Southwest Minnesota State goes 2-2 at UN-Kearney Midwest Duals

KEARNEY, Neb. — The Southwest Minnesota State wrestling team recorded a 2-2 record Saturday at the Midwest Duals hosted by Nebraska-Kearney. SMSU (5-5) went 2-2 as they defeated Colorado State-Pueblo (27-18) and Central Missouri (32-15) before losing to Colorado School of Mines (28-15) and Colorado Mesa (29-9).

The Mustangs won six of the 10 bouts in the first dual of the tournament versus Colorado State University-Pueblo. Patrick Kelley and Ashton Bartlett highlighted the dual with each tallying a pin.

Southwest Minnesota State 27 Colorado State Pueblo 18
125: Anthony Luft (SMSU) over Alex Baca (CSU-P) Decision 5-3 (SMSU 3-0)
133: Sam Hughes (CSU-P) over Jordan Biehn (SMSU) Fall 1:24 (CSU-P 6-3)
141: Tim Urenda (CSU-P) over Trent Butcher SMSU) Decision 7-2 (CSU-P 9-3)
149: Dillon Karajanis (CSU-P) over John Weeding (SMSU) Decision 8-4 (CSU-P 12-3)
157: Patrick Kelley (SMSU) over Steven Kelly (CSU-P) Fall 5:19 (CSU-P 12-6)
165: Jacob Begin (SMSU) over JaCobi Jones (CSU-P) Injury 0:00 (12-12)
174: Brody Goens (SMSU) over Allen Emmons (CSU-P) Decision 5-0 (SMSU 15-12)
184: Ashton Bartlett (SMSU) over Steven Ullman (CSU-P) Fall 3:01 (SMSU 21-12)
197: Marcus Finau (CSU-P) over Tristan Ezell (SMSU) Fall 6:27 (SMSU 21-18)
285: Cole Wilson (SMSU) over Niko Bogojevic (CSU-P) Decision 3-1 (SMSU 27-18)

SMSU again won six of the 10 bouts in the following dual versus Central Missouri. The Mustangs took the first three bouts to lead, 15-0. Luft, Goens and Wilson all recorded a fall in the dual.

Southwest Minnesota State 32 Central Missouri 15
125: Anthony Luft (SMSU) over Ryan Hodges (Cetral) Fall 2:23 (SMSU 6-0)
133: Jordan Biehn (SMSU) over Unknown Forfeit (SMSU 12-0)
141: Trent Butcher (SMSU) over Zadac Lankford (Central) Decision 15-13 (SMSU 15-0)
149: Frank Cagnina (Central) over Jake Slocum (SMSU) Fall 2:57 (SMSU 15-6)
157: Evan Young (Central) over Patrick Kelley (SMSU) Decision 5-4 (SMSU 15-9)
165: Jacob Begin (SMSU) over Josh Thomson (Cetnral) Tech. Fall 17-2 (SMSU 20-9)
174: Brody Goens (SMSU) over Archie Williams (Central) Fall 4:28 (SMSU 26-9)
184: Michael Boyd (Central) over Colton Vekved (SMSU) Decision 4-3 (SMSU 26-12)
197: Nick Lovejoy (Central) over Ashton Bartlett (SMSU) Decision 6-0 (SMSU 26-15)
285: Cole Wilson (SMSU) over Marshall Purtee (Central) Fall 0:18 (SMSU 32-15)

Southwest Minnesota State suffered its first loss of the tournament to Colorado School of Mines, 28-15. Begin and Wilson would both record pins while Vekved won by decision. Wilson recorded his 11th pin of the season.

Colorado School of Mines 28 Southwest Minnesota State 15
125: Zachary Gracia (Mines) over Landyn VanOverbeke (SMSU) Decision 6-3 (Mines 3-0)
133: Caleb Micho (Mines) over Jordan Biehn (SMSU) Fall 1:36 (Mines 9-0)
141: Jacob Gerken (Mines) over Trent Butcher (SMSU) Decision 10-3 (Mines 12-0)
149: Skyler Lykins (Mines) over John Weeding (SMSU) Major Decision 9-1 (Mines 16-0)
157: John Crowley (Mines) over Patrick Kelley (SMSU) Decision 12-8 (Mines 19-0)
165: Jacob Begin (SMSU) over Ethan Ruby (Mines) Fall 1:28 (Mines 19-6)
174: Karl Breidenbach (Mines) over Brody Goens (SMSU) Decision (Mines 22-6)
184: Colton Vekved (SMSU) over Ian Cheatum (Mines) Decision 9-4 (Mines 22-9)
197: Paul Wilson (Mines) over Ashton Bartlett (SMSU) Fall 0:21 (Mines 28-9)
285: Cole Wilson (SMSU) over Nick DeBruyn (Mines) Fall 0:30 (Mines 28-15)

SMSU suffered its second loss in the final dual of the tournament to Colorado Mesa, 29-9. Goens and Wilson earned points for the Mustangs as they each finished with a fall and decision, respectfully. Wilson improved his record to 24-2 this season and has a nine dual win streak.

Colorado Mesa 29 defeated Southwest Minnesota State 9
125: Colby Christensen (Mesa) over Anthony Luft (SMSU) Decision 7-4 (Mesa 3-0)
133: Jonathon Stelling (Mesa) over Jordan Biehn (SMSU) Decision 7-3 (Mesa 6-0)
141: Daniel Salazar (Mesa) over Trent Butcher (SMSU) Major Decision 18-6 (Mesa 10-0)
149: Nick Swanson (Mesa) over Jake Slocum (SMSU) Decision 5-3 (Mesa 13-0)
157: James Martinez (Mesa) over Hunter St. John (SMSU) Fall 4:54 (Mesa 19-0)
165: Jessie Hoffschneider (Mesa) over Jacob Begin (SMSU) Decision 8-5 (Mesa 22-0)
174: Brody Goens (SMSU) over Randy Boerner (Mesa) Fall 1:27 (Mesa 22-6)
184: Mitch Wyatt (Mesa) over Colton Vekved (SMSU) Decision 8-3 (Mesa 25-6)
197: Francisco Retana (Mesa) over Ashton Bartlett (SMSU) Major Decision 17-4 (Mesa 29-6)
285: Cole Wilson (SMSU) over Jordan Passehl (Mesa) Decision 3-0 (Mesa 29-9)

Southwest Minnesota State will return home and face Augustana on Saturday, Jan. 25, at 7 p.m. in the PE Gym.

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