2016 Class A Section 6 Team Tournament

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Prairie Valley 42 Breckendridge 34
106 Mason Schroeder (PV) Fall Zach Haire (BRECK) 3:05
113 Justin Mattocks (PV) Fall Dylan Pearson (BRECK) :57
120 Trever Areneau (PV) Won by Forfeit
126 Zach Olson (PV) Dec. Carter Gilles (BRECK) 3-2
132 Keegen Ruddy (BRECK) Maj. Dec. Carter Rokes (PV) 15-3
138 Mason Meyer (BRECK) Won by Forfeit
145 Tom Leeseberg (PV) Won by Forfeit
152 Will Peterson (BRECK) Won by Forfeit
160 Nolan Hart (PV) Fall Isaac Coufal (BRECK) :50
170 Treyton Hought (BRECK) Won by Forfeit
182 Tanner Differding (BRECK) Fall Levi Line (PV) 1:45
195 Josh McKeown (PV) Fall Daniel Erlandson (BRECK) :53
220 Preston Yonke (PV) Dec. Gabe Diaz (BRECK) 5-2
285 Tyler Vold (BRECK) Won by Forfeitg>

Wadena-Deer Creek 52 Pelican Rapids 25
106: Jayson Young (WDC) over (PERA) (For.)
113: Mason Snyder (WDC) over James Furey (PERA) (Fall 1:32)
120: Colton Knudson (WDC) over John Ziebell (PERA) (MD 12-1)
126: Beau Breuer (WDC) over (PERA) (For.)
132: Chase Godel (WDC) over Matt Hanson (PERA) (Fall 1:09)
138: Dakota Pixley (PERA) over Cody Wheeler (WDC) (MD 12-0)
145: Carter Wright (WDC) over Cody Gillllaspey (PERA) (Fall 0:49)
152: Alex Diaz (PERA) over Blaine Snyder (WDC) (Dec 3-1)
160: Carson Haugrud (PERA) over Tyler Wheeler (WDC) (Fall 1:03)
170: Joel Diaz (PERA) over William Snyder (WDC) (Fall 5:50)
182: Jericho Baker (WDC) over Jacob Willits (PERA) (Fall 0:21)
195: Steven Erkenbrack (WDC) over (PERA) (For.)
220: Logan Wegscheid (WDC) over (PERA) (For.)
285: Armando Diaz-Perze (PERA) over (WDC) (For.)


West Central Area/Ashby/Brandon-Evansville 72 Prairie Valley 12
106: Mason Schroeder (PRVA) over Kaleb Getz (WCAABE) (Fall 2:49)
113: Drake Swanson (WCAABE) over Trevor Arceneau (PRVA) (Fall 1:50)
120: Jake Nohre (WCAABE) over Justin Mattocks (PRVA) (Fall 1:18)
126: Kaden Spindler (WCAABE) over Zach Olson (PRVA) (Fall 1:32)
132: Hunter Mickelsen (WCAABE) over Carter Rokes (PRVA) (Fall 1:16)
138: Levi Larkin (WCAABE) over (PRVA) (For.)
145: Keaton Long (WCAABE) over Tom Leeseberg (PRVA) (Fall 5:32)
152: Tyler Onstad (WCAABE) over (PRVA) (For.)
160: Alex Butcher (WCAABE) over Nolan Hart (PRVA) (Fall 2:27)
170: Jake Larkin (WCAABE) over Levi Line (PRVA) (Fall 0:31)
182: Jake Drechsel (WCAABE) over (PRVA) (For.)
195: Josh McKeown (PRVA) over Sid Kamrath (WCAABE) (Fall 2:23)
220: Anthony `Buzz` Miller (WCAABE) over Preston Yohnke (PRVA) (Fall 1:34)
285: T.J. Wasksosky (WCAABE) over (PRVA) (For.)

