Yellowjacket Open

Yellowjacket Open results. November 1, 2015 at Rochester, MN.

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OPEN – 125
1st Place – Andrew McFall of MS-Mankato
2nd Place – Jared Goldsmith of MS-Moorhead
3rd Place – Zackary Sirny of UW-Eau Claire
4th Place – Duncan Stoebner of Augustana
6th Place – Keinnan Thacker of Ridgewater CC
6th Place – Lucas Hagel of Ridgewater CC
1st: Andrew McFall (MS-Mankato) won by decision over Jared Goldsmith (MS-Moorhead) (Dec 5-2)
3rd: Zackary Sirny (UW-Eau Claire) won by decision over Duncan Stoebner (Augustana) (Dec 6-3)
5th Place Match

OPEN – 133
1st Place – Tyler Funk of MS-Mankato
2nd Place – Paul Selman of MS-Mankato
3rd Place – Jonathan Lewis of MS-Moorhead
4th Place – Austin Peper of Rochester-CTC
5th Place – Skyler Castilleja of Rochester-CTC
6th Place – Dakota Welsh of MS-Mankato
1st: Tyler Funk (MS-Mankato) won by decision over Paul Selman (MS-Mankato) (Dec 6-3)
3rd: Jonathan Lewis (MS-Moorhead) won by fall over Austin Peper (Rochester-CTC) (Fall 5:19)
5th: Skyler Castilleja (Rochester-CTC) won by fall over Dakota Welsh (MS-Mankato) (Fall 0:16)

OPEN – 141
1st Place – Lamont Cannon of MN-West CC
2nd Place – Colby McIntire of MS-Mankato
3rd Place – Zach Scott of Rochester-CTC
4th Place – Kyler Votava of Ridgewater CC
5th Place – Doug Fillbrandt of Itasca CC
6th Place – Chris Ortman of St. John`s
1st: Lamont Cannon (MN-West CC) won by decision over Colby McIntire (MS-Mankato) (Dec 6-1)
3rd: Zach Scott (Rochester-CTC) won by decision over Kyler Votava (Ridgewater CC) (Dec 6-2)
5th: Doug Fillbrandt (Itasca CC) won by medical forfeit over Chris Ortman (St. John`s) (MFF)

OPEN – 149
1st Place – Bailey Neises of Augustana
2nd Place – Dylan Connell of MS-Moorhead
3rd Place – Daniel Close of MS-Mankato
4th Place – Vito DeGidio of MS-Mankato
5th Place – Bryant Ridgeway of Saint Olaf
6th Place – Nathan Barker of MN-West CC
1st: Bailey Neises (Augustana) won by decision over Dylan Connell (MS-Moorhead) (Dec 3-0)
3rd: Daniel Close (MS-Mankato) won by decision over Vito DeGidio (MS-Mankato) (Dec 9-4)
5th: Bryant Ridgeway (Saint Olaf) won by fall over Nathan Barker (MN-West CC) (Fall 4:12)

OPEN – 157
1st Place – Roy Munroe of UW-Eau Claire
2nd Place – Nathan Harms of Northland CC
3rd Place – Brent Evans of MS-Mankato
4th Place – Coltan Laganiere of Rochester-CTC
5th Place – Brett Bradford of Rochester-CTC
6th Place – Travis Deegan of Ridgewater CC
1st: Roy Munroe (UW-Eau Claire) won by fall over Nathan Harms (Northland CC) (Fall 2:55)
3rd: Brent Evans (MS-Mankato) won by decision over Coltan Laganiere (Rochester-CTC) (Dec 6-4)
5th: Brett Bradford (Rochester-CTC) won by decision over Travis Deegan (Ridgewater CC) (Dec 6-0)

OPEN – 165
1st Place – Connor Hanson of Rochester-CTC
2nd Place – Jessie Regalado of MN-West CC
3rd Place – Kegen Fingalsen of Southwest-MNS
4th Place – Carter Focht of UW-Eau Claire
5th Place – Jacob Revier of Unattached
6th Place – Tyler Henke of UW-Eau Claire
1st: Connor Hanson (Rochester-CTC) won by decision over Jessie Regalado (MN-West CC) (Dec 5-2)
3rd: Kegen Fingalsen (Southwest-MNS) won by decision over Carter Focht (UW-Eau Claire) (Dec 4-0)
5th: Jacob Revier (Unattached) won by fall over Tyler Henke (UW-Eau Claire) (Fall 1:43)

OPEN – 174
1st Place – Garrett Beaman of Saint Olaf
2nd Place – Zach Determan of Augustana
3rd Place – Lukas Poloncic of Augustana
4th Place – Brayden Kuntz of MS-Moorhead
5th Place – Mitchell Zachman of Northland CC
6th Place – Muqkadeen Poole of St. John`s
1st: Garrett Beaman (Saint Olaf) won by major decision over Zach Determan (Augustana) (Maj 15-5)
3rd: Lukas Poloncic (Augustana) won by tech fall over Brayden Kuntz (MS-Moorhead) (TF 17-2)
5th: Mitchell Zachman (Northland CC) won by fall over Muqkadeen Poole (St. John`s) (Fall 2:03)

OPEN – 184
1st Place – Austin May of MS-Moorhead
2nd Place – Lucas Dodd of St. John`s
3rd Place – Gage Thom of MS-Mankato
4th Place – Tyler Vogt of Rochester-CTC
5th Place – Henry Helland of UW-Eau Claire
6th Place – Stuart Mattison of Rochester-CTC
1st: Austin May (MS-Moorhead) won by decision over Lucas Dodd (St. John`s) (Dec 5-4)
3rd: Gage Thom (MS-Mankato) won by decision over Tyler Vogt (Rochester-CTC) (Dec 5-4)
5th: Henry Helland (UW-Eau Claire) won by medical forfeit over Stuart Mattison (Rochester-CTC) (MFF)

OPEN – 197
1st Place – Ryan Jones of Rochester-CTC
2nd Place – Jeremy Amundson of UW-Eau Claire
3rd Place – Cody Anderson of MS-Moorhead
4th Place – Phillip Jackson of Northland CC
5th Place – Alex Knutson of UW-Eau Claire
6th Place – Nick Pegelow of St. John`s
1st: Ryan Jones (Rochester-CTC) won by medical forfeit over Jeremy Amundson (UW-Eau Claire) (MFF)
3rd: Cody Anderson (MS-Moorhead) won by tech fall over Phillip Jackson (Northland CC) (TF 24-8)
5th: Alex Knutson (UW-Eau Claire) won by major decision over Nick Pegelow (St. John`s) (Maj 13-4)

OPEN – 285
1st Place – Chase Nottestad of Rochester-CTC
2nd Place – Benjamin Button of MS-Moorhead
3rd Place – Andrew Petersen of Southwest-MNS
4th Place – Troy Beaman of Saint Olaf
5th Place – Logan Linderbaum of MS-Mankato
6th Place – Cecil Philson of UW-Eau Claire
1st: Chase Nottestad (Rochester-CTC) won by injury default over Benjamin Button (MS-Moorhead) (Inj. 5:46)
3rd: Andrew Petersen (Southwest-MNS) won by decision over Troy Beaman (Saint Olaf) (Dec 5-2)
5th: Logan Linderbaum (MS-Mankato) won by fall over Cecil Philson (UW-Eau Claire) (Fall 2:31)