MatBoss brings together stats, video seamlessly

One of the primary skills of being a wrestling coach is being a juggler … as in having to juggle multiple jobs that go beyond coaching and training wrestlers. You have to be a camera operator, a statistician, a bookkeeper and more as you film footage of your wrestlers in action … while keeping score of matches with a pencil and scorebook … then trying to bring this information all together. Keeping all these balls in the air can be labor-intensive process for any wrestling program, whether it has multiple assistant coaches and managers able to participate in various aspects of the process … or if it all falls on the shoulders of one coach.

As Jeremy Hipps, one of the partner-owners of RevWrestling, parent of InterMat, described the process, “A lot of teams have a video camera to record matches, and a paper scorebook to record statistics. Then the coach has to go back through the video segments, ID each segment, then store them, then tie in the statistics recorded on paper.” Continue reading at