College Recruiting: Brian Maas of Bemidji to Iowa Lakes

Brian Maas of Bemidji has committed to wrestling for Iowa Lakes next season. He is a four-time state place winner with finishes of 5th, 3rd, 5th, and 3rd.

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Maas is projected to wrestle at 125 pounds for the Lakers.

The Guillotine Wrestler Files
Brian Maas, Bemidji
2015 MN HS State Tournament 3A 12th 120 5th 43-5
2014 Big Bear Tournament 3A 12th 120 1st
2014 NHSCA Nationals Folk 11th 113 DNP
2014 MN HS State Tournament 3A 11th 113 3rd 43-1
2013 Big Bear Tournament 3A 11th 113 1st
2013 MN HS State Tournament 3A 10th 113 5th 40-5
2012 Big Bear Tournament 3A 10th 113 2nd
2012 MN HS State Tournament 3A 9th 106 3rd 36-6

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