2016 Class AA Section 5 Team Tournament

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Minneapolis Patrick Henry 39 Minneapolis Roosevelt 30
106: Chong Xiong (PHHS) over noah smith (MIRO) (Dec 10-9)
113: kyle greggerson (MIRO) over (PHHS) (For.)
120: raul ramirez (MIRO) over Pheng Xiong (PHHS) (Dec 8-6)
126: Isaiah Skinner (PHHS) over vince williams (MIRO) (Fall 0:00)
132: kaueh boyer-holanda (MIRO) over Denonyah Fergeson (PHHS) (Fall 0:00)
138: dylan moore (MIRO) over Menheer Seakh (PHHS) (Dec 8-2)
145: will kendall (MIRO) over (PHHS) (For.)
152: larry sanchez (MIRO) over Quentin Skinner (PHHS) (Fall 0:00)
160: Justin Schauls (PHHS) over nugumsa mohammed (MIRO) (Dec 12-8)
170: Maverik Cain (PHHS) over (MIRO) (For.)
182: Marciano Guyton (PHHS) over ben omen (MIRO) (Fall 0:00)
195: Tyler Dilliard (PHHS) over luis salvidar (MIRO) (Dec 8-3)
220: Muaj Xiong (PHHS) over (MIRO) (For.)
285: Howard Burton (PHHS) over (MIRO) (For.)

Orono 66 Minnehaha/DeLaSalle 12
106: Frankie Beck (OR) over Matt Benson (MAD) (Fall 1:51)
113: Noah Arneson (OR) over (MAD) (For.)
120: Marcus Ostvig (OR) over (MAD) (For.)
126: Henry Beck (OR) over (MAD) (For.)
132: Nick Simafranca (OR) over (MAD) (For.)
138: Jon Schmid (OR) over Isaac Rose (MAD) (Fall 3:01)
145: Lukas vanDyck (OR) over Noah Bauer (MAD) (Fall 3)
152: Spencer Schuh (OR) over Jack Leonard (MAD) (Fall 3:34)
160: Alistair Davis (MAD) over Grant Perry (OR) (Fall 1:16)
170: Danny Striggow (OR) over CJ Criner (MAD) (Fall 3:07)
182: Jacob Liska (OR) over (MAD) (For.)
195: Eli Baynes-Marsh (MAD) over Blaine Bauman (OR) (Fall 2:47)
220: Bobby Striggow (OR) over (MAD) (For.)
285: Double Forfeit

Richfield 54 Minneapolis Edison 18
106: Adam Syvester (MIED) over William Voigt (RICH) (Fall 1:00)
113: Andrew Nowacki (MIED) over Sabastian Moore (RICH) (Fall 1:15)
120: Drake Elling (RICH) over (MIED) (For.)
126: Matt Hughes (RICH) over (MIED) (For.)
132: Alexander Cyrus (RICH) over (MIED) (For.)
138: Kendall Sandifer Jr (RICH) over Kaying yang (MIED) (Fall 1:49)
145: Double Forfeit
152: Patrick Voigt (RICH) over (MIED) (For.)
160: Tyler Daily (MIED) over Evan Ekholm (RICH) (Fall 1:38)
170: Xavier Coakley (RICH) over John Doe (MIED) (Fall 1:40)
182: Chris Garcia (RICH) over (MIED) (For.)
195: Randry Mugisha (MIED) over (RICH) (For.)
220: Joe Williams (RICH) over (MIED) (For.)
285: Josh Anderson (RICH) over (MIED) (For.)

Brooklyn Center/Concordia Academy 60 Columbia Heights 24
106: Tou Vang (BRCE) over Nick McCoy (COHE) (Fall 5:13)
113: Juan Fraire-Morales (BRCE) over (COHE) (For.)
120: Jefferson Paladines (COHE) over Cordriq Willis-Wicks (BRCE) (Fall 2:31)
126: Josh Garcia (BRCE) over (COHE) (For.)
132: Cortez Yamada (BRCE) over (COHE) (For.)
138: David Rivera (BRCE) over (COHE) (For.)
145: Herb Strohmayer (BRCE) over (COHE) (For.)
152: Trejon Driver (BRCE) over (COHE) (For.)
160: Dylan Lentz (COHE) over Jonathan Parnjan (BRCE) (Fall 1:12)
170: Gabriel Morales (BRCE) over (COHE) (For.)
182: Nick Mcmurry (BRCE) over (COHE) (For.)
195: wes t (BRCE) over (COHE) (For.)
220: Mohamed Hegazi (COHE) over Brandyn Johnson (BRCE) (Fall 0:26)
285: Manny Alvarez (COHE) over Robert Pickett (BRCE) (Fall 1:23)