Barnesville 43 Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale 22
106: Quinn Kern (BHV) over Timmy Boone (BARN) (Dec 2-1)
113: Nathan Rehder (BARN) over (BHV) (For.)
120: Devin Dean (BHV) over Chase Brenner (BARN) (Dec 16-9)
126: Caleb Stetz (BARN) over Chase Graba (BHV) (Fall 2:55)
132: Tanner Kadrmas (BARN) over Travis Sakry (BHV) (MD 12-2)
138: Brady Tweeton (BARN) over (BHV) (Fall 2:56)
145: Brady Martz (BARN) over Derik Kimber (BHV) (Fall 0:00)
152: Zack Waln (BHV) over Xavier Kadrmas (BARN) (Fall 4:36)
160: Alex Jenison (BARN) over (BHV) (For.)
170: Ethan Kimber (BHV) over Louis Brown (BARN) (Fall 0:28)
182: Holton Truax (BHV) over Andrew Trowbridge (BARN) (MD 9-0)
195: Kieran Johnson (BARN) over Ethan Orlando (BHV) (Dec 3-1)
220: Tate Elliot (BARN) over Craig Orlando (BHV) (Dec 7-2)
285: Bradey Berg (BARN) over Charlie Nienaber (BHV) (Dec 11-8)

New York Mills 42 Border West 30
106 Carter Haman (NYM) dec. Mark McKarthy (BW) 6-0
113 Mathew Frost (NYM) fall Dakota Andrews (BW) 5:28
120 Dylan Meinge (BW) fall Logan Small(NYM) 2:38
126 Carter Keskitalo (NYM) dec. Mason Zimmel (BW) 12-6
132 Tracer Lee (BW) fall Charlie Fox (NYM) 2:58
138 Dylan Fischer (NYM) fall Spencer Ellison (BW) 1:15
145 Jason Martinez (BW) dec. Taylor Thompson (NYM) 4-0
152 Jacob Hasbargen (BW) dec. Danny Frost (NYM) 3-0
160 Carter Behrens (BW) fall Johnny Flynn (NYM) :13
170 Jake Erckenbrach (NYM) fall Michael Dennis :58
182 Eric Schwagel (BW) inj. def. Mason Friederichs (NYM)
195 Sam Erckenbrach (NYM) fall Aaron Sterling (BW) :37
220 Jesse Roberts (NYM) fall Nick Carlson (BW) 1:56
285 Jett Saewert (NYM) won by forfeit

Staples-Motley 50 Wadena-Deer Creek 22
106: Spencer Miller (STMO) over Jayson Young (WDC) (MD 14-6)
113: Owen Bjerga (STMO) over Mason Snyder (WDC) (MD 10-2)
120: Blayne Dumprope (STMO) over Colton Knudson (WDC) (Dec 7-1)
126: Chase Godel (WDC) over Jack Tyrell (STMO) (Fall 0:49)
132: Jasiah Paskewitz (STMO) over Beau Breuer (WDC) (Fall 1:24)
138: Eric Lisson (STMO) over Cody Wheeler (WDC) (Fall 0:57)
145: Carter Wright (WDC) over Dalton Holmberg (STMO) (MD 14-3)
152: Jeremy Miller (STMO) over Blaine Snyder (WDC) (Dec 3-0)
160: Alex. Erpelding (STMO) over William Snyder (WDC) (Fall 0:22)
170: Jacob Bendson (STMO) over Tyler Wheeler (WDC) (Fall 0:30)
182: Steven Erkenbrack (WDC) over Cameron Bendson (STMO) (Fall 3:36)
195: Braden Tyrell (STMO) over Jericho Baker (WDC) (Fall 0:43)
220: Wegscheid, Logan (WDC) over Shaine Guggenberger (STMO) (Fall 1:31)
285: Kyle Serich (STMO) over (WDC) (For.)


