2016 Class AAA Section 4 Team Tournament

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High School Tournament Time Report High School Results

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Centennial 82 Irondale 0
106: Emily Shilson (Cent) over (IRON) (For.)
113: Zach Mulberry (Cent) over Jordan Kedrowski (IRON) (Fall 1:58)
120: Zach Spetzman (Cent) over Liam Odell (IRON) (Fall 1:16)
126: Aiston Degeest (Cent) over (IRON) (For.)
132: Jakob Bergeland (Cent) over Hunter Brown (IRON) (Fall 0:46)
138: Tyler Shilson (Cent) over Sean LaFleur (IRON) (Fall 1:57)
145: Mike Matheson (Cent) over Kevin Ihnen (IRON) (Fall 2:55)
152: Logan Breuning (Cent) over Kerry Czech (IRON) (Fall 2:56)
160: John Noll (Cent) over Jake Spencer (IRON) (Fall 1:53)
170: Wyatt Schmitz (Cent) over (IRON) (For.)
182: Justin Mohlin (Cent) over Kevin Henry (IRON) (Fall 0:33)
195: Jason Thorud (Cent) over Isaiah Baldwin (IRON) (Fall 1:18)
220: Luke Chuol (Cent) over Ty Cobb (IRON) (Fall 0:36)
285: Sam Byrd (Cent) over Abraham Dukuly (IRON) (MD 12-4)

Spring Lake Park/St. Anthony 28 White Bear Lake Area 27
106: JJ Andress (WBL) over (SLPS) (For.)
113: Tom Adair (WBL) over Strasser, Nik (SLPS) (Dec 8-6)
120: Nerhdahl, Joey (SLPS) over Tj Turinske (WBL) (MD 11-2)
126: Riley Altenburg (SLPS) over Kris Thury (WBL) (MD 12-2)
132: Pedro Bernal (SLPS) over Noah Kraemer (WBL) (MD 10-2)
138: Jacenko, Devin (SLPS) over Isiah Baker (WBL) (Dec 8-3)
145: Burque, Samson (SLPS) over Mitchell Woodcock (WBL) (Dec 7-2)
152: Chlebeck, Danny (SLPS) over Ethan Longhenry (WBL) (Fall 3:13)
160: Carlos Castro (WBL) over Schaffer Denno (SLPS) (Dec 7-0)
170: Jim Zinter (WBL) over Oveido, Josh (SLPS) (Dec 2-0)
182: Johnson, Desmond (SLPS) over Joe Dittel (WBL) (Dec 7-4)
195: Austin Davaney (WBL) over LaBelle, John (SLPS) (Fall 5:10)
220: Luke Parzyck (WBL) over Flores, Raghde (SLPS) (Dec 6-1)
285: Mike Williams (WBL) over Ibitoye, Emanuel (SLPS) (Dec 5-1)

Mounds View 58 Roseville Area 15
106: Garrett Wilson (MV) over (Rose) (For.)
113: Nick Dunagen (MV) over Jason Sobieck (Rose) (Fall 3:06)
120: Mitch Engebretson (MV) over (Rose) (For.)
126: Sam Bobick (MV) over Matt Toe (Rose) (Fall 1:04)
132: Kawar Paw (Rose) over Chase Dressel (MV) (Dec 6-3)
138: Tanner Day (MV) over Jose Urriola (Rose) (Fall 0:26)
145: Jack Graham (MV) over Peyton Nelson (Rose) (MD 10-2)
152: Mark McPherson (Rose) over Charles Dressel (MV) (Fall 1:54)
160: Tamir Beeler (Rose) over Joey O`Brien (MV) (Fall 1:26)
170: Benji Keillor (MV) over Thomas Schwertzer (Rose) (Fall 1:48)
182: Rowan Morgan (MV) over Tony Landucci (Rose) (Dec 6-1)
195: Daniel Van Oort (MV) over Erik Balderrama (Rose) (Fall 2:27)
220: James Hahn (MV) over Mamoud Hashish (Rose) (Dec 9-8)
285: Johnny Tereault (MV) over (Rose) (For.)

