Three days in Fargo with Griffin Parriott

“This is the year, Elwood. The jinx will be broken. I’m making the finals next weekend. I should get Mason Manville on the big stage come Saturday.”

These were the words of a confident Griffin Parriott a few days before he traveled with the Minnesota Storm for the freestyle portion of the Junior National Championships in Fargo. It’s a shame this event is ignored by eighty percent of the wrestling fans in the country. All the wrestlers know about it. All the coaches know about it, but many fans don’t. This is undoubtedly the most difficult tournament anywhere for a high school-aged wrestler. Later I will learn there were 107 wrestlers in Parriott’s bracket. In every other event, the brackets are usually 32 deep and twenty-five percent of the wrestlers place. Here the number is less than ten percent. It’s ridiculous how crazy tough this event is. Continue reading at