2016 Class AAA Section 3 Team Tournament

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High School Tournament Time Report High School Results

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St. Paul Harding 24 St. Paul Central 21


Hastings 78 St. Paul Harding 3
106: Kendall, Paul (HAST) over (SPH) (For.)
113: Croix Mader (HAST) over Htu Net (SPH) (Def.)
120: Derek Edwards (HAST) over (SPH) (For.)
126: Adam McSorley (HAST) over Chontu Lee (SPH) (Fall 4:31)
132: Jet Mi ka (SPH) over Jonah Schill (HAST) (Dec 9-5)
138: Mac Wilson (HAST) over Evan Haldeman (SPH) (Fall 0:53)
145: Kopp, Spencer (HAST) over (SPH) (For.)
152: Pottinger, TJ (HAST) over (SPH) (For.)
160: Erickson, Kyle (HAST) over Elijah Loscheider (SPH) (Fall 1:19)
170: Austin Eichmann (HAST) over Kelvoni Hobson (SPH) (Fall 4:36)
182: Rogers, Trey (HAST) over Martinie Chhin (SPH) (Fall 2:21)
195: Mark Vaith (HAST) over Brian Robinson (SPH) (Fall 2:58)
220: Drake Guck (HAST) over Andrew Haldeman (SPH) (Def.)
285: Jacob Bacon (HAST) over Erion Holliday (SPH) (Fall 4:42)

Park 44 Tartan 26
106: Cody Alvarado (TART) over Carter Gibbsons (Park) (Dec 11-7)
113: Bailey Thurmes (Park) over Nathan Alvarado (TART) (Dec 4-2)
120: Peter Oyebanji (Park) over Zach Dox (TART) (Dec 15-9)
126: Josh Ruiz (Park) over Eric DeLacy (TART) (MD 8-0)
132: Lucas Froemel (TART) over Zach Bain (Park) (Fall 0:57)
138: Garrett Whitehead (Park) over Bemba Turay (TART) (Fall 3:50)
145: Collin Labrosse (Park) over Max Bowen (TART) (Fall 3:52)
152: Phillip Asiago (TART) over Devin Long (Park) (Fall 3:59)
160: Andrew Johnson (TART) over Andrew Drigens (Park) (TF 16-0 0:00)
170: Justin Burg (TART) over Jan Jaax (Park) (Fall 1:31)
182: Sam Figimiller (Park) over Sam Conway (TART) (MD 11-3)
195: Zach Wills (Park) over Santiago Gracia (TART) (Fall 2:35)
220: Devin Hubbard (Park) over Trey Staves (TART) (Fall 1:47)
285: Justin Sabin (Park) over Brandon Floyd (TART) (Fall 1:27)

Woodbury 43 East Ridge 15
106: Cole West (WOOD) over Roman Rogotzke (EARI) (Dec 10-8)
113: Brady Moesenthin (WOOD) over Tanner Holt (EARI) (Fall 0:31)
120: Thomas Yang (EARI) over Cedric Ramos (WOOD) (Fall 1:17)
126: Cole Wagner (EARI) over Jack Ryan (WOOD) (Fall 1:13)
132: Ty Okada (EARI) over Brock Rinehart (WOOD) (Dec 10-4)
138: Dante Knox (WOOD) over Ethan Pittman (EARI) (Dec 7-2)
145: MJ Okada (WOOD) over Carson Lesher (EARI) (Dec 8-2)
152: Gavin Bradley (WOOD) over Robb Scott (EARI) (Dec 13-6)
160: Zane Schaffer (WOOD) over Carter Clark (EARI) (Fall 2:45)
170: Austin Braun (WOOD) over (EARI) (For.)
182: Andrew French (WOOD) over Jamze Powers (EARI) (Dec 12-8)
195: Donald Nde (WOOD) over Jaron Pittman (EARI) (Dec 6-0)
220: John Gardiner (WOOD) over Marco Cavallaro (EARI) (MD 12-4)
285: Max Fick (WOOD) over Sawyer Cotterman (EARI) (Dec 3-1)

Eagan 54 Cretin-Derham Hall 13
106: Andrew Wick (EAGA) over Danny Vrtis (CDH) (Fall 0:22)
113: Ty Gage (EAGA) over Ted Hoover (CDH) (Fall 0:23)
120: Kaden Gage (EAGA) over (CDH) (For.)
126: Mike Murphy (EAGA) over Austin Miller (CDH) (Dec 12-6)
132: Riley White (EAGA) over Javen Guzik-McNeil (CDH) (TF 15-0 1:45)
138: Xavier Rosenbloom (EAGA) over Max Steigauf (CDH) (Fall 4:57)
145: Mohammed Ali (EAGA) over Eric Ilaug (CDH) (Fall 1:12)
152: Nick Holt (EAGA) over Logan Smith (CDH) (Dec 1-0)
160: Josh Goldberg (CDH) over Alex Wick (EAGA) (MD 9-1)
170: Alex Hauser (EAGA) over Dan Gainer (CDH) (Fall 3:10)
182: Roth Stricker (EAGA) over Campbell Wozniak (CDH) (Fall 3:00)
195: Antwan McClenty (EAGA) over Ben Schlueter (CDH) (Fall 2:45)
220: Connor Roering (CDH) over Landon Borges (EAGA) (Fall 5:02)
285: Jordan Grovum (CDH) over Abdu Seef (EAGA) (Dec 8-5)
(EAGA Unsportsmanlike Conduct -1.00)


