2016 Class AAA Section 6 Team Tournament

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High School Tournament Time Report High School Results

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Edina 45 Minneapolis Southwest 35
106: Dylan Surprise (MISO) over (EDIN) (TF 19-2 4:49)
113: Kieran Porter (MISO) over (EDIN) (For.)
120: Andy Temple (MISO) over (EDIN) (For.)
126: James Allenburg (EDIN) over (MISO) (For.)
132: Paul Ready (EDIN) over Denys Karia (MISO) (Fall 1:23)
138: Graham Evavold (MISO) over Matthias Dewane (EDIN) (Fall 3:09)
145: Spencer Jarvey (EDIN) over Alex Backmeier (MISO) (Fall 1:27)
152: Colin Tate (EDIN) over Zac Fustgaard (MISO) (Dec 10-4)
160: Christian Porter (MISO) over (EDIN) (For.)
170: Evan Osborn (EDIN) over Joey Burns (MISO) (Fall 1:51)
182: Richard Kruse (MISO) over (EDIN) (For.)
195: Xander Idrogo-Lam (EDIN) over Noah Huntsiger (MISO) (Fall 1:46)
220: Thomas Jensen (EDIN) over (MISO) (For.)
285: Will Toomey (EDIN) over (MISO) (For.)


Minnetonka 57 Edina 24
106: Andrew Sanders (MTKA) over Hunter Mathwig (EDIN) (Fall 0:34)
113: Jake Finken (MTKA) over (EDIN) (For.)
120: Henry Bixler (MTKA) over (EDIN) (For.)
126: Logan Renninger (MTKA) over James Allenburg (EDIN) (Fall 1:13)
132: Boyd Mumbuwa (MTKA) over Paul Ready (EDIN) (Fall 3:18)
138: Matthias Dewane (EDIN) over Kyle Finken (MTKA) (Fall 3:40)
145: Maxwell Fuecker (MTKA) over Spencer Jarvey (EDIN) (Fall 1:40)
152: Colin Tate (EDIN) over Sam Fondeur (MTKA) (Fall 2:38)
160: Evan Osborn (EDIN) over Calvin Foote (MTKA) (Fall 5:21)
170: Logan Foote (MTKA) over (EDIN) (For.)
182: Nicholas Reader (MTKA) over (EDIN) (For.)
195: Logan Foote (MTKA) over Xander Idrogo-Lam (EDIN) (Fall 1:08)
220: John Obermiller (MTKA) over Thomas Jensen (EDIN) (Dec 6-2)
285: Will Toomey (EDIN) over James Johnson (MTKA) (Inj. [time])

Mound-Westonka 46 Minneapolis South 25
106: Bradford O`Connell (MW) over Micah Reff (MISO) (MD 10-2)
113: Aaron Cashman (MW) over Thomas Thell (MISO) (Fall 0:59)
120: Solomon Kassan (MISO) over Lance Munsterteiger (MW) (Fall 1:04)
126: Ben Schmalz (MW) over Wilson Zhina-Carpio (MISO) (Fall 0:32)
132: Neil Schmalz (MW) over Brian Avre (MISO) (Fall 0:49)
138: Lee Schmalz (MW) over Gene Banks (MISO) (Fall 3:20)
145: Dylan Smerillo (MW) over Kyle Evans (MISO) (Dec 7-5)
152: Conor Leech (MISO) over Noah Byers (MW) (MD 14-4)
160: Ryan Reid (MW) over Quinlan Woodberry (MISO) (Fall 1:51)
170: Sam Truen (MISO) over Bobby Kohman (MW) (Fall 1:37)
182: Bobby Sweet (MW) over Micah Janssens (MISO) (Dec 3-1)
195: Kai Hutchins (MISO) over Ian Rostis (MW) (Dec 6-1)
220: Joe Duffy (MW) over (MISO) (For.)
285: Ricardo Cortez (MISO) over Jarek Witzcek (MW) (Inj. [time])

Chaska 60 Minneapolis Washburn 15
106: Patrick Lockwood (Wash) over Pedro Velazquez (CHCH) (MD 14-4)
113: Randall Huesman (CHCH) over Khalid Ali (Wash) (Fall 3:20)
120: Adam Myhre (CHCH) over Matthew Beachy (Wash) (Fall 4:27)
126: Andrew Brkovich (CHCH) over (Wash) (For.)
132: Collin Olevson (CHCH) over Sage Rozycki (Wash) (Fall 3:09)
138: Logan Larsen (CHCH) over Ethan Kiehm (Wash) (Dec 7-6)
145: Isaac Loosbrock (CHCH) over Diamon Edmonds (Wash) (Fall 0:56)
152: Brenden Olevson (CHCH) over (Wash) (For.)
160: Sean Follega (Wash) over JON LAURENT (CHCH) (TF 16-1 0:00)
170: Marcus Placide (Wash) over Anders Severtson (CHCH) (Fall 3:28)
182: Jonny Zarnke (CHCH) over Ethan Foley (Wash) (Fall 0:44)
195: Andrew Hoffman (CHCH) over Yaogan Ametor (Wash) (Dec 7-5)
220: GRANT KRULL (CHCH) over (Wash) (For.)
285: Ethan Jackman (CHCH) over (Wash) (For.)

