Bettendorf Midwest Shootout

Bettendorf Midwest Shootout
1. Johnston 252.0
2. Assumption 227.5
3. Waverly-Shell Rock 211.0
4. Bettendorf 177.0
5. Pleasant Valley 168.0
6. Waukee 157.5
7. Kearney 152.5
7. Oswego High School 152.5
9. Iowa City West 146.5
10. Antioch 134.0
11. Newton 114.5
12. Camanche 109.0
13. Benilde-St. Margaret’s 103.0
14. Burlington 83.5
15. Urbandale 81.0
16. Davenport West 75.0
17. Waterloo West 44.5

Results on TrackWrestling

106 Results
1st Place – Cade Devos of Waukee
2nd Place – Triston Zuniga of Benilde St. Margaret
3rd Place – Matthew Randone of Assumption
4th Place – Dylan Albrecht of Waverly-Shell Rock
5th Place – James Freitag of Kearney
6th Place – TJ Cole of Bettendorf
7th Place – Cade Moss of Johnston
8th Place – Hans vonRabenau of Iowa City West
9th Place – Michael Aguirre of Oswego High School
10th Place – Yashad Dufauchard of Waterloo West
11th Place – Nash Thomas of Urbandale
12th Place – Blake Cockerton of Newton
13th Place – Sam Schultz of Antioch
1st: Cade Devos (Waukee) 32-1, Fr. over Triston Zuniga (Benilde St. Margaret) 21-7, 8th. (TF-1.5 5:27 (19-3)).
3rd: Matthew Randone (Assumption) 23-7, Sr. over Dylan Albrecht (Waverly-Shell Rock) 24-14, Fr. (Fall 4:14).
5th: James Freitag (Kearney) 13-12, Fr. over TJ Cole (Bettendorf) 11-15, So. (Dec 11-8).
7th: Cade Moss (Johnston) 25-7, Fr. over Hans vonRabenau (Iowa City West) 12-17, So. (TF-1.5 2:37 (15-0)).
9th: Michael Aguirre (Oswego High School) 10-11, Jr. over Yashad Dufauchard (Waterloo West) 2-4, So. (Dec 8-3).
11th: Nash Thomas (Urbandale) 14-17, Jr. over Blake Cockerton (Newton) 15-16, Fr. (Fall 2:22).
13th: Sam Schultz (Antioch) 5-8, Fr. over () , . (Bye).
15th: () , . over () , . (Bye).

113 Results
1st Place – Kyle Biscoglia of Waukee
2nd Place – Derick Wyatt of Waverly-Shell Rock
3rd Place – Hunter Versteegh of Newton
4th Place – Jinlee Gunvalson of Benilde St. Margaret
5th Place – Luke Pradel of Oswego High School
6th Place – Jacob Felderman of Assumption
7th Place – Jake Gross of Antioch
8th Place – Clayton Singh of Kearney
9th Place – Blake Anderson of Johnston
10th Place – Eric Campie of Camanche
11th Place – Hunter Davis of Iowa City West
12th Place – Owen Towers of Urbandale
13th Place – Wyatte Shade of Davenport West
14th Place – Teme Larson of Waterloo West
15th Place – Tyler Simms of Bettendorf
1st: Kyle Biscoglia (Waukee) 36-0, So. over Derick Wyatt (Waverly-Shell Rock) 24-7, Sr. (Dec 8-1).
3rd: Hunter Versteegh (Newton) 26-8, Sr. over Jinlee Gunvalson (Benilde St. Margaret) 16-8, So. (Dec 6-2).
5th: Luke Pradel (Oswego High School) 22-10, Jr. over Jacob Felderman (Assumption) 18-14, Fr. (MD 9-0).
7th: Jake Gross (Antioch) 25-10, Sr. over Clayton Singh (Kearney) 20-10, So. (Inj. 0:00).
9th: Blake Anderson (Johnston) 12-9, Sr. over Eric Campie (Camanche) 15-14, Fr. (Dec 5-4).
11th: Hunter Davis (Iowa City West) 15-20, So. over Owen Towers (Urbandale) 13-12, Fr. (Fall 3:12).
13th: Wyatte Shade (Davenport West) 15-19, So. over Teme Larson (Waterloo West) 9-19, Fr. (Inj. 0:00).
15th: Tyler Simms (Bettendorf) 3-12, Fr. over () , . (Bye).

