Redwood River Riot

Redwood River Riot
December 18-19
1. Worthington 146.0
2. Sibley East 143.5
3. Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg 130.0
4. Sartell-St. Stephen 126.0
5. Blue Earth Area 120.5
6. Alexandria 112.0
7. Wabasso/Red Rock Central 110.5
8. Fairmont/Martin County West 107.0
9. Tri-City United 105.0
10. Buffalo 101.5
11. Rocori 96.0
12. LeSueur-Henderson 84.0
13. Marshall 78.0
14. Dawson-Boyd/Lac qui Parle/Montevideo United 75.5
15. Maple River 72.0
16. St. Peter 71.5
17. New Richland-Hartland-Ellendale-Geneva 71.0
18. Redwood-River Valley 68.0
19. United South Central 65.0
20. Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City 63.0
21. Fulda/Murray County Central 54.5
22. Mankato West 53.5
23. Maple Grove 53.0
24. St. James Area 50.0
25. Minneapolis South 42.0
26. Tracy-Milroy-Balaton/Westbrook-Walnut Grove 41.0
27. New Ulm 40.0
28. BOLD 37.0
29. Canby 31.5
30. Madelia/Truman/Martin Luther 26.0
31. St. Paul Johnson 20.0

Outstanding Wrestler: Adam Treptau, Buffalo, 220 pounds

Final Brackets

1st Jacob Prunty, Worthington, 10th
2nd Jaxson Rohman, Fairmont/Martin County West, 7th
3rd Dayne Morton, Sibley East, 10th
4th Charlie Pickell, Mankato West, 8th
5th Zavier Grefe, Rocori, 9th
6th Caden Ochsendorf, Blue Earth Area, 8th
7th Nick Johnson, Tri-City United, 9th
8th Cole Ranweiler, New Ulm, 7th
1st Pwae Eh, Worthington, 12th
2nd Ben Johnson, Alexandria, 12th
3rd Nick Pelach, Sartell-St. Stephen, 9th
4th Jordan Wolter, Fairmont/Martin County West, 9th
5th Keon Naranjo, LeSueur-Henderson, 11th
6th Sam Kulseth, St. James Area, 11th
7th Gavin Sonnek, United South Central, 9th
8th Joe Schavey, Blue Earth Area, 10th
1st Wyatt Gillette, St. Peter, 11th
2nd Dalton Nagel, Blue Earth Area, 10th
3rd Pwae Moo, Worthington, 12th
4th Josh Block, Mankato West, 10th
5th Mitch Kremer, Alexandria, 12th
6th Nelson Cuellar, St. James Area, 11th
7th Max Court, Rocori, 10th
8th Zach Ringnell, Fairmont/Martin County West, 9th
1st Rylee Molitor, Sartell-St. Stephen, 11th
2nd Tanner Pasvogel, Sibley East, 11th
3rd Bailey Eickhoff, Dawson-Boyd/Lac qui Parle/Montevideo United, 12th
4th Ben Bogart, Alexandria, 11th
5th Cordell Peterson, New Richland-Hartland-Ellendale-Geneva, 12th
6th Chris Ettesvold, Fairmont/Martin County West, 12th
7th Dylan Rudningen, Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg, 9th
8th Dylan Dulas, Marshall, 11th
1st Ben Blanchette, Fulda/Murray County Central, 12th
2nd Lincoln Arndt, Maple River, 10th
3rd Jonathan Tostenson, Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg, 10th
4th Ben Johnson, Alexandria, 12th
5th Donald Bothun, Dawson-Boyd/Lac qui Parle/Montevideo United, 12th
6th Jack Herbes, Maple Grove, 12th
7th Payton Anderson, Fairmont/Martin County West, 8th
8th Matthew Pettis, St. Peter, 9th
1st Riley Habisch, Buffalo, 9th
2nd Brennan Holien, Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City, 12th
3rd Jake Fernholz, Sartell-St. Stephen, 12th
4th Mario Maldonado, Fairmont/Martin County West, 9th
5th Hollon Loredo, St. Peter, 9th
6th Jeffrey Camacho, Worthington, 12th
7th Clayton Hartle, Fulda/Murray County Central, 12th
