Don Parker Open

Don Parker Open results. February 7th at Eau Claire, Wisc.

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Gold – 125
1st Place – Nick Koch of UW-Whitewater
2nd Place – James Goman of Augsburg
3rd Place – Nelson Baker of UW-La Crosse
4th Place – Julian Gendreau of Luther
5th Place – Angelo San Juan of Luther
6th Place – Cody Hanson of Luther
1st: Nick Koch (UW-Whitewater) won by decision over James Goman (Augsburg) (Dec 5-1)
3rd: Nelson Baker (UW-La Crosse) won by fall over Julian Gendreau (Luther) (Fall 1:44)
5th: Angelo San Juan (Luther) won by decision over Cody Hanson (Luther) (Dec 3-2)

Gold – 133
1st Place – Jens Lantz of Wisconsin
2nd Place – Martino Balsiger of UW-La Crosse
3rd Place – Austin Quartullo of UW-Whitewater
4th Place – Chad Bartschenfeld of Augsburg
5th Place – Brennen Russell of Luther
6th Place – James Bennet of Unnattached
1st: Jens Lantz (Wisconsin) won by decision over Martino Balsiger (UW-La Crosse) (Dec 7-0)
3rd: Austin Quartullo (UW-Whitewater) won by decision over Chad Bartschenfeld (Augsburg) (Dec 4-3)
5th: Brennen Russell (Luther) won by decision over James Bennet (Unnattached) (Dec 10-3)

Gold – 141
1st Place – Drew Van Anrooy of Luther
2nd Place – Luke Rowh of Wisconsin
3rd Place – Corey Meyer of UW-Whitewater
4th Place – Anthony Hable of Upper Iowa
5th Place – Jd Sliger of Luther
6th Place – Maleek Williams of Upper Iowa
1st: Drew Van Anrooy (Luther) won by decision over Luke Rowh (Wisconsin) (Dec 5-0)
3rd: Corey Meyer (UW-Whitewater) won by fall over Anthony Hable (Upper Iowa) (Fall 4:00)
5th: Jd Sliger (Luther) won by medical forfeit over Maleek Williams (Upper Iowa) (MFF)

Gold – 149
1st Place – Isaiah Vela of UW-Whitewater
2nd Place – Aaron Sweeney of UW-La Crosse
3rd Place – Will Keeter of Augsburg
4th Place – Casey Crangle of UW-Whitewater
5th Place – Sameh Almousa of St. Olaf
6th Place – Lance Hinschberger of Upper Iowa
1st: Isaiah Vela (UW-Whitewater) won by decision over Aaron Sweeney (UW-La Crosse) (Dec 8-5)
3rd: Will Keeter (Augsburg) won by major decision over Casey Crangle (UW-Whitewater) (Maj 11-2)
5th: Sameh Almousa (St. Olaf) won by fall over Lance Hinschberger (Upper Iowa) (Fall 3:45)
Consolation 1st
Consolation 1st – Zach Borofka (Unattached) won by fall over Jerad Lee-Gay (Luther) (Fall 1:50)

Gold – 157
1st Place – Jared Scharenbrock of Wisconsin
2nd Place – Carl Elmer of St. Olaf
3rd Place – Damian Penichet of Upper Iowa
4th Place – Dan Argueta of UW-Parkside
6th Place – Kory Jauch of UW-Whitewater
6th Place – Brandt Welcher of UW-Parkside
1st: Jared Scharenbrock (Wisconsin) won by tech fall over Carl Elmer (St. Olaf) (TF 17-2)
3rd: Damian Penichet (Upper Iowa) won by decision over Dan Argueta (UW-Parkside) (Dec 7-3)
5th Place Match

Gold – 165
1st Place – Zak Benitz of Upper Iowa
2nd Place – Conner Price of UW-Whitewater
3rd Place – Nick Georgean of Upper Iowa
4th Place – Ryan Behnke of UW-Eau Claire
5th Place – Javier Reyes of Luther
6th Place – Eric Hensel of Augsburg
1st: Zak Benitz (Upper Iowa) won by fall over Conner Price (UW-Whitewater) (Fall 1:59)
3rd: Nick Georgean (Upper Iowa) won by decision over Ryan Behnke (UW-Eau Claire) (Dec 8-3)
5th: Javier Reyes (Luther) won by decision over Eric Hensel (Augsburg) (Dec 7-4)

Gold – 174
1st Place – Ryan Christensen of Wisconsin
2nd Place – David Kramer of Luther
3rd Place – Nicholas Bonomo of Unattached
4th Place – Alex Friedman of UW-La Crosse
5th Place – Brett Scoles of UW-Parkside
6th Place – Greg Bruno of Winona State Wreslitng Club
1st: Ryan Christensen (Wisconsin) won by major decision over David Kramer (Luther) (Maj 11-0)
3rd: Nicholas Bonomo (Unattached) won by fall over Alex Friedman (UW-La Crosse) (Fall 1:10)
5th: Brett Scoles (UW-Parkside) won by fall over Greg Bruno (Winona State Wreslitng Club) (Fall 2:18)

Gold – 184
1st Place – Tom Teigen of Augsburg
2nd Place – Matt Rieckhoff of UW-Eau Claire
3rd Place – Taylor Hildebrandt of UW-Whitewater
4th Place – Sebastian Larson of Augsburg
5th Place – Matthew Chlebek of Luther
6th Place – Mike Romanelli of UW-Parkside
1st: Tom Teigen (Augsburg) won by major decision over Matt Rieckhoff (UW-Eau Claire) (Maj 12-0)
3rd: Taylor Hildebrandt (UW-Whitewater) won by decision over Sebastian Larson (Augsburg) (Dec 4-2)
5th: Matthew Chlebek (Luther) won by decision over Mike Romanelli (UW-Parkside) (Dec 8-3)

Gold – 197
1st Place – Nic Veling of Wisconsin
2nd Place – Tyler Walls of Luther
3rd Place – Jake Armellani of UW-Parkside
4th Place – Sean Ward of UW-La Crosse
5th Place – Logan Hortop of Augsburg
6th Place – Derek Stork of Luther
1st: Nic Veling (Wisconsin) won by decision over Tyler Walls (Luther) (Dec 2-1)
3rd: Jake Armellani (UW-Parkside) won by decision over Sean Ward (UW-La Crosse) (Dec 12-6)
5th: Logan Hortop (Augsburg) won by fall over Derek Stork (Luther) (Fall 4:28)

Gold – 285
1st Place – Donald Longendyke of Augsburg
2nd Place – Conner Herman of Luther
3rd Place – Matt Halverson of UW-Parkside
4th Place – Cody Endres of UW-La Crosse
5th Place – Clayton Jennings of Luther
6th Place – Justin Karkula of UW-Eau Claire
1st: Donald Longendyke (Augsburg) won by tech fall over Conner Herman (Luther) (TF 16-1)
3rd: Matt Halverson (UW-Parkside) won by fall over Cody Endres (UW-La Crosse) (Fall 0:34)
5th: Clayton Jennings (Luther) won by decision over Justin Karkula (UW-Eau Claire) (Dec 8-3)

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