One of Minnesota’s best football players sticks with wrestling

By Brian Jerzak

Few wrestling families in the state of Minnesota have had the success of the Moore family from Jackson County Central. Cooper is a two-time Minnesota state champion and is a two-time MAC conference champion for Northern Iowa. Brother Paden is a one-time state champion and is ready to start his college career with his brother at UNI. The youngest of the Moore brothers is JCC senior Keegan Moore. Keegan has a chance to be the most decorated of the Moore brothers – brothers who have helped Keegan get into the sport and helped make him one of the best wrestlers in the nation.

“(My brothers) always make sure I am going hard. Growing up and watching them wrestle I definitely learned from them,” Moore said. “All three of us wanted to be doing the same thing.”

Originally Moore saw himself as a football player first and a wrestler second.

“I went out for wrestling to become a better football player,” Moore said. “My dad was a football coach, and he thought it would be the way to go. We ended up being better at wrestling.”

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