2016 Class AA Section 3 Team Tournament

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Redwood-River Valley 36 Marshall 34
106: Hsa La Eh (MARS) over Owen Bertram (RRV) (Dec 10-4)
113: Omar Arredondo (RRV) over Lucas Hodges (MARS) (TF 16-1 5:55)
120: Tayte Harazin (RRV) over Zach Stahl (MARS) (MD 17-4)
126: Dylan Dulas (MARS) over Connor Bertram (RRV) (MD 12-0)
132: Toby Semler (MARS) over Devin Johnson (RRV) (Fall 0:38)
138: Nick Erbes (MARS) over Tommy Amberg (RRV) (Fall 4:46)
145: Devyn Martzloff (MARS) over Eric Bommersbach (RRV) (Dec 7-4)
152: Ramzi Gregoire (MARS) over James Ploeger (RRV) (Fall 1:05)
160: Sam Baier (RRV) over Elijah Sterner (MARS) (Fall 0:26)
170: Chase Rahe (RRV) over Collin Noriega (MARS) (Fall 1:48)
182: Lance Zeug (RRV) over Jaiden Bahr (MARS) (Fall 1:31)
195: Brady Goblirsch (RRV) over Wyatt Martin (MARS) (Fall 0:20)
220: Garrett Maxwell (MARS) over Joe Salvati (RRV) (Fall 3:51)
285: Dan Kohler (RRV) over Abdirzak Mohamed (MARS) (Dec 12-7)

Luverne 40 New Ulm 34
106: Hunter Baker (LUVE) over Jackson Bode (NEUL) (MD 9-1)
113: Cole Ranweiler (NEUL) over Nick Feit (LUVE) (Fall 0:58)
120: Tucker Oeltjenbruns (LUVE) over Rebekah Hoppe (NEUL) (Fall 1:52)
126: Sean Howk (NEUL) over Riley Baker (LUVE) (TB-1 5-4)
132: Hunter Ranweiler (NEUL) over Will Natte (LUVE) (Dec 6-2)
138: Ryan Wacker (NEUL) over Jed Dooyema (LUVE) (MD 11-2)
145: Adam Fodness (LUVE) over Angelo Metzger (NEUL) (Fall 2:35)
152: Tanner Stark (NEUL) over Matt Hup (LUVE) (Fall 1:07)
160: Jeremiah Dooyema (LUVE) over Matt Guggisberg (NEUL) (Fall 1:04)
170: Solomon Nielsen (LUVE) over Nick Mehlhop (NEUL) (Fall 3:48)
182: Matt Hartley (NEUL) over Brandon Claussen (LUVE) (Fall 4:17)
195: Zach Luke (LUVE) over Kaleb Helget (NEUL) (Fall 1:40)
220: Jakob Olson (LUVE) over Colby Wenniger (NEUL) (Fall 1:06)
285: Gunner Brooks (NEUL) over (LUVE) (For.)

Tracy-Milroy-Balaton/Westbrook-Walnut Grove 71 Fulda/Murray County Central 12
106: Dereck Ellingson (TMWW) over Danny Blankenship (FUMC) (TF 15-0 4:38)
113: Nestor Perez (TMWW) over (FUMC) (For.)
120: Daulton Carlson (TMWW) over Jesse Ray (FUMC) (Fall 0:14)
126: Anthony Axford (TMWW) over (FUMC) (For.)
132: Clayton Hartle (FUMC) over Austin Axford (TMWW) (Fall 2:26)
138: Jace Paplow (TMWW) over Logan Ahlers (FUMC) (Fall 2:22)
145: Logan Axford (TMWW) over Jon Gehl (FUMC) (Fall 0:51)
152: Nash Mayer (TMWW) over Jimmy Carlson (FUMC) (Fall 1:35)
160: Tate Meyer (FUMC) over Tyler Timm (TMWW) (Fall 3:18)
170: Dawson Iverson (TMWW) over John Sweetman (FUMC) (Fall 1:48)
182: Autin Buchholz (TMWW) over (FUMC) (For.)
195: Rylan Fogelson (TMWW) over (FUMC) (For.)
220: Cole Olson (TMWW) over (FUMC) (For.)
285: Sam Bauer (TMWW) over (FUMC) (For.)


