-Bena
3rd: Henry Sibley
4th: Robbinsdale Armstrong
Round 1
Kenyon-Wanamingo defeated Robbinsdale Armstrong 67-0.
Blackduck/Cass Lake-Bena defeated Henry Sibley 36-31.
Round 2
Kenyon-Wanamingo defeated Henry Sibley 62-6.
Blackduck/Cass Lake-Bena defeated Robbinsdale Armstrong 45-34.
Round 3
Kenyon-Wanamingo defeated Blackduck/Cass Lake-Bena 61-9.
Henry Sibley defeated Robbinsdale Armstrong 50-19.

Fri-Pool B Results
1st: Perham
2nd: Bloomington Kennedy
3rd: Canby
4th: United North Central
Round 1
Perham defeated United North Central 65-3.
Bloomington Kennedy defeated Canby 35-30.
Round 2
Perham defeated Bloomington Kennedy 55-9.
Canby defeated United North Central 45-27.
Round 3
Perham defeated Canby 60-3.
Bloomington Kennedy defeated United North Central 57-21.

Fri-Pool C Results
1st: Moorhead
2nd: Cambridge-Isanti
3rd: Brainerd
4th: Thief River Falls
Round 1
Moorhead defeated Brainerd 47-18.
Cambridge-Isanti defeated Thief River Falls 42-30.
Round 2
Moorhead defeated Thief River Falls 40-30.
Cambridge-Isanti defeated Brainerd 37-27.
Round 3
Moorhead defeated Cambridge-Isanti 44-23.
Brainerd defeated Thief River Falls 39-33.

Fri-Pool D Results
1st: Farmington
2nd: Bemidji
3rd: Big Lake
4th: Deer River
Round 1
Farmington defeated Deer River 45-15.
Bemidji defeated Big Lake 35-19.
Round 2
Farmington defeated Bemidji 40-21.
Big Lake defeated Deer River 64-10.
Round 3
Farmington defeated Big Lake 53-15.
Bemidji defeated Deer River 36-9.

Sat-Pool A Results
1st Place – Kenyon-Wanamingo
2nd Place – Farmington
3rd Place – Perham
4th Place – Moorhead
Round 1
Kenyon-Wanamingo defeated Farmington 37-31.
Perham defeated Moorhead 27-25.
Round 2
Kenyon-Wanamingo defeated Moorhead 52-6.
Farmington defeated Perham 36-30.
Round 3
Kenyon-Wanamingo defeated Perham 36-21.
Farmington defeated Moorhead 39-18.

Sat-Pool B Results
1st Place – Bemidji
2nd Place – Blackduck/Cass Lake-Bena
3rd Place – Bloomington Kennedy
4th Place – Cambridge-Isanti
Round 1
Bloomington Kennedy defeated Blackduck/Cass Lake-Bena 39-33.
Bemidji defeated Cambridge-Isanti 32-25.
Round 2
Blackduck/Cass Lake-Bena defeated Cambridge-Isanti 38-26.
Bemidji defeated Bloomington Kennedy 40-21.
Round 3
Bemidji defeated Blackduck/Cass Lake-Bena 44-20.
Cambridge-Isanti defeated Bloomington Kennedy 39-31.

Sat-Pool C Results
1st Place – Canby
2nd Place – Brainerd
3rd Place – Big Lake
4th Place – Henry Sibley
Round 1
Big Lake defeated Henry Sibley 51-18.
Canby defeated Brainerd 36-33.
Round 2
Brainerd defeated Henry Sibley 51-18.
Canby defeated Big Lake 30-27.
Round 3
Canby defeated Henry Sibley 51-22.
Brainerd defeated Big Lake 41-27.

Sat-Pool D Results
1st Place – Thief River Falls
2nd Place – United North Central
3rd Place – Robbinsdale Armstrong
4th Place – Deer River
Round 1
United North Central defeated Robbinsdale Armstrong 46-25.
Thief River Falls defeated Deer River 63-6.
Round 2
Thief River Falls defeated Robbinsdale Armstrong 49-19.
United North Central defeated Deer River 60-17.
Round 3
Robbinsdale Armstrong defeated Deer River 54-21.
Thief River Falls defeated United North Central 39-38.

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