InterMat JJ Classic

InterMat JJ Classic Results. November 8, 2015 at Rochester, Minn.

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High School – 100
1st Place – Corey Gamet of Western
2nd Place – Carson Manville of South Country
3rd Place – Keegan OToole of Merton
4th Place – Ryan Rowland of Bishop Moore
5th Place – Cody Holmes of Two Rivers
6th Place – Cody Anderson of Waukee
1st: Corey Gamet (Western) won by fall over Carson Manville (South Country) (Fall 4:37)
3rd: Keegan OToole (Merton) won by fall over Ryan Rowland (Bishop Moore) (Fall 3:51)
5th: Cody Holmes (Two Rivers) won by decision over Cody Anderson (Waukee) (Dec 9-4)

High School – 106
1st Place – Israel Navarro of Willmar
2nd Place – Drew Bennett of Fort Dodge
3rd Place – Charlie Pickell of Mankato West
4th Place – Reuben Cephas of Rosemount
5th Place – Joseph Peterson of Albert Lea
6th Place – Colby Njos of Anoka
1st: Israel Navarro (Willmar) won in sudden victory – 1 over Drew Bennett (Fort Dodge) (SV-1 3-1)
3rd: Charlie Pickell (Mankato West) won by decision over Reuben Cephas (Rosemount) (Dec 12-8)
5th: Joseph Peterson (Albert Lea) won by decision over Colby Njos (Anoka) (Dec 3-1)

High School – 113
1st Place – Justin Portillo of Clarion-Goldfield
2nd Place – Hser Eh Pwae of Worthington
3rd Place – Garrett Vos of Waconia
4th Place – Zac Spohn of Sauk Rapids
5th Place – Tyler Shackle of Scott West
6th Place – Caleb Ziebell of Slinger
1st: Justin Portillo (Clarion-Goldfield) won by major decision over Hser Eh Pwae (Worthington) (Maj 11-3)
3rd: Garrett Vos (Waconia) won by decision over Zac Spohn (Sauk Rapids) (Dec 5-2)
5th: Tyler Shackle (Scott West) won by decision over Caleb Ziebell (Slinger) (Dec 6-2)

High School – 120
1st Place – Paul Bianchi of Two Rivers
2nd Place – Michael Suda of Pipestone
3rd Place – Brenden Baker of Cedar Rapids Jefferson
4th Place – James Whitaker of Eaton Rapids
5th Place – Brady Gross of Apple Valley
6th Place – Joshua Portillo of Clarion-Goldfield
1st: Paul Bianchi (Two Rivers) won by decision over Michael Suda (Pipestone) (Dec 8-5)
3rd: Brenden Baker (Cedar Rapids Jefferson) won by fall over James Whitaker (Eaton Rapids) (Fall 1:31)
5th: Brady Gross (Apple Valley) won by injury default over Joshua Portillo (Clarion-Goldfield) (Inj. 0:00)

High School – 126
1st Place – Markus Hartman of Barrington
2nd Place – Brandon Carroll of Roosevelt
3rd Place – Tyler Eischens of Anoka
4th Place – Ryan Killeen of Spectrum
5th Place – Brant O`Shea of Keokuk
6th Place – Noah Bauer of Pine Island
1st: Markus Hartman (Barrington) won by tech fall over Brandon Carroll (Roosevelt) (TF 15-0)
3rd: Tyler Eischens (Anoka) won by injury default over Ryan Killeen (Spectrum) (Inj. 0:00)
5th: Brant O`Shea (Keokuk) won by major decision over Noah Bauer (Pine Island) (Maj 13-0)

High School – 132
1st Place – Jaden Van Maanen of La Crosse Central
2nd Place – Triston Lara of Fort Dodge
3rd Place – Patrick Ryan of New Trier
4th Place – Bailey Mennis of Madison
5th Place – AJ Bethea of Hibbing
6th Place – Anthony Meister of Elk River
1st: Jaden Van Maanen (La Crosse Central) won by decision over Triston Lara (Fort Dodge) (Dec 5-0)
3rd: Patrick Ryan (New Trier) won by decision over Bailey Mennis (Madison) (Dec 14-13)
5th: AJ Bethea (Hibbing) won by decision over Anthony Meister (Elk River) (Dec 5-2)

High School – 138
1st Place – Alex Lloyd of Shakopee
2nd Place – Kanen Storr of Leslie
3rd Place – Will Lucie of Warsaw
4th Place – Lee Schmalz of Mound-Westonka
5th Place – Sage Loredo-Hollon of Saint Peter
6th Place – Adam Hedin of Rosemount
1st: Alex Lloyd (Shakopee) won by decision over Kanen Storr (Leslie) (Dec 3-2)
3rd: Will Lucie (Warsaw) won by major decision over Lee Schmalz (Mound-Westonka) (Maj 8-0)
5th: Sage Loredo-Hollon (Saint Peter) won by injury default over Adam Hedin (Rosemount) (Inj. 0:00)

High School – 145
1st Place – Cayd Lara of Fort Dodge
2nd Place – Joshua Adams of Fond du Lac
3rd Place – Gunner Charbonneau of Prior Lake
4th Place – Ryan Reid of Mound-Westonka
5th Place – Jackson Sweeney of Watertown Mayer
6th Place – Dylan Schuck of Sibley-Ocheyedan
1st: Cayd Lara (Fort Dodge) won by decision over Joshua Adams (Fond du Lac) (Dec 7-6)
3rd: Gunner Charbonneau (Prior Lake) won by decision over Ryan Reid (Mound-Westonka) (Dec 5-4)
5th: Jackson Sweeney (Watertown Mayer) won by decision over Dylan Schuck (Sibley-Ocheyedan) (Dec 7-3)