8th Dylan Pauly, LeSueur-Henderson, 11th
1st Logan Axford, Tracy-Milroy-Balaton/Westbrook-Walnut Grove, 12th
2nd Noah Peichel, Sartell-St. Stephen, 10th
3rd Luis Cirilo, St. Paul Johnson, 11th
4th Blake Olhausen, Alexandria, 12th
5th Gunnar Feldhege, Rocori, 10th
6th Zach Buseman, Blue Earth Area, 10th
7th Collin Steuber, Fairmont/Martin County West, 10th
8th Derek Krieger, Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg, 11th
1st Ramzi Gregoire, Marshall, 12th
2nd Luke Wilson, LeSueur-Henderson, 11th
3rd Jordan Stelter, Blue Earth Area, 12th
4th Wyatt Jones, Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg, 11th
5th Peyton Mortenson, Dawson-Boyd/Lac qui Parle/Montevideo United, 10th
6th Adam Knutson, United South Central, 12th
7th Caleb Kemp, Wabasso/Red Rock Central, 12th
8th Mason Byrne, Worthington, 10th
1st Sam Baier, Redwood-River Valley, 12th
2nd Mitchell Fulton, Wabasso/Red Rock Central, 11th
3rd Ben Hoffman, Rocori, 12th
4th Zach Bruns, Worthington, 12th
5th Conor Leech, Minneapolis South, 12th
6th Matt Hartley, New Ulm, 12th
7th Nathan Beech, Fulda/Murray County Central, 12th
8th Drew Maher, BOLD, 11th
1st Derek Herman, United South Central, 12th
2nd Mason Rutt, Tri-City United, 11th
3rd Sam Truen, Minneapolis South, 12th
4th Noah Decker, Maple River, 11th
5th Brady Goblirsch, Redwood-River Valley, 12th
6th Vince Riley, Worthington, 11th
7th Nick Altermatt, Wabasso/Red Rock Central, 10th
8th Brandin Dahl, Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg, 11th
1st Jake Wentzlaff, Sibley East, 12th
2nd Jacob Scherber, Buffalo, 10th
3rd Tyler Snoberger, Sartell-St. Stephen, 11th
4th Cole Anderson, Wabasso/Red Rock Central, 12th
5th Mason Straub, LeSueur-Henderson, 11th
6th Justin Rose, Rocori, 11th
7th David Gordon, Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg, 12th
8th Lance Zeug, Redwood-River Valley, 12th
1st Cody Voight, Sibley East, 11th
2nd Lukas Trio, Maple River, 12th
3rd Jordan Simonette, Tri-City United, 11th
4th Jared Armon, Blue Earth Area, 11th
5th Israel Rodriguez, Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg, 10th
6th Garrett Maxwell, Marshall, 12th
7th Longfel Kluver, Alexandria, 11th
8th Sam Henriksen, Dawson-Boyd/Lac qui Parle/Montevideo United, 10th
1st Adam Treptau, Buffalo, 12th
2nd Manuel Garcia, BOLD, 12th
3rd Zachary Jakes, Mankato West, 10th
4th Karter VanHeuveln, Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg, 12th
5th Trenten Rogich, LeSueur-Henderson, 11th
6th Jared Welch, Wabasso/Red Rock Central, 11th
7th Taylor Tison, Maple Grove, 12th
8th Nic Putnam, Worthington, 11th
1st Alex Burns, Tri-City United, 12th
2nd Wyatt Fitterer, New Richland-Hartland-Ellendale-Geneva, 12th
3rd Cody Coulter, Wabasso/Red Rock Central, 12th
4th Derek Firchau, Madelia/Truman/Martin Luther, 10th
5th Jaden Podratz, Sibley East, 10th
6th Colton Kinney, Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg, 12th
7th Mason Hutt, Dawson-Boyd/Lac qui Parle/Montevideo United, 11th
8th Mark Washa, Fairmont/Martin County West, 12th

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