West Central Area/Ashby/Brandon-Evansville 63 Barnesville 16
106 Kaleb Getz (WCA) Fall Tim Boone (BAR) 5:00
113 Drake Swanson (WCA) Fall Chase Brenner (BAR) 1:29
120 Jake Nohre (WCA) Fall Caleb Stetz (BAR) 1:06
126 Kaden Spindler (WCA) Fall Tanner Kadrmas (BAR) 1:30
132 Brady Tweeten (BAR) Maj. Dec. Hunter Mickelsen (WCA) 13-1
138 Levi Larkin (WCA) Dec. Brady Martz (BAR) 2-1 OT
145 Tyler Onstad (WCA) Fall Jackson Poepping (BAR) 3:23
152 Keaton Long (WCA) Fall Xavier Kadrmas (BAR) :54
160 Jake Larkin (WCA) Fall Alex Jennison (BAR) :40
170 Alex Butcher (WCA) Fall Louis Brown (BAR) :56
182 Andrew Throwbridge (BAR) Fall Jake Drechsel (WCA) 2:36
195 Sid Kamrath (WCA) Won by Forfeit
220 Buzz Miller (WCA) Fall Tate Elliot (BAR) 4:50
285 Bradey Berg (BARN) Fall T. J. Waskosy (WCA) 1:40

Staples-Motley 36 New York Mills 31
106: Spencer Miller (STMO) over Carter Haman (NYM) (Dec 7-1)
113: Matt Frost (NYM) over Brayden Christensen (STMO) (MD 16-2)
120: Owen Bjerga (STMO) over Logan Small (NYM) (Fall 1:30)
126: Blayne Dumprope (STMO) over Carter Keskitalo (NYM) (Fall 1:14)
132: Charlie Fox (NYM) over Jasiah Paskewitz (STMO) (SV-1 4-2)
138: Eric Lisson (STMO) over Dylan Fischer (NYM) (Dec 7-1)
145: Dalton Holmberg (STMO) over Taylor Thompson (NYM) (Dec 6-3)
152: Jeremy Miller (STMO) over Dan Frost (NYM) (Dec 7-2)
160: Alex. Erpelding (STMO) over Alex Sandoval (NYM) (Fall 0:45)
170: Johnny Flynn (NYM) over Jacob Bendson (STMO) (Fall 4:56)
182: Jake Erckenbrack (NYM) over Cameron Bendson (STMO) (Fall 3:19)
195: Sam Erckenbrack (NYM) over Shaine Guggenberger (STMO) (Fall 0:37)
220: Jesse Roberts (NYM) over Braden Tyrell (STMO) (Fall 5:05)
285: Kyle Serich (STMO) over Jett Saewert (NYM) (Fall 4:41)


West Central Area/Ashby/Brandon-Evansville 42 Staples-Motley 27
106: Spencer Miller (STMO) over Kaleb Getz (WCAABE) (Dec 7-4)
113: Drake Swanson (WCAABE) over Owen Bjerga (STMO) (Fall 3:29)
120: Jake Nohre (WCAABE) over Blayne Dumprope (STMO) (Fall 1:14)
126: Kaden Spindler (WCAABE) over Jack Tyrell (STMO) (Fall 1:10)
132: Eric Lisson (STMO) over Hunter Mickelsen (WCAABE) (Dec 10-3)
138: Levi Larkin (WCAABE) over Jasiah Paskewitz (STMO) (Fall 5:01)
145: Tyler Onstad (WCAABE) over Dalton Holmberg (STMO) (Dec 11-4)
152: Jeremy Miller (STMO) over Keaton Long (WCAABE) (Dec 13-10)
160: Jake Larkin (WCAABE) over Isaac Swendsrud (STMO) (Fall 1:44)
170: Alex. Erpelding (STMO) over Alex Butcher (WCAABE) (Fall 0:52)
182: Jacob Bendson (STMO) over Jake Drechsel (WCAABE) (Fall 1:21)
195: Sid Kamrath (WCAABE) over Braden Tyrell (STMO) (Dec 5-3)
220: Anthony `Buzz` Miller (WCAABE) over Shaine Guggenberger (STMO) (Fall 1:32)
285: Kyle Serich (STMO) over Zach Mattson (WCAABE) (Fall 1:54)

Section 6A Champions West Central Area/Ashby/Brandon-Evansville Knights
Section 6A Champions West Central Area/Ashby/Brandon-Evansville Knights