120 Results
1st Place – Jack Wagner of Bettendorf
2nd Place – Jacob Fenske of Assumption
3rd Place – Zach Price of Johnston
4th Place – Gannon Hughes of Oswego High School
5th Place – Bryson Hervol of Waverly-Shell Rock
6th Place – Mason Lockamy of Kearney
7th Place – Luke Stuart of Urbandale
8th Place – Ross Hull of Newton
9th Place – Anthony Vance of Davenport West
10th Place – George Wolfe of Benilde St. Margaret
11th Place – Miguel Paredes of Iowa City West
1st: Jack Wagner (Bettendorf) 12-0, Sr. over Jacob Fenske (Assumption) 20-5, Sr. (MD 14-6).
3rd: Zach Price (Johnston) 27-3, So. over Gannon Hughes (Oswego High School) 26-6, So. (Dec 8-5).
5th: Bryson Hervol (Waverly-Shell Rock) 19-14, Fr. over Mason Lockamy (Kearney) 13-14, So. (Dec 9-2).
7th: Luke Stuart (Urbandale) 16-13, So. over Ross Hull (Newton) 16-21, So. (Fall 0:13).
9th: Anthony Vance (Davenport West) 10-14, So. over George Wolfe (Benilde St. Margaret) 1-5, 7th. (Fall 2:59).
11th: Miguel Paredes (Iowa City West) 5-22, So. over () , . (Bye).
13th: () , . over () , . (Bye).
15th: () , . over () , . (Bye).

126 Results
1st Place – Nate Thoms of Camanche
2nd Place – Blake Huffmon of Oswego High School
3rd Place – Elliot Pohlmeyer of Johnston
4th Place – Will Jefferson of Bettendorf
5th Place – Forfeit Forfeit of Unattached
6th Place – Sean Casey of Assumption
6th Place – Matt Robertson of Pleasant Valley
7th Place – Mason Seifried of Waukee
8th Place – Dalton Rinnels of Waverly-Shell Rock
9th Place – Adam Banwell of Urbandale
10th Place – Nathan Harn of Kearney
11th Place – Dylan Lambert of Antioch
12th Place – Hank Hanson of Benilde St. Margaret
13th Place – Rudy Anderson of Davenport West
14th Place – Aren Sorensen of Newton
1st: Nate Thoms (Camanche) 27-3, Jr. over Blake Huffmon (Oswego High School) 24-11, Sr. (Dec 7-4).
3rd: Elliot Pohlmeyer (Johnston) 26-7, So. over Will Jefferson (Bettendorf) 25-10, Fr. (Dec 5-0).
5th: Matt Robertson (Pleasant Valley) 23-5, So. over Sean Casey (Assumption) 18-12, Jr. (DFF).
7th: Mason Seifried (Waukee) 15-16, Fr. over Dalton Rinnels (Waverly-Shell Rock) 6-9, Fr. (Dec 9-3).
9th: Adam Banwell (Urbandale) 8-10, So. over Nathan Harn (Kearney) 5-16, Jr. (Fall 1:17).
11th: Dylan Lambert (Antioch) 5-7, So. over Hank Hanson (Benilde St. Margaret) 3-10, So. (Fall 2:27).
13th: Rudy Anderson (Davenport West) 5-15, Jr. over Aren Sorensen (Newton) 8-29, Jr. (Fall 0:42).
15th: () , . over () , . (Bye).

132 Results
1st Place – Austin Yant of Waverly-Shell Rock
2nd Place – Brice Everson of Camanche
3rd Place – Ethan Ksiazek of Johnston
4th Place – Preston Terry of Burlington
5th Place – Allen Swanson of Oswego High School
6th Place – Zach Bigelbach of Benilde St. Margaret
7th Place – Mason Morris of Bettendorf
8th Place – Cole Peters of Newton
9th Place – Jackson Smith of Urbandale
10th Place – Cameren Happel of Waterloo West
11th Place – Dan Blocker of Waukee
12th Place – RJ Vazquez of Antioch
13th Place – Cody Harding of Kearney
14th Place – Logan Trumbull of Iowa City West
15th Place – Adam Laubenthal of Assumption
1st: Austin Yant (Waverly-Shell Rock) 26-5, Jr. over Brice Everson (Camanche) 27-1, Sr. (SV-1 7-5).
3rd: Ethan Ksiazek (Johnston) 20-2, Sr. over Preston Terry (Burlington) 29-7, Fr. (Dec 2-1).
5th: Allen Swanson (Oswego High School) 23-14, So. over Zach Bigelbach (Benilde St. Margaret) 14-12, Jr. (Fall 2:25).
7th: Mason Morris (Bettendorf) 20-11, So. over Cole Peters (Newton) 4-5, Sr. (Fall 5:21).
9th: Jackson Smith (Urbandale) 25-9, Jr. over Cameren Happel (Waterloo West) 9-7, Jr. (Fall 3:18).
11th: Dan Blocker (Waukee) 17-21, Jr. over RJ Vazquez (Antioch) 14-19, So. (Dec 2-1).
13th: Cody Harding (Kearney) 7-22, So. over Logan Trumbull (Iowa City West) 4-12, So. (Fall 0:39).
15th: Adam Laubenthal (Assumption) 4-19, Fr. over () , . (Bye).