Wabasso/Red Rock Central 48 Redwood-River Valley 18
106: Josh Hesse (WARR) over Owen Bertram (RRV) (Dec 11-4)
113: Omar Arredondo (RRV) over Ben Johnson (WARR) (Fall 0:20)
120: Tayte Harazin (RRV) over Austin Irlbeck (WARR) (Fall 5:44)
126: Zeke Johnson (WARR) over Connor Bertram (RRV) (Dec 5-2)
132: Tyson Doubler (WARR) over Devin Johnson (RRV) (Fall 0:58)
138: Jared Schroepfer (WARR) over Eric Bommersbach (RRV) (Dec 8-3)
145: Brakken Bierl (WARR) over Tommy Amberg (RRV) (Fall 0:38)
152: Caleb Kemp (WARR) over Spencer Quast (RRV) (Fall 0:22)
160: Sam Baier (RRV) over mitchell Fulton (WARR) (Dec 9-4)
170: Nick Altermatt (WARR) over Chase Rahe (RRV) (Fall 4:43)
182: Brady Goblirsch (RRV) over Devan Lieblremove (WARR) (Dec 7-3)
195: Cole Anderson (WARR) over Lance Zueg (RRV) (Fall 1:42)
220: Jared Welch (WARR) over Joe Salvati (RRV) (Fall 3:03)
285: Cody Coulter (WARR) over Dan Kohler (RRV) (Dec 7-0)

Quad County 35 Dawson-Boyd/Lac qui Parle/Montevideo United 25
106: Trevon Johnson (DLM) over David Hidalgo (QUCO) (Fall 1:32)
113: Friese, Ayden (QUCO) over Layton Wittnebel (DLM) (Fall 1:27)
120: Gunner Stier (QUCO) over Trystan Bukowski (DLM) (MD 8-0)
126: Bailey Eickhoff (DLM) over Tori Rupp (QUCO) (MD 22-8)
132: Ethan Thein (QUCO) over Donny Bothun (DLM) (Dec 4-3)
138: Cole Hatch (QUCO) over Christian Kanten (DLM) (Dec 9-5)
145: Peyton Mortenson (DLM) over Jack Howard (QUCO) (Fall 3:43)
152: Miles Kattevold (QUCO) over Matt Henriksen (DLM) (Dec 3-2)
160: Kirby Winson (QUCO) over Hever Valenzuela (DLM) (MD 14-2)
170: Friese, Austin (QUCO) over Colton Struxness (DLM) (Dec 7-1)
182: Hayden Johnson (QUCO) over Austin Schmitt (DLM) (Dec 5-2)
195: Brian Bratsch (QUCO) over Cole Bungarden (DLM) (Fall 4:39)
220: David Nelson (DLM) over Josh Cavaness (QUCO) (Fall 3:37)
285: Mason Hutt (DLM) over Ethan Beckler (QUCO) (Dec 10-8)

Worthington 56 Luverne 11
106: Hunter Baker (LUVE) over Damon Schutz (Wort) (MD 18-8)
113: Jacob Prunty (Wort) over Nick Feit (LUVE) (Fall 0:00)
120: Hser Eh Pwae (Wort) over Tucker Oeltjenbruns (LUVE) (MD 14-5)
126: Hser Moo Pwae (Wort) over Riley Baker (LUVE) (MD 12-1)
132: Will Natte (LUVE) over Ethan Pavelko (Wort) (Dec 4-0)
138: Brayden Donkersloot (Wort) over Jed Dooyema (LUVE) (Dec 8-2)
145: King Blanchette (Wort) over Adam Fodness (LUVE) (Fall 4:00)
152: Mason Byrne (Wort) over Matt Hup (LUVE) (Fall 0:00)
160: Zach Bruns (Wort) over Jeremiah Dooyema (LUVE) (Fall 2:00)
170: Solomon Nielsen (LUVE) over Cody Michelson (Wort) (MD 19-8)
182: Vince Riley (Wort) over Brandon Claussen (LUVE) (Fall 0:00)
195: Brandon Kempema (Wort) over Zach Luke (LUVE) (Inj. [time])
220: Nic Putnam (Wort) over Jakob Olson (LUVE) (Dec 3-2)
285: Ty Veen (Wort) over (LUVE) (For.)

