Big Ten Wrestling Championships

Big Ten Wrestling Championships results. March 7-8, 2015 at Columbus, Ohio.

1. Iowa 120.0
1. Ohio State 120.0
3. Minnesota 108.0
4. Michigan 101.5
5. Penn State 96.5
6. Illinois 96.0
7. Nebraska 85.5
8. Wisconsin 74.0
9. Northwestern 72.0
10. Purdue 37.5
11. Rutgers 20.5
12. Indiana 16.0
13. Michigan State 12.5
14. Maryland 10.5

Big Ten Tournament OW and Wrestler of the Year: Logan Stieber, Ohio State
Freshman of the Year: Isaiah Martinez, Illinois
Coach of the Year: Tom Ryan, Ohio State

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Green = automatic qualifier for the NCAA National Championships

125 Results
1st Place – Nathan Tomasello of Ohio State
2nd Place – Thomas Gilman of Iowa
3rd Place – Jordan Conaway of Penn State
4th Place – Jesse Delgado of Illinois
5th Place – Conor Youtsey of Michigan
6th Place – Tim Lambert of Nebraska
7th Place – Ethan Lizak of Minnesota
8th Place – Garrison White of Northwestern
1st: Nathan Tomasello (Ohio State) 28-4, RS Fr. over Thomas Gilman (Iowa) 27-4, RS So. (Dec 3-2).
3rd: Jordan Conaway (Penn State) 23-6, RS Jr. over Jesse Delgado (Illinois) 9-3, RS Sr. (For.).
5th: Conor Youtsey (Michigan) 22-12, RS So. over Tim Lambert (Nebraska) 25-10, RS So. (Dec 2-1).
7th: Ethan Lizak (Minnesota) 26-13, Fr. over Garrison White (Northwestern) 15-16, Jr. (MD 11-0).

133 Results
1st Place – Chris Dardanes of Minnesota
2nd Place – Ryan Taylor of Wisconsin
3rd Place – Cory Clark of Iowa
4th Place – Johnni DiJulius of Ohio State
5th Place – Zane Richards of Illinois
6th Place – Jimmy Gulibon of Penn State
7th Place – Rossi Bruno of Michigan
8th Place – Eric Montoya of Nebraska
1st: Chris Dardanes (Minnesota) 23-0, RS Sr. over Ryan Taylor (Wisconsin) 23-3, RS Fr. (Dec 7-2).
3rd: Cory Clark (Iowa) 26-5, RS So. over Johnni DiJulius (Ohio State) 28-6, RS Jr. (Dec 2-1).
5th: Zane Richards (Illinois) 23-6, RS So. over Jimmy Gulibon (Penn State) 22-7, RS So. (Dec 4-3).
7th: Rossi Bruno (Michigan) 19-8, Jr. over Eric Montoya (Nebraska) 18-13, RS Jr. (Fall 2:45).

141 Results
1st Place – Logan Stieber of Ohio State
2nd Place – Josh Dziewa of Iowa
3rd Place – Nick Dardanes of Minnesota
4th Place – Anthony Abidin of Nebraska
5th Place – Anthony Ashnault of Rutgers
6th Place – Nick Lawrence of Purdue
7th Place – Jameson Oster of Northwestern
8th Place – Jesse Thielke of Wisconsin
1st: Logan Stieber (Ohio State) 24-0, RS Sr. over Josh Dziewa (Iowa) 27-7, RS Sr. (TF-1.5 3:07 (16-1)).
3rd: Nick Dardanes (Minnesota) 22-3, RS Sr. over Anthony Abidin (Nebraska) 31-4, RS Jr. (Dec 8-6).
5th: Anthony Ashnault (Rutgers) 26-6, RS Fr. over Nick Lawrence (Purdue) 22-16, RS Sr. (Dec 3-2).
7th: Jameson Oster (Northwestern) 21-12, RS Sr. over Jesse Thielke (Wisconsin) 5-11, RS So. (For.).

149 Results
1st Place – Jason Tsirtsis of Northwestern
2nd Place – Brandon Sorensen of Iowa
3rd Place – Kyle Langenderfer of Illinois
4th Place – Alec Pantaleo of Michigan
5th Place – Zack Beitz of Penn State
6th Place – Hunter Stieber of Ohio State
7th Place – Brandon Nelsen of Purdue
8th Place – Nicholas Trimble of Michigan State
1st: Jason Tsirtsis (Northwestern) 33-1, RS So. over Brandon Sorensen (Iowa) 34-4, RS So. (Dec 2-1).
3rd: Kyle Langenderfer (Illinois) 21-13, RS So. over Alec Pantaleo (Michigan) 20-7, Fr. (SV-1 9-7).
5th: Zack Beitz (Penn State) 18-9, RS So. over Hunter Stieber (Ohio State) 3-5, RS Jr. (M. For.).
7th: Brandon Nelsen (Purdue) 22-12, RS Sr. over Nicholas Trimble (Michigan State) 9-19, RS Jr. (Dec 9-3).