Eden Prairie 47 Hopkins 31
106: Azi Rankins (EDPR) over Eddie Heimer (HOPK) (TF 15-0 4:20)
113: Jahsa Rankins (EDPR) over Kong Her (HOPK) (Fall 1:12)
120: Jesse Sattler (HOPK) over Ethan Devore (EDPR) (Fall 0:25)
126: Nate Johnson (HOPK) over Jordan Todd (EDPR) (MD 18-6)
132: JJ Vaytia (EDPR) over Clifton Paterson (HOPK) (Fall 2:46)
138: Justin Craswell (EDPR) over (HOPK) (For.)
145: Xander Falkenstein (EDPR) over (HOPK) (For.)
152: Ben Matsui (EDPR) over (HOPK) (For.)
160: Ian Smith (HOPK) over Quentin Matsui (EDPR) (Fall 3:29)
170: Mitchel Bevins (HOPK) over John Carlson (EDPR) (Fall 0:36)
182: RJ Chakolis (HOPK) over Micheal Fabel (EDPR) (Dec 7-1)
195: Sam Horn (EDPR) over (HOPK) (For.)
220: Trevon Pettigrew (HOPK) over Guy Farmer (EDPR) (Fall 0:46)
285: Josh Reinke (EDPR) over (HOPK) (For.)


Minnetonka 45 Mound-Westonka 30
106: Aaron Cashman (MW) over Andrew Sanders (MTKA) (TF 16-0 6:00)
113: Jake Finken (MTKA) over Shane Stevenson (MW) (Fall 0:53)
120: Henry Bixler (MTKA) over Lance Munsterteiger (MW) (Fall 4:49)
126: Boyd Mumbuwa (MTKA) over Ben Schmalz (MW) (Fall 2:48)
132: Neil Schmalz (MW) over Logan Renninger (MTKA) (Dec 8-2)
138: Lee Schmalz (MW) over Kyle Finken (MTKA) (Fall 1:27)
145: Dylan Smerillo (MW) over Maxwell Fuecker (MTKA) (MD 16-4)
152: Noah Byers (MW) over Sam Fondeur (MTKA) (Fall 1:33)
160: Jake Mcgann (MTKA) over Kwin Retterath (MW) (Dec 7-3)
170: James Agan (MTKA) over Bobby Kohman (MW) (Def.)
182: Bobby Sweet (MW) over Nicholas Reader (MTKA) (Fall 1:52)
195: John Obermiller (MTKA) over Ian Rostis (MW) (Fall 1:31)
220: Logan Foote (MTKA) over Joe Duffy (MW) (Fall 3:09)
285: Aaron Moore (MTKA) over John Doe (MW) (For.)

Chaska 36 Eden Prairie 33
106: Azi Rankins (EDPR) over Pedro Velazquez (CHCH) (MD 15-2)
113: Jahsa Rankins (EDPR) over Adam Myhre (CHCH) (TF 16-0 0:00)
120: Ethan Devore (EDPR) over Randall Huesman (CHCH) (Fall 5:18)
126: Andrew Brkovich (CHCH) over Jordan Todd (EDPR) (Dec 6-2)
132: JJ Vaytia (EDPR) over Collin Olevson (CHCH) (Dec 7-4)
138: Logan Larsen (CHCH) over Justin Craswell (EDPR) (Fall 3:12)
145: Isaac Loosbrock (CHCH) over Xander Falkenstein (EDPR) (Fall 0:42)
152: Brenden Olevson (CHCH) over Caelen Edmonds (EDPR) (Fall 0:40)
160: Matthew Boyum (CHCH) over Ben Matsui (EDPR) (Fall 3:25)
170: Anders Severtson (CHCH) over Quentin Matsui (EDPR) (Dec 8-4)
182: Jonny Zarnke (CHCH) over Micheal Fabel (EDPR) (Fall 0:19)
195: Sam Horn (EDPR) over Andrew Hoffman (CHCH) (Dec 5-4)
220: Ben Westerberg (EDPR) over Levi Roth (CHCH) (Fall 0:14)
285: Josh Reinke (EDPR) over Ethan Jackman (CHCH) (Fall 1:04)


Minnetonka 37 Chaska 30
106: Andrew Sanders (MTKA) over Pedro Velazquez (CHCH) (Fall 3:30)
113: Jake Finken (MTKA) over Adam Myhre (CHCH) (Fall 0:46)
120: Henry Bixler (MTKA) over Randall Huesman (CHCH) (Dec 2-0)
126: Logan Renninger (MTKA) over Andrew Brkovich (CHCH) (MD 20-8)
132: Collin Olevson (CHCH) over Boyd Mumbuwa (MTKA) (Dec 8-3)
138: Logan Larsen (CHCH) over Kyle Finken (MTKA) (Fall 3:38)
145: Isaac Loosbrock (CHCH) over Maxwell Fuecker (MTKA) (Fall 4:51)
152: Brenden Olevson (CHCH) over Sam Fondeur (MTKA) (Fall 0:11)
160: Jake Mcgann (MTKA) over Anders Severtson (CHCH) (Dec 6-5)
170: Matthew Boyum (CHCH) over James Agan (MTKA) (Dec 10-6)
182: Jonny Zarnke (CHCH) over Nicholas Reader (MTKA) (Fall 0:37)
195: Logan Foote (MTKA) over Andrew Hoffman (CHCH) (Fall 3:04)
220: John Obermiller (MTKA) over Levi Roth (CHCH) (Dec 10-8)
285: Aaron Moore (MTKA) over COLE ROSENGREN (CHCH) (Fall 0:22)

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