Fairmont/Martin County West 42, Tracy-Milroy-Balaton/Westbrook-Walnut Grove 30
106-Ellingson (T) dec. Rohman 4-2
113-Wolter (F) TF Perez
120-Ringnell (F) dec. Carlson 5-0
126-A.Axford (T) dec. Hugget 8-5
132-Anderson (F) pin Vandendriessche 3:25
138-Maldonado (F) MD Paplow (T) 10-2
145-Steuber (F) pin Byrne 2:45
152-L.Axford (T) pin Simmonds :49
160-Mayer (T) pin Nielsen 4:40
170-P.Anderson (F) pin Timm 3:07
182-Buchholz (T) pin Tordsen 1:00
195-Figueroa (F) pin Fogelson 1:31
220-Olson (T) by forfeit
285-Washa (F) pin Bauer 1:30


Wabasso/Red Rock Central 34 Fairmont/Martin County West 29
106: Jaxson Rohman (FAMC) over Ben Johnson (WARR) (Fall 3:49)
113: Jordan Wolter (FAMC) over Josh Hesse (WARR) (TF 16-1 0:00)
120: Zach Ringnell (FAMC) over Austin Irlbeck (WARR) (Dec 3-1)
126: Zeke Johnson (WARR) over Christian Hugget (FAMC) (Dec 5-4)
132: Payton Anderson (FAMC) over Tyson Doubler (WARR) (Dec 3-2)
138: Mario Maldonado (FAMC) over Jared Schroepfer (WARR) (Dec 5-3)
145: Collin Steuber (FAMC) over Brakken Bierl (WARR) (Dec 6-4)
152: Caleb Kemp (WARR) over Nathan Simmonds (FAMC) (Fall 3:21)
160: mitchell Fulton (WARR) over Dayton Nielsen (FAMC) (Fall 0:38)
170: Nick Altermatt (WARR) over Parker Anderson (FAMC) (MD 14-1)
182: Devan Liebl (WARR) over Conner Tordsen (FAMC) (Fall 0:35)
195: Cole Anderson (WARR) over Luis Figueroa (FAMC) (Dec 2-1)
220: Cody Coulter (WARR) over (FAMC) (For.)
285: Mark Washa (FAMC) over Jared Welch (WARR) (Fall 2:32)

Worthington 28 Quad County 24
106: Friese, Ayden (QUCO) over Damon Schutz (Wort) (Fall 1:58)
113: Jacob Prunty (Wort) over David Hidalgo (QUCO) (TF 26-11 4:00)
120: Hser Eh Pwae (Wort) over Bryant Bestland (QUCO) (TF 16-1 2:00)
126: Hser Moo Pwae (Wort) over Tori Rupp (QUCO) (TF 17-2 4:00)
132: Thein, Ethan (QUCO) over Ethan Pavelko (Wort) (Dec 8-2)
138: Hatch, Cole (QUCO) over Jeffrey Camacho (Wort) (Dec 12-9)
145: Miles Kattevold (QUCO) over King Blanchette (Wort) (Dec 6-3)
152: Winson, Kirby (QUCO) over Mason Byrne (Wort) (Dec 10-4)
160: Cody Michelson (Wort) over Grokslags, Sean (QUCO) (Dec 7-1)
170: Ayden Friese (QUCO) over Zach Bruns (Wort) (Dec 2-0)
182: Brandon Kempema (Wort) over Stephen Countryman (QUCO) (MD 13-5)
195: Hayden Johnson (QUCO) over Vince Riley (Wort) (Dec 6-1)
220: Nic Putnam (Wort) over Bratsch, Brian (QUCO) (UTB 3-2)
285: Ty Veen (Wort) over Ethan Beckler (QUCO) (Dec 15-9)


Wabasso/Red Rock Central 28 Worthington 26
106: Josh Hesse (WARR) over Damon Schutz (Wort) (Dec 5-0)
113: Erik Artiga (Wort) over Ben Johnson (WARR) (Fall 3:21)
120: Jacob Prunty (Wort) over Austin Irlbeck (WARR) (MD 12-3)
126: Hser Eh Pwae (Wort) over Zeke Johnson (WARR) (MD 17-7)
132: Hser Moo Pwae (Wort) over Tyson Doubler (WARR) (Dec 7-4)
138: Jared Schroepfer (WARR) over Jeffrey Camacho (Wort) (Fall 1:40)
145: Brakken Bierl (WARR) over King Blanchette (Wort) (MD 10-0)
152: Caleb Kemp (WARR) over Mason Byrne (Wort) (Dec 6-4)
160: mitchell Fulton (WARR) over Cody Michelson (Wort) (Dec 3-0)
170: Nick Altermatt (WARR) over Zach Bruns (Wort) (Dec 7-4)
182: Vince Riley (Wort) over Devan Liebl (WARR) (Dec 3-0)
195: Brandon Kempema (Wort) over Cole Anderson (WARR) (SV-1 4-2)
220: Nic Putnam (Wort) over Jared Welch (WARR) (SV-1 4-2)
285: Cody Coulter (WARR) over Ty Veen (Wort) (DQ)