2016 Class AAA Section 7 Team Tournament

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High School Tournament Time Report High School Results

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Champlin Park 45 Andover 33
106: Babineau, John (ANDO) over Dillon Osberg (CP) (MD 14-1)
113: Dylan Droegemueller (CP) over Morell, Michael (ANDO) (Fall 0:36)
120: Dalton Droegemueller (CP) over (ANDO) (For.)
126: Board, Gibson (ANDO) over (CP) (For.)
132: Lucca, Anthony (ANDO) over Joe McKinney (CP) (TF 17-0 0:00)
138: Seth Hogan (CP) over (ANDO) (For.)
145: Ryan Grant (ANDO) over (CP) (For.)
152: Louis Powell (CP) over (ANDO) (Dec 9-3)
160: Derek Pearson (ANDO) over (CP) (For.)
170: Dawson Schlegel (CP) over Riley Domeier (ANDO) (Fall 1:58)
182: Zac Steckman (ANDO) over (CP) (For.)
195: Cornelius Kollie (CP) over Austin Surgenor (ANDO) (Fall 1:05)
220: Tim Warren (CP) over (ANDO) (For.)
285: Matthew Mayer (CP) over Carson Groettum (ANDO) (Fall 1:10)


Anoka 82 Champlin Park 0
106: Riley Emery (ANOK) over (CP) (For.)
113: Colby Njos (ANOK) over (CP) (For.)
120: Scott Springer (ANOK) over Jack McManman (CP) (Fall 2:55)
126: Tyler Eischens (ANOK) over Joe McKinney (CP) (Fall 1:32)
132: Calvin Germinaro-Nahring (ANOK) over (CP) (For.)
138: Cole Eischens (ANOK) over (CP) (For.)
145: Jason Rollins (ANOK) over (CP) (For.)
152: Hunter DeLeon (ANOK) over Louis Powell (CP) (MD 17-4)
160: Billy Hayden (ANOK) over (CP) (For.)
170: Evan DeChene (ANOK) over Dawson Schlegel (CP) (Fall 3:24)
182: Dalton Miller (ANOK) over Cornelius Kollie (CP) (Fall 3:51)
195: Rodman, Jeremy (ANOK) over (CP) (For.)
220: Lathlop, Ben (ANOK) over (CP) (For.)
285: Jesse Heifort (ANOK) over (CP) (For.)

Forest Lake 31 Coon Rapids 30 – Criteria F
106: Will Larson (CORA) over Derrick Cardinal (FL) (MD 15-4)
113: Troy Pleski (FL) over Degris, Gabe (CORA) (MD 15-4)
120: Jason Delgado (FL) over Robin, Joe (CORA) (TF 19-1 0:00)
126: Grant Yearling (FL) over Madimba, Moses (CORA) (Fall 4:32)
132: Mathias Waskey (FL) over Wiser, David (CORA) (Dec 7-3)
138: Madimba, Freddy (CORA) over Ben Niemczyk (FL) (Fall 6:14)
145: Howe, Spencer (CORA) over Remy Brisbois (FL) (MD 11-3)
152: Bryant, Josh (CORA) over Tanner Wiese (FL) (Dec 4-3)
160: Grant Parish (FL) over Bothwell, Joey (CORA) (Fall 6:35)
170: Leo Janssen (FL) over Sheck, Jack (CORA) (Dec 4-3)
182: Nic Norem (FL) over Warner, Robert (CORA) (Dec 6-1)
195: Lovik, Hank (CORA) over Nolan Hunter (FL) (Dec 8-7)
220: Halseth, Nick (CORA) over David Jankowski (FL) (MD 12-1)
285: Partlow, Lucas (CORA) over (FL) (For.)

St. Francis 46 Elk River 30
106: Tanner Kunshier (SF) over Wyatt Schimmelman (ELRI) (Fall 1:03)
113: Zach Bonte (SF) over (ELRI) (For.)
120: Colten Pertucci (SF) over Ty Kovar (ELRI) (Fall 1:39)
126: Anthony Miester (ELRI) over Dylan Bigelbach (SF) (Fall 0:27)
132: Mitchell Wilson (SF) over Brandon Kidd (ELRI) (MD 12-4)
138: Ben Gibas (ELRI) over Mason Hall (SF) (Dec 6-3)
145: Kyle Ziemer (ELRI) over Luke Lipinski (SF) (Dec 7-2)
152: Sam Gibas (ELRI) over Anthony Hoglund (SF) (Fall 3:24)
160: Tony Struntz (SF) over Cullin Kruse (ELRI) (Fall 1:21)
170: Cole Kirpach (SF) over Arik Nordenstrom (ELRI) (Fall 3:01)
182: Casey Schilz (ELRI) over Eric Johnson (SF) (Fall 2:32)
195: timmy Wettenkamp (SF) over Jalon Nielson (ELRI) (Fall 1:50)
220: Brendan Simmonds (ELRI) over Kyle Lindrenfaus (SF) (Fall 1:49)
285: Levi Ross (SF) over Lafayette Bade (ELRI) (Fall 1:29)