High School – 152
1st Place – Colton Clingenpeel of Thomas Jefferson
2nd Place – Devin Bahr of LAW
3rd Place – Matt Malcom of Glenwood
4th Place – Kenny O`Neil of Prior Lake
5th Place – Cruze Hurlburt of Spring Valley
6th Place – Hayden Krein of LAW
1st: Colton Clingenpeel (Thomas Jefferson) won in sudden victory – 1 over Devin Bahr (LAW) (SV-1 4-2)
3rd: Matt Malcom (Glenwood) won by decision over Kenny O`Neil (Prior Lake) (Dec 7-2)
5th: Cruze Hurlburt (Spring Valley) won by decision over Hayden Krein (LAW) (Dec 9-6)

High School – 160
1st Place – Devin FitzPatrick of Mahtomedi
2nd Place – Jacob Carlson of Sebolt Wrestling
3rd Place – Justin Burg of Tartan
4th Place – Parker Hale of Grand Meadow
5th Place – Bryson Alsteen of Luxemburg-Casco
6th Place – Emmett Wagner of Shakopee
1st: Devin FitzPatrick (Mahtomedi) won by decision over Jacob Carlson (Sebolt Wrestling) (Dec 11-5)
3rd: Justin Burg (Tartan) won by injury default over Parker Hale (Grand Meadow) (Inj. 0:58)
5th: Bryson Alsteen (Luxemburg-Casco) won by injury default over Emmett Wagner (Shakopee) (Inj. 0:00)

High School – 170
1st Place – Mark Hall of Apple Valley
2nd Place – Nick Casperson of Beresford
3rd Place – Nick Knutson of New Prague
4th Place – Connor Williams of La Crosse Central
5th Place – Billy Holtan of Carrington
6th Place – Brady Goblirsch of Redwood Area
1st: Mark Hall (Apple Valley) won by fall over Nick Casperson (Beresford) (Fall 3:08)
3rd: Nick Knutson (New Prague) won by fall over Connor Williams (La Crosse Central) (Fall 2:23)
5th: Billy Holtan (Carrington) won by decision over Brady Goblirsch (Redwood Area) (Dec 5-0)

High School – 182
1st Place – Lucas Jeske of STMA
2nd Place – Brandon Moen of Owatonna
3rd Place – Drake Frikken of Cambridge-Isanti
4th Place – Noah Keith of Bloomington Kennedy
5th Place – Campbell Wozniak of Cretin Derham Hall
6th Place – Brandonn Gore of So St Paul
1st: Lucas Jeske (STMA) won by decision over Brandon Moen (Owatonna) (Dec 11-7)
3rd: Drake Frikken (Cambridge-Isanti) won by decision over Noah Keith (Bloomington Kennedy) (Dec 5-1)
5th: Campbell Wozniak (Cretin Derham Hall) won by fall over Brandonn Gore (So St Paul) (Fall 1:44)

High School – 195
1st Place – Tyler Buesgens of Scott West
2nd Place – Zach Haggstrom of Glenwood
3rd Place – Jacob Olson of Cambridge-Isanti
4th Place – Griffin Thorn of Owatonna
5th Place – Jonathon Litersky of Ashland-Greenwood
6th Place – Neil Hanson of Milaca
1st: Tyler Buesgens (Scott West) won by decision over Zach Haggstrom (Glenwood) (Dec 13-8)
3rd: Jacob Olson (Cambridge-Isanti) won by fall over Griffin Thorn (Owatonna) (Fall 1:58)
5th: Jonathon Litersky (Ashland-Greenwood) won by fall over Neil Hanson (Milaca) (Fall 3:16)

High School – 220
1st Place – Blake Zalapi of Hononegah
2nd Place – Alex Paulson of Forest City
3rd Place – Trenton Rogich of Le Seuer Henderson
4th Place – Justin Mohlin of Centennial
5th Place – Jesse Heck of Watertown Mayer
6th Place – Joshua Bohnen of Mora
1st: Blake Zalapi (Hononegah) won by fall over Alex Paulson (Forest City) (Fall 2:44)
3rd: Trenton Rogich (Le Seuer Henderson) won in sudden victory – 1 over Justin Mohlin (Centennial) (SV-1 7-6)
5th: Jesse Heck (Watertown Mayer) won by fall over Joshua Bohnen (Mora) (Fall 3:46)

High School – 285
1st Place – Anthony Cassioppi of Hononegah
2nd Place – Andrew Piehl of Rogers
3rd Place – Jameer Anderson of Benilde St Margarets
4th Place – Manny Alvarez of Columbia Heights
5th Place – Alex Aarsvold of Pine Island
6th Place – Adam Lucast of Lakeville South
1st: Anthony Cassioppi (Hononegah) won by decision over Andrew Piehl (Rogers) (Dec 3-2)
3rd: Jameer Anderson (Benilde St Margarets) won by decision over Manny Alvarez (Columbia Heights) (Dec 9-2)
5th: Alex Aarsvold (Pine Island) won by injury default over Adam Lucast (Lakeville South) (Inj. 0:00)

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