Stillwater Area 65 North 3
106: Ixtzul Aguliar (NSP) over Corrstian Riesselman (STW) (Dec 10-4)
113: Trey Kruse (STW) over Dillan Xiong (NSP) (Fall 1:04)
120: Jeffrey Robinson (STW) over Noah Hurley (NSP) (Inj. [time])
126: Jared Christian (STW) over Anson Waturuocha (NSP) (Fall 1:33)
132: Parker Estenson (STW) over Brendon Lee (NSP) (MD 15-1)
138: Ben Sweet (STW) over Joshua Hurley (NSP) (MD 9-1)
145: Josh Piechowski (STW) over Gene Hogate (NSP) (Fall 3:19)
152: Kevin Thole (STW) over Irving Sereno (NSP) (Dec 9-6)
160: Gavin Keogh (STW) over Louie Varland (NSP) (Dec 8-4)
170: A.J. Laudet (STW) over (NSP) (For.)
182: James Huntley (STW) over Fisayo Oduyemi (NSP) (Dec 5-2)
195: Conner Weiss (STW) over (NSP) (For.)
220: Kjell Sandstrom (STW) over (NSP) (For.)
285: Cris Bradley (STW) over Seth Jorgenson (NSP) (Fall 0:00)


Centennial 48 Spring Lake Park/St. Anthony 19
106: Emily Shilson (Cent) over (SLPS) (For.)
113: Nik Strasser (SLPS) over Zach Spetzman (Cent) (MD 11-2)
120: Joey Nerhdahl (SLPS) over Zach Mulberry (Cent) (TF 18-2 5:43)
126: Riley Altenburg (SLPS) over Aiston Degeest (Cent) (Dec 6-4)
132: Jakob Bergeland (Cent) over Pedro Bernal (SLPS) (Fall 0:41)
138: Tyler Shilson (Cent) over Devin Jacenko (SLPS) (Fall 1:40)
145: Mike Matheson (Cent) over Samson Burque (SLPS) (Dec 7-1)
152: Danny Chlebeck (SLPS) over Logan Breuning (Cent) (Dec 4-1)
160: John Noll (Cent) over Schaffer Denno (SLPS) (Fall 1:12)
170: Wyatt Schmitz (Cent) over Josh Oveido (SLPS) (Dec 4-2)
182: Desmond Johnson (SLPS) over Sam Orth (Cent) (TF 15-0 4)
195: Justin Mohlin (Cent) over John LaBelle (SLPS) (Fall 1:56)
220: Jason Thorud (Cent) over Raghde Flores (SLPS) (Fall 1:52)
285: Sam Byrd (Cent) over Emanuel Ibitoye (SLPS) (Fall 3:01)
(SLPS unsportsman like conduct -1)

Stillwater Area 41 Mounds View 25
106: Nick Dunagen (MV) over Quinn Schafer (STW) (Fall 2:54)
113: Trey Kruse (STW) over Brendan Dunagen (MV) (Fall 4:59)
120: Jeffrey Robinson (STW) over Mitch Engebretson (MV) (Fall 5:24)
126: Sam Bobick (MV) over Jared Christian (STW) (Fall 3:56)
132: Ayden McCloskey (MV) over Parker Estenson (STW) (Dec 7-3)
138: Tanner Day (MV) over Ben Sweet (STW) (MD 12-3)
145: Will Harter (STW) over Seth McDougall (MV) (Fall 1:45)
152: Kevin Thole (STW) over Jack Graham (MV) (Dec 6-5)
160: Gavin Keogh (STW) over Benji Keillor (MV) (Dec 9-6)
170: Rowan Morgan (MV) over A.J. Laudet (STW) (Fall 5:02)
182: James Huntley (STW) over Andrew Bjorklund (MV) (MD 13-5)
195: Conner Weiss (STW) over Daniel Van Oort (MV) (MD 12-4)
220: Kjell Sandstrom (STW) over Johnny Tereault (MV) (Dec 5-3)
285: Cris Bradley (STW) over James Hahn (MV) (Fall 0:55)


Centennial 46 Stillwater Area 27
106: Emily Shilson (Cent) over Quinn Schafer (STW) (Fall 3:57)
113: Trey Kruse (STW) over Jonah Hylton (Cent) (Fall 0:53)
120: Jeffrey Robinson (STW) over Zach Spetzman (Cent) (Fall 3:56)
126: Aiston Degeest (Cent) over Jared Christian (STW) (Fall 1:57)
132: Jakob Bergeland (Cent) over Parker Estenson (STW) (Fall 0:33)
138: Tyler Shilson (Cent) over Ben Sweet (STW) (MD 9-0)
145: Will Harter (STW) over Logan Breuning (Cent) (Fall 1:54)
152: Mike Matheson (Cent) over Kevin Thole (STW) (Dec 11-4)
160: Gavin Keogh (STW) over Wyatt Schmitz (Cent) (MD 13-1)
170: John Noll (Cent) over A.J. Laudet (STW) (Fall 3:14)
182: James Huntley (STW) over Sam Orth (Cent) (Fall 5:44)
195: Justin Mohlin (Cent) over Conner Weiss (STW) (Dec 5-1)
220: Deante Book (Cent) over Kjell Sandstrom (STW) (Fall 4:19)
285: Sam Byrd (Cent) over Cris Bradley (STW) (Fall 0:33)
(STW unsportsmanlike conduct -1.00)