157 Results
1st Place – Isaiah Martinez of Illinois
2nd Place – Dylan Ness of Minnesota
3rd Place – James Green of Nebraska
4th Place – Josh Demas of Ohio State
5th Place – Brian Murphy of Michigan
6th Place – Doug Welch of Purdue
7th Place – Anthony Perrotti of Rutgers
8th Place – Lou Mascola of Maryland
1st: Isaiah Martinez (Illinois) 29-0, RS So. over Dylan Ness (Minnesota) 28-2, RS Sr. (Dec 12-5).
3rd: James Green (Nebraska) 30-4, Sr. over Josh Demas (Ohio State) 16-7, Sr. (Dec 8-2).
5th: Brian Murphy (Michigan) 26-10, So. over Doug Welch (Purdue) 27-11, RS Jr. (Dec 8-3).
7th: Anthony Perrotti (Rutgers) 20-8, RS Jr. over Lou Mascola (Maryland) 16-14, RS Sr. (Dec 4-1).

165 Results
1st Place – Isaac Jordan of Wisconsin
2nd Place – Bo Jordan of Ohio State
3rd Place – Taylor Walsh of Indiana
4th Place – Pierce Harger of Northwestern
5th Place – Jackson Morse of Illinois
6th Place – Garrett Sutton of Michigan
7th Place – Austin Wilson of Nebraska
8th Place – Pat Robinson of Purdue
1st: Isaac Jordan (Wisconsin) 22-2, RS So. over Bo Jordan (Ohio State) 17-1, RS Fr. (Dec 3-2).
3rd: Taylor Walsh (Indiana) 34-5, RS Sr. over Pierce Harger (Northwestern) 28-6, RS Sr. (Dec 6-2).
5th: Jackson Morse (Illinois) 26-6, RS Sr. over Garrett Sutton (Michigan) 17-9, Fr. (Dec 2-0).
7th: Austin Wilson (Nebraska) 16-14, RS Jr. over Pat Robinson (Purdue) 14-17, RS Sr. (Dec 4-0).

174 Results
1st Place – Robert Kokesh of Nebraska
2nd Place – Matt Brown of Penn State
3rd Place – Mike Evans of Iowa
4th Place – Logan Storley of Minnesota
5th Place – Mark Martin of Ohio State
6th Place – Zach Brunson of Illinois
7th Place – Taylor Massa of Michigan
8th Place – Frank Cousins of Wisconsin
1st: Robert Kokesh (Nebraska) 34-0, RS Sr. over Matt Brown (Penn State) 24-3, RS Sr. (Dec 7-3).
3rd: Mike Evans (Iowa) 27-2, RS Sr. over Logan Storley (Minnesota) 26-6, Sr. (TB-1 2-1).
5th: Mark Martin (Ohio State) 18-10, Jr. over Zach Brunson (Illinois) 26-8, RS So. (SV-1 3-1).
7th: Taylor Massa (Michigan) 15-8, RS So. over Frank Cousins (Wisconsin) 19-14, RS Sr. (Fall 1:46).

184 Results
1st Place – Domenic Abounader of Michigan
2nd Place – Brett Pfarr of Minnesota
3rd Place – Sam Brooks of Iowa
4th Place – Matt McCutcheon of Penn State
5th Place – Ricky Robertson of Wisconsin
6th Place – TJ Dudley of Nebraska
7th Place – Nikko Reyes of Illinois
8th Place – Kenny Courts of Ohio State
1st: Domenic Abounader (Michigan) 21-6, So. over Brett Pfarr (Minnesota) 22-10, RS So. (Dec 7-6).
3rd: Sam Brooks (Iowa) 27-5, RS So. over Matt McCutcheon (Penn State) 24-13, RS Fr. (M. For.).
5th: Ricky Robertson (Wisconsin) 26-8, RS Fr. over TJ Dudley (Nebraska) 27-9, RS So. (Dec 4-3).
7th: Nikko Reyes (Illinois) 24-10, RS So. over Kenny Courts (Ohio State) 22-9, RS Jr. (Dec 7-3).

197 Results
1st Place – Morgan McIntosh of Penn State
2nd Place – Kyle Snyder of Ohio State
3rd Place – Scott Schiller of Minnesota
4th Place – Nathan Burak of Iowa
5th Place – Max Huntley of Michigan
6th Place – Jeff Koepke of Illinois
7th Place – Braden Atwood of Purdue
8th Place – Alex Polizzi of Northwestern
1st: Morgan McIntosh (Penn State) 26-2, RS Jr. over Kyle Snyder (Ohio State) 26-3, Fr. (Dec 4-1).
3rd: Scott Schiller (Minnesota) 24-5, RS Sr. over Nathan Burak (Iowa) 20-5, RS Jr. (Dec 3-2).
5th: Max Huntley (Michigan) 21-8, RS Sr. over Jeff Koepke (Illinois) 20-15, RS Jr. (MD 10-1).
7th: Braden Atwood (Purdue) 16-8, RS Sr. over Alex Polizzi (Northwestern) 25-11, RS Sr. (M. For.).