Hastings 54 Park 16
106: Paul Kendall (HAST) over Carter Gibbsons (Park) (Inj. [time])
113: Bailey Thurmes (Park) over Matt Myers (HAST) (Fall 1:44)
120: Edwards, Derek (HAST) over Peter Oyebanji (Park) (MD 13-5)
126: Jonah Schill (HAST) over Andrew Diaz (Park) (Dec 6-0)
132: Adam McSorley (HAST) over Jordan Swanson (Park) (Fall 0:35)
138: Collin Labrosse (Park) over Corbin Leflay (HAST) (MD 12-2)
145: Spencer Kopp (HAST) over Garrett Whitehead (Park) (MD 10-2)
152: TJ Pottinger (HAST) over Devin Long (Park) (TF 16-1 0:00)
160: Cody Leflay (HAST) over Andrew Drigens (Park) (Fall 0:24)
170: Austin Eichmann (HAST) over (Park) (For.)
182: Trey Rogers (HAST) over Sam Figimiller (Park) (TF 23-7 0:00)
195: Mark Vaith (HAST) over Zach Wills (Park) (SV-1 4-2)
220: Jackson Schichel (HAST) over (Park) (For.)
285: Robert Marrier (Park) over Drake Guck (HAST) (Fall 1:44)

Eagan 39 Woodbury 25
106: Cole West (WOOD) over Andrew Wick (EAGA) (Dec 4-2)
113: Brady Moesenthin (WOOD) over Ty Gage (EAGA) (MD 9-1)
120: Kaden Gage (EAGA) over Cedric Ramos (WOOD) (Fall 0:54)
126: Mike Murphy (EAGA) over Jack Ryan (WOOD) (Fall 0:41)
132: Riley White (EAGA) over Dante Knox (WOOD) (Fall 0:39)
138: Xavier Rosenbloom (EAGA) over Brock Rinehart (WOOD) (Fall 1:12)
145: Mohammed Ali (EAGA) over Gavin Bradley (WOOD) (Dec 10-6)
152: MJ Okada (WOOD) over Nick Holt (EAGA) (Dec 6-2)
160: Alex Wick (EAGA) over Zane Schaffer (WOOD) (Fall 3:57)
170: Austin Braun (WOOD) over Alex Hauser (EAGA) (Dec 4-1)
182: Donald Nde (WOOD) over Ben Leiran (EAGA) (Dec 8-4)
195: Andrew French (WOOD) over Roth Stricker (EAGA) (Dec 12-5)
220: John Gardiner (WOOD) over Antwan McClenty (EAGA) (Fall 1:21)
285: Abdu Seef (EAGA) over Max Fick (WOOD) (Fall 0:55)


Hastings 43 Eagan 21
106: Andrew Wick (EAGA) over Paul Kendall (HAST) (Dec 7-6)
113: Croix Mader (HAST) over Ty Gage (EAGA) (MD 19-8)
120: Kaden Gage (EAGA) over Derek Edwards (HAST) (MD 12-4)
126: Adam McSorley (HAST) over Mike Murphy (EAGA) (Fall 2:44)
132: Riley White (EAGA) over Lynden Wilson (HAST) (Fall 0:58)
138: Xavier Rosenbloom (EAGA) over Mac Wilson (HAST) (MD 13-3)
145: Spencer Kopp (HAST) over Mohammed Ali (EAGA) (MD 16-3)
152: TJ Pottinger (HAST) over Nick Holt (EAGA) (Dec 4-3)
160: Alex Hauser (EAGA) over Kyle Erickson (HAST) (MD 9-1)
170: Austin Eichmann (HAST) over Alex Wick (EAGA) (TF 21-6 0:00)
182: Trey Rogers (HAST) over Ben Leiran (EAGA) (Fall 1:50)
195: Mark Vaith (HAST) over Roth Stricker (EAGA) (Fall 4:58)
220: Jackson Schichel (HAST) over Antwan McClenty (EAGA) (Dec 4-2)
285: Jacob Bacon (HAST) over Abdu Seef (EAGA) (Fall 0:23)

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