Cambridge-Isanti 47 Blaine 28
106: Jordan Driscol (CAIS) over Chrystian Greseth Clendening (BLAI) (Dec 8-4)
113: Cody Neft (BLAI) over Nolan Hentges (CAIS) (Fall 1:15)
120: Cole Lafreniere (BLAI) over Casey Schlickenmeyer (CAIS) (Fall 3:11)
126: Tate Torgerson (CAIS) over Trae Janisch (BLAI) (Fall 1:46)
132: Monty Frederiksen (CAIS) over Trae Janisch (BLAI) (TF 16-1 4:59)
138: Jared Doty (CAIS) over Tim Janisch (BLAI) (Fall 4:00)
145: Carter Newman (BLAI) over Martin Puttbrese (CAIS) (MD 11-2)
152: Kaleb Bucks (CAIS) over Thomas Hintz (BLAI) (Fall 3:38)
160: Charlie Studer (BLAI) over Andrew Pauly (CAIS) (Fall 3:21)
170: Luke Rambow (CAIS) over Ethan Taylor (BLAI) (Dec 13-8)
182: Drake Frikken (CAIS) over Thomas Kittelson (BLAI) (Fall 4:00)
195: Jake Olson (CAIS) over Ibrahim Hakeem Sidibe (BLAI) (Fall 1:15)
220: Jett Serie (CAIS) over Ben Kytta (BLAI) (Fall 3:41)
285: Christopher Lachinski (BLAI) over Will Flemister (CAIS) (Fall 1:17)


Anoka 69 Forest Lake 0
106: Colby Njos (ANOK) over Derrick Cardinal (FL) (Fall 1:36)
113: Scott Springer (ANOK) over Troy Pleski (FL) (Dec 5-4)
120: Josh Schrodek (ANOK) over Jason Delgado (FL) (Dec 9-2)
126: Tyler Eischens (ANOK) over Grant Yearling (FL) (TF 19-2 0:00)
132: Calvin Germinaro-Nahring (ANOK) over Mathias Waskey (FL) (Fall 4:05)
138: Cole Eischens (ANOK) over Cleigh Moody (FL) (Fall 0:47)
145: Jason Rollins (ANOK) over Tanner Wiese (FL) (Fall 1:06)
152: Hunter DeLeon (ANOK) over Grant Parish (FL) (MD 16-5)
160: Billy Hayden (ANOK) over Jashon Adams (FL) (Dec 9-3)
170: Jackson Street (ANOK) over Leo Janssen (FL) (Fall 1:19)
182: Dalton Miller (ANOK) over Nic Norem (FL) (Dec 5-3)
195: Jeremy Rodman (ANOK) over Nolan Hunter (FL) (Fall 5:28)
220: Ben Lathlop (ANOK) over David Jankowski (FL) (Fall 0:00)
285: Jesse Heifort (ANOK) over (FL) (For.)

St. Francis 36 Cambridge-Isanti 31
106: Mike Wasche (SF) over Dalton Ball (CAIS) (Fall 3:19)
113: Zach Pogorelec (SF) over Jordan Driscol (CAIS) (Dec 8-2)
120: Casey Schlickenmeyer (CAIS) over Jake Ferguson (SF) (Fall 3:17)
126: Tate Torgerson (CAIS) over Dylan Bigelbach (SF) (TF 16-0 3:53)
132: Monty Frederiksen (CAIS) over Mitchell Wilson (SF) (Dec 7-2)
138: Mason Hall (SF) over Jared Doty (CAIS) (Dec 7-2)
145: Luke Lipinski (SF) over Martin Puttbrese (CAIS) (Dec 5-4)
152: Case Sharp (SF) over Kaleb Bucks (CAIS) (Dec 7-6)
160: Tony Struntz (SF) over Andrew Pauly (CAIS) (Fall 2:42)
170: Cole Kirpach (SF) over Luke Rambow (CAIS) (Fall 1:27)
182: Drake Frikken (CAIS) over timmy Wettenkamp (SF) (Fall 5:14)
195: Jake Olson (CAIS) over (SF) (For.)
220: Jett Serie (CAIS) over Kyle Lindenfelser (SF) (TF 19-2 5:40)
285: Levi Ross (SF) over Will Flemister (CAIS) (Fall 4:00)


Anoka 58 St. Francis 7
106: Colby Njos (ANOK) over Tanner Kunshier (STFR) (Dec 3-1)
113: Scott Springer (ANOK) over Zach Bonte (STFR) (MD 12-2)
120: Josh Schrodek (ANOK) over Colten Pertucci (STFR) (TF 16-0 0:00)
126: Tyler Eischens (ANOK) over Brandon Donovan (STFR) (Fall 0:24)
132: Calvin Germinaro-Nahring (ANOK) over Mitchell Wilson (STFR) (Dec 12-9)
138: Cole Eischens (ANOK) over Mason Hall (STFR) (TF 18-3 0:00)
145: Jason Rollins (ANOK) over Luke Lipinski (STFR) (Fall 3:11)
152: Hunter DeLeon (ANOK) over Anthony Hoglund (STFR) (TF 20-5 0:00)
160: Tony Struntz (STFR) over Billy Hayden (ANOK) (Dec 9-2)
170: Cole Kirpach (STFR) over Jackson Street (ANOK) (MD 10-0)
182: Dalton Miller (ANOK) over timmy Wettenkamp (STFR) (Dec 8-7)
195: Jeremy Rodman (ANOK) over Kyle Lindenfelser (STFR) (Fall 1:19)
220: Ben Lathlop (ANOK) over (STFR) (For.)
285: Jesse Heifort (ANOK) over Levi Ross (STFR) (Fall 1:16)

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