285 Results
1st Place – Mike McMullan of Northwestern
2nd Place – Bobby Telford of Iowa
3rd Place – Connor Medbery of Wisconsin
4th Place – Adam Coon of Michigan
5th Place – Michael Kroells of Minnesota
6th Place – Jimmy Lawson of Penn State
7th Place – Spencer Myers of Maryland
8th Place – Brooks Black of Illinois
1st: Mike McMullan (Northwestern) 26-2, RS Sr. over Bobby Telford (Iowa) 27-3, RS Sr. (Dec 4-3).
3rd: Connor Medbery (Wisconsin) 29-2, RS Jr. over Adam Coon (Michigan) 27-5, So. (Dec 5-2).
5th: Michael Kroells (Minnesota) 23-14, RS So. over Jimmy Lawson (Penn State) 15-4, RS Sr. (For.).
7th: Spencer Myers (Maryland) 7-5, RS Sr. over Brooks Black (Illinois) 17-14, RS Fr. (Dec 3-2).

9th-12th Place Matches:

133 (9th) Results
1st Place – Scott Delvecchio of Rutgers
2nd Place – Danny Sabatello of Purdue
3rd Place – Dom Malone of Northwestern
4th Place – Geoffrey Alexander of Maryland
1st: Scott Delvecchio (Rutgers) 21-10, So. over Danny Sabatello (Purdue) 26-8, RS Jr. (Fall 6:34).
3rd: Dom Malone (Northwestern) 21-17, Jr. over Geoffrey Alexander (Maryland) 14-12, RS Sr. (M. For.).

141 (9th) Results
1st Place – George Fisher of Michigan
2nd Place – Steven Rodrigues of Illinois
4th Place – Kade Moss of Penn State
4th Place – Javier Gasca III of Michigan State
1st: George Fisher (Michigan) 24-17, RS Fr. over Steven Rodrigues (Illinois) 16-11, RS Jr. (Fall 2:48).
3rd: This match has not been wrestled yet.

157 (9th) Results
1st Place – Michael Kelly of Iowa
2nd Place – Luke Frey of Penn State
4th Place – TJ Ruschell of Wisconsin
4th Place – Travis Curley of Michigan State
1st: Michael Kelly (Iowa) 23-10, RS Sr. over Luke Frey (Penn State) 14-8, RS Jr. (Dec 7-3).
3rd: This match has not been wrestled yet.

165 (9th) Results
1st Place – Nick Moore of Iowa
2nd Place – Garrett Hammond of Penn State
4th Place – Nick Wanzek of Minnesota
4th Place – Alexander Justin of Maryland
1st: Nick Moore (Iowa) 22-9, RS Sr. over Garrett Hammond (Penn State) 23-12, RS Fr. (TB-1 6-3).
3rd: This match has not been wrestled yet.

174 (9th) Results
1st Place – Nathan Jackson of Indiana
2nd Place – Chad Welch of Purdue
3rd Place – Phil Bakuckas of Rutgers
4th Place – Josh Snook of Maryland
1st: Nathan Jackson (Indiana) 27-11, RS So. over Chad Welch (Purdue) 20-16, RS Jr. (MD 9-1).
3rd: Phil Bakuckas (Rutgers) 20-14, RS So. over Josh Snook (Maryland) 13-16, RS Jr. (MD 12-1).

184 (9th) Results
1st Place – Patrick Kissel of Purdue
2nd Place – John Rizqallah of Michigan State
3rd Place – Anthony Pafumi of Rutgers
4th Place – Mitch Silga of Northwestern
1st: Patrick Kissel (Purdue) 17-12, RS Sr. over John Rizqallah (Michigan State) 16-12, RS Sr. (Fall 7:48).
3rd: Anthony Pafumi (Rutgers) 18-15, RS So. over Mitch Silga (Northwestern) 12-20, RS Fr. (Dec 4-3).

197 (9th) Results
1st Place – Aaron Studebaker of Nebraska
2nd Place – Nick McDiarmid of Michigan State
4th Place – Hayden Hrymack of Rutgers
4th Place – Timmy McCall of Wisconsin
1st: Aaron Studebaker (Nebraska) 30-9, RS So. over Nick McDiarmid (Michigan State) 12-12, RS Sr. (Fall 4:32).
3rd: This match has not been wrestled yet.

285 (9th) Results
1st Place – Billy Smith of Rutgers
2nd Place – Collin Jensen of Nebraska
4th Place – Nick Tavanello of Ohio State
4th Place – Garret Goldman of Indiana
1st: Billy Smith (Rutgers) 18-7, RS Jr. over Collin Jensen (Nebraska) 19-12, RS So. (Dec 5-2).
3rd: This match has not been wrestled yet.

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