Totino-Grace 75 Minneapolis Patrick Henry 3
106: Jake Svihel (TOGR) over Lee Vang (PHHS) (Fall 0:43)
113: Josh Clark (TOGR) over (PHHS) (For.)
120: Isaiah Skinner (PHHS) over Markus Loger (TOGR) (SV-1 2-0)
126: Conner Dehn (TOGR) over Pheng Xiong (PHHS) (Fall 1:31)
132: Matt Bebeau (TOGR) over Denonyah Fergeson (PHHS) (Fall 0:45)
138: Micheal Menth (TOGR) over Seakh Menheer (PHHS) (Fall 5:50)
145: William Jaeger (TOGR) over (PHHS) (For.)
152: Will Savre (TOGR) over Quentin Skinner (PHHS) (Fall 2:16)
160: Ryan Kusch (TOGR) over Justin Schauls (PHHS) (Dec 8-3)
170: Joe Dols (TOGR) over Maverik Cain (PHHS) (Fall 2:15)
182: Jared Florell (TOGR) over Marciano Guyton (PHHS) (Fall 0:49)
195: Nate Schutz (TOGR) over Tyler Dilliard (PHHS) (Fall 1:12)
220: Hunter Christenson (TOGR) over Muaj Xiong (PHHS) (Fall 0:14)
285: Sam Anderson (TOGR) over Howard Burton (PHHS) (Fall 0:23)

Orono 57 Benilde St. Margaret’s 22
106: Frankie Beck (OR) over Adam Jans (BSM) (Fall 0:20)
113: Noah Arneson (OR) over (BSM) (For.)
120: Marcus Ostvig (OR) over George Wolfe (BSM) (Fall 0:48)
126: Henry Beck (OR) over Hank Hanson (BSM) (Fall 3:06)
132: Zach Bigelbach (BSM) over Jon Schmid (OR) (Fall 5:00)
138: Charlie Wolfe (BSM) over Nick Simafranca (OR) (MD 13-2)
145: Lukas vanDyck (OR) over Tony Thies (BSM) (Dec 6-5)
152: Spencer Schuh (OR) over (BSM) (For.)
160: Henry Wolfe (BSM) over Grant Perry (OR) (Fall 0:55)
170: Danny Striggow (OR) over (BSM) (Fall 0:44)
182: Jacob Liska (OR) over Dustin Dallman (BSM) (Fall 1:30)
195: Blaine Bauman (OR) over (BSM) (For.)
220: Bobby Striggow (OR) over Alex Fischer (BSM) (Fall 1:03)
285: Jameer Anderson (BSM) over (OR) (For.)

Fridley 57 Richfield 12
106: Gabe Allen (FRID) over William Voigt (RICH) (MD 11-0)
113: Carlos Moreira (FRID) over Sabastian Moore (RICH) (MD 14-2)
120: Aaron Rathke (FRID) over (RICH) (For.)
126: Nic Fite (FRID) over Matt Hughes (RICH) (MD 11-2)
132: John Bartee (FRID) over Alexander Cyrus (RICH) (Fall 2:28)
138: Kendall Sandifer Jr (RICH) over Rossi Davis (FRID) (Dec 7-2)
145: Danyel Olivera (FRID) over (RICH) (For.)
152: Patrick Voigt (RICH) over Jonathon Arzola (FRID) (Fall 4:18)
160: Sergio Diaz (FRID) over Evan Ekholm (RICH) (Dec 6-1)
170: Darius Williams (FRID) over Xavier Coakley (RICH) (Fall 1:03)
182: Miguel Leiva (FRID) over Chris Garcia (RICH) (Fall 2:28)
195: Joe Dean (FRID) over (RICH) (For.)
220: John Allen (FRID) over Albert Felix III (RICH) (Fall 0:24)
285: Joe Williams (RICH) over Gabe Franklin (FRID) (Dec 3-1)

Bloomington Kennedy 80 Brooklyn Center/Concordia Academy 0
106: Allen Everson (BK) over Tou Vang (BRCE) (Fall 1:21)
113: Xavier Judge (BK) over Juan Fraire-Morales (BRCE) (Fall 0:55)
120: Eli Jeans (BK) over Cordriq Willis-Wicks (BRCE) (Fall 3:33)
126: Billy Reineccius (BK) over Alexis Luna-Martinez (BRCE) (Fall 1:33)
132: Bryce Hill (BK) over Cortez Yamada (BRCE) (Fall 3:20)
138: Scott Cameron (BK) over David Rivera (BRCE) (Dec 11-5)
145: Reese Averbeck (BK) over Herb Strohmayer (BRCE) (TF 15-0 3:15)
152: Curtis Hall (BK) over Trejon Driver (BRCE) (Fall 4:22)
160: Alexis Franco (BK) over Jonathan Parnjan (BRCE) (Fall 0:27)
170: Mohamed Moustafa (BK) over Gabriel Morales (BRCE) (Fall 1:05)
182: Louis Wiklund (BK) over Nick Mcmurry (BRCE) (Fall 3:00)
195: Erick Lopez (BK) over wes t (BRCE) (Fall 0:52)
220: Alchan Robbs (BK) over Brandyn Johnson (BRCE) (Fall 0:38)
285: Richard Juberian (BK) over Robert Pickett (BRCE) (Fall 0:14)


