Central College Tournament

Central College Tournament results. January 10th at Pella, Iowa.

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125 Results
1st Place – Forfeit Forfeit of Unattached
2nd Place – Daniel Page of Central (IA)
2nd Place – CJ Pestano of Central (IA)
3rd Place – Abe Fernandez of Central (IA)
4th Place – Kyle Robison of Briar Cliff (Iowa)
1st: CJ Pestano (Central (IA)) 13-4, Fr. over Daniel Page (Central (IA)) 14-4, Sr. (DFF).
3rd: Abe Fernandez (Central (IA)) 9-6, Sr. over Kyle Robison (Briar Cliff (Iowa)) 3-2, Jr. (Dec 5-2).

133 Results
1st Place – Shiquan Hall of North Iowa Area Community College
2nd Place – AJ Pestano of Central (IA)
3rd Place – Alexander Schmitz of Morningside (Iowa)
4th Place – Gabe Cobb of Central (IA)
1st: Shiquan Hall (North Iowa Area Community College) 11-4, RS Fr. over AJ Pestano (Central (IA)) 5-7, So. (OT 2-1).
3rd: Alexander Schmitz (Morningside (Iowa)) 8-8, Fr. over Gabe Cobb (Central (IA)) 7-5, Fr. (Dec 6-1).

141 Results
1st Place – Scottie Bonds of William Penn (Iowa)
2nd Place – Jake Marlin of North Iowa Area Community College
3rd Place – Eric Clarke of Wartburg
4th Place – Rafael Lopez of Truman
1st: Scottie Bonds (William Penn (Iowa)) 12-1, So. over Jake Marlin (North Iowa Area Community College) 3-1, RS Fr. (Fall 6:39).
3rd: Eric Clarke (Wartburg) 5-1, Fr. over Rafael Lopez (Truman) 14-8, So. (MD 11-2).

149 Results
1st Place – Steven Garcia of Morningside (Iowa)
2nd Place – Ryan Vandall of Central (IA)
3rd Place – Forfeit Forfeit of Unattached
4th Place – Sameh Almousa of St. Olaf
4th Place – Adam Woitalla of St. Olaf
1st: Steven Garcia (Morningside (Iowa)) 17-7, Fr. over Ryan Vandall (Central (IA)) 15-5, So. (Dec 3-1).
3rd: Sameh Almousa (St. Olaf) 11-8, Fr. over Adam Woitalla (St. Olaf) 11-6, Jr. (DFF).

157 Results
1st Place – Carl Elmer of St. Olaf
2nd Place – Mike O`Connor of Central (IA)
3rd Place – Joseph Weber of Briar Cliff (Iowa)
4th Place – Nate Taylor of Morningside (Iowa)
1st: Carl Elmer (St. Olaf) 12-4, Sr. over Mike O`Connor (Central (IA)) 12-9, So. (MD 9-1).
3rd: Joseph Weber (Briar Cliff (Iowa)) 5-1, Jr. over Nate Taylor (Morningside (Iowa)) 12-9, Sr. (MD 14-0).

165 Results
1st Place – Ishmael Rempson of William Penn (Iowa)
2nd Place – Quincy Kalkbrenner of North Iowa Area Community College
3rd Place – Corey Sornson of Morningside (Iowa)
4th Place – Jeremy Walters of William Penn (Iowa)
1st: Ishmael Rempson (William Penn (Iowa)) 15-9, Sr. over Quincy Kalkbrenner (North Iowa Area Community College) 5-3, Fr. (Dec 5-2).
3rd: Corey Sornson (Morningside (Iowa)) 14-7, Fr. over Jeremy Walters (William Penn (Iowa)) 6-7, So. (Fall 1:42).

174 Results
1st Place – Anthony Pike of Briar Cliff (Iowa)
2nd Place – Branden Madsen of Wartburg
3rd Place – Joshua Wells of Truman
4th Place – Tyler Lutes of Wartburg
1st: Anthony Pike (Briar Cliff (Iowa)) 4-0, RS Sr. over Branden Madsen (Wartburg) 4-1, Jr. (Fall 2:36).
3rd: Joshua Wells (Truman) 6-3, RS Sr. over Tyler Lutes (Wartburg) 4-2, Fr. (Dec 6-5).

184 Results
1st Place – Rulin Pederson of Morningside (Iowa)
2nd Place – Tyler Lowy of Central (IA)
3rd Place – Kyle Fank of Wartburg
4th Place – Thomas Patterson of Briar Cliff (Iowa)
1st: Rulin Pederson (Morningside (Iowa)) 15-1, RS Sr. over Tyler Lowy (Central (IA)) 15-5, Sr. (Fall 4:53).
3rd: Kyle Fank (Wartburg) 4-1, Fr. over Thomas Patterson (Briar Cliff (Iowa)) 2-2, Sr. (Inj. 0:00).

197 Results
1st Place – Matt Seabold of Central (IA)
2nd Place – Helmut Rentschler of Truman
3rd Place – Jordan Watkins of Briar Cliff (Iowa)
4th Place – Chase Wrisinger of Truman
1st: Matt Seabold (Central (IA)) 14-4, So. over Helmut Rentschler (Truman) 21-6, RS Sr. (Dec 6-5).
3rd: Jordan Watkins (Briar Cliff (Iowa)) 5-1, Jr. over Chase Wrisinger (Truman) 5-4, Jr. (Dec 6-3).

285 Results
1st Place – Lance Evans of Wartburg
2nd Place – Jose ChavezDelReal of North Iowa Area Community College
3rd Place – Jaime Miranda of Central (IA)
4th Place – Kaleb Staack of Wartburg
1st: Lance Evans (Wartburg) 4-0, Fr. over Jose ChavezDelReal (North Iowa Area Community College) 3-1, RS So. (Dec 6-4).
3rd: Jaime Miranda (Central (IA)) 12-7, So. over Kaleb Staack (Wartburg) 4-2, Fr. (Fall 2:32).

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