The Clash Signs Exclusive Webcast Partnership with Trackcast

The Clash National High School Duals is excited to announce an exclusive webcast partnership with Trackwrestling’s Trackcast to deliver The Clash XIV live webcast on January 1-2, 2016.

The Clash is a premier national high school wrestling tournament held annually in Rochester, Minnesota. 32 of the best high school wrestling programs from around the country will gather at Rochester Community & Technical College January 1-2, 2016 for this unique two-day, dual-format wrestling tournament.

The-Clash-XIV-Logo“We are excited to be able to know how many people view this year’s Clash and sell sponsorship for our webcast,” said Lance Hughes, board member of The Clash. “Our previous provider did not offer the ability to do either. Tournament directors cannot grow their events and we as a wrestling community cannot grow our sport if we do not know how many people are watching our tournaments online. The first thing potential sponsors want to know is how many people are viewing your event. Because of the explosion in popularity of webcasting the sport of wrestling, the wrestling community now has the ability to sell sponsorship in a very creative way that was not possible a few years ago,” added Hughes.

Trackcast is a game-changing video streaming solution completely integrated into the Trackwrestling event management platform. It allows users to easily incorporate video overlays with current match and tournament information into their broadcasts creating a professional looking stream for the wrestling community.

TrackcastPromoJustin Tritz, Owner of Trackwrestling, shares Hughes’ enthusiasm. “We are honored to provide The Clash with the only streaming service on the market that empowers them to control their own content and return the revenue generated by their event back to them and the wrestling community. We give events the tools they need with our easy-to-use system while also providing a superior viewer experience.”

Because Trackcast gives events a streaming option that allows them to recognize the revenue generated by their viewership, event administrators are able to reinvest funds to strengthen the wrestling community. Last year The Clash of Minnesota, the Minnesota non-profit that produces The Clash, gave over $45,000 to wrestlers, college students, teams, and wrestling programs from Southeast Minnesota. In addition to streaming revenue, the partnership is giving the Clash the ability to create an additional revenue stream by partnering with event sponsors on the events webcast. Two new revenue streams are going to create a lot more funds that The Clash can give to Southeast Minnesota wrestling.

When using Trackcast, events are able to reduce costs to viewers as well. Other web streaming services require memberships. This year the Clash will be able to offer streams to the wrestling community for only $10 for the entire weekend instead of the $20 that was charged last season.

“We are excited about many new features we are adding to our system for the upcoming season,” Justin explains. “We have challenged ourselves to produce a product that has an even better viewer experience while also reducing costs for viewers and tournament directors. During our first season with Trackcast we delivered streams for some incredible events including the Midlands, the Big Tens, Division I National Duals, the NCAA Championships, and many more. We are looking forward to another great season and the Clash is going to be a great addition to our lineup.”

“Our partnership will allow us to present The Clash in a way that no wrestling tournament has ever been presented,” Hughes adds. “We are trying to do our part in the effort to move wrestling forward!”

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