138 Results
1st Place – Jackson Gallagher of Bettendorf
2nd Place – Nick Graham of Johnston
3rd Place – Nelson Brands of Iowa City West
4th Place – Anthony Zach of Waukee
5th Place – Collin Aebersold of Kearney
6th Place – Charlie Wolfe of Benilde St. Margaret
7th Place – Baylor Crigger of Camanche
8th Place – Michael Mayfield of Davenport West
9th Place – Colby Hervol of Waverly-Shell Rock
10th Place – Jacob McKnight of Waterloo West
11th Place – Hayden Friedrichsen of Urbandale
12th Place – Chandler Foss of Oswego High School
13th Place – Brody Johnson of Burlington
14th Place – Mike Volkmar of Antioch
15th Place – Parker Schuster of Newton
16th Place – Kirk Mommsen of Assumption
1st: Jackson Gallagher (Bettendorf) 31-2, Sr. over Nick Graham (Johnston) 22-5, Fr. (Dec 7-5).
3rd: Nelson Brands (Iowa City West) 37-2, So. over Anthony Zach (Waukee) 30-8, Fr. (Dec 7-0).
5th: Collin Aebersold (Kearney) 23-10, Jr. over Charlie Wolfe (Benilde St. Margaret) 17-7, Sr. (Dec 5-2).
7th: Baylor Crigger (Camanche) 27-3, Fr. over Michael Mayfield (Davenport West) 3-10, Jr. (Fall 2:45).
9th: Colby Hervol (Waverly-Shell Rock) 6-9, Fr. over Jacob McKnight (Waterloo West) 8-11, Jr. (Fall 3:26).
11th: Hayden Friedrichsen (Urbandale) 18-17, Fr. over Chandler Foss (Oswego High School) 7-22, Jr. (Fall 5:01).
13th: Brody Johnson (Burlington) 18-18, Jr. over Mike Volkmar (Antioch) 4-12, Fr. (Fall 1:17).
15th: Parker Schuster (Newton) 11-22, Sr. over Kirk Mommsen (Assumption) 18-10, Sr. (Inj. 0:00).

145 Results
1st Place – Spencer Nevills of Pleasant Valley
2nd Place – Alex Ksiazek of Johnston
3rd Place – John Behrens of Davenport West
4th Place – Stuart Schafer of Assumption
5th Place – Dalton Woodyard of Waverly-Shell Rock
6th Place – Ethan Locke of Kearney
7th Place – Brock Parker of Waukee
8th Place – Noah Everson of Camanche
9th Place – Logan Zibert of Newton
10th Place – Brennan Creelman of Burlington
11th Place – Jerimiah Reyes of Antioch
12th Place – Ben Bertell of Iowa City West
13th Place – Gary Mosley of Oswego High School
14th Place – JT Kramer of Urbandale
15th Place – Forfeit Forfeit of Unattached
16th Place – Jacob Oliver of Waterloo West
16th Place – Tony Thies of Benilde St. Margaret
1st: Spencer Nevills (Pleasant Valley) 33-0, Sr. over Alex Ksiazek (Johnston) 32-2, Sr. (Dec 7-1).
3rd: John Behrens (Davenport West) 27-7, Jr. over Stuart Schafer (Assumption) 7-3, Sr. (Dec 6-2).
5th: Dalton Woodyard (Waverly-Shell Rock) 26-15, So. over Ethan Locke (Kearney) 21-11, So. (Inj. 0:00).
7th: Brock Parker (Waukee) 19-11, So. over Noah Everson (Camanche) 21