Totino-Grace 52 Orono 19
106: Jake Svihel (TOGR) over Frankie Beck (OR) (Fall 0:16)
113: Josh Clark (TOGR) over Marcus Ostvig (OR) (Dec 7-0)
120: Conner Dehn (TOGR) over Noah Arneson (OR) (Dec 6-0)
126: Henry Beck (OR) over Markus Loger (TOGR) (MD 11-2)
132: Micheal Menth (TOGR) over Nick Simafranca (OR) (Fall 5:49)
138: John McCuskey (OR) over Hassan Fofana (TOGR) (Dec 9-5)
145: William Jaeger (TOGR) over (OR) (For.)
152: Will Savre (TOGR) over Spencer Schuh (OR) (MD 15-7)
160: Danny Striggow (OR) over Mattew Kraemer (TOGR) (Fall 0:32)
170: Joe Dols (TOGR) over Jacob Liska (OR) (Fall 5:24)
182: Jared Florell (TOGR) over (OR) (For.)
195: Nate Schutz (TOGR) over Blaine Bauman (OR) (Fall 5:59)
220: Bobby Striggow (OR) over Hunter Christenson (TOGR) (Fall 3:07)
285: Sam Anderson (TOGR) over (OR) (For.)

Bloomington Kennedy 50 Fridley 17
106: Allen Everson (BK) over Gabe Allen (FRID) (MD 10-0)
113: Xavier Judge (BK) over Carlos Moreira (FRID) (Fall 0:20)
120: Aaron Rathke (FRID) over Eli Jeans (BK) (MD 18-7)
126: Nic Fite (FRID) over Joseph Tran (BK) (Fall 1:36)
132: Bryce Hill (BK) over John Bartee (FRID) (MD 13-2)
138: Scott Cameron (BK) over Rossi Davis (FRID) (Dec 9-6)
145: Jonathon Arzola (FRID) over Reese Averbeck (BK) (MD 12-1)
152: Jake Leicht (BK) over Danyel Olivera (FRID) (Fall 1:25)
160: Alexis Franco (BK) over Sergio Diaz (FRID) (Dec 5-2)
170: Mohamed Moustafa (BK) over Darius Williams (FRID) (Fall 1:33)
182: Noah Keith (BK) over Miguel Leiva (FRID) (Fall 2:22)
195: John Allen (FRID) over Erick Lopez (BK) (Dec 6-5)
220: Alchan Robbs (BK) over Gabe Franklin (FRID) (Fall 3:26)
285: Richard Juberian (BK) over Keith Emmons (FRID) (Fall 2:18)


Totino-Grace 36 Bloomington Kennedy 28
106: Jake Svihel (TOGR) over Allen Everson (BK) (Fall 1:43)
113: Josh Clark (TOGR) over Xavier Judge (BK) (Fall 3:50)
120: Conner Dehn (TOGR) over Eli Jeans (BK) (Dec 8-2)
126: Matt Bebeau (TOGR) over Joseph Tran (BK) (Dec 5-0)
132: Bryce Hill (BK) over Hassan Fofana (TOGR) (TF 15-0 0:00)
138: Micheal Menth (TOGR) over Scott Cameron (BK) (Dec 9-3)
145: William Jaeger (TOGR) over Reese Averbeck (BK) (Dec 6-1)
152: Jake Leicht (BK) over Will Savre (TOGR) (Fall 2:41)
160: Alexis Franco (BK) over Ryan Kusch (TOGR) (Dec 7-3)
170: Jared Florell (TOGR) over Mohamed Moustafa (BK) (Fall 0:27)
182: Noah Keith (BK) over Joe Dols (TOGR) (TF 16-0 0:00)
195: Louis Wiklund (BK) over Nate Schutz (TOGR) (Dec 6-2)
220: Erick Lopez (BK) over Hunter Christenson (TOGR) (Fall 1:06)
285: Sam Anderson (TOGR) over Alchan Robbs (BK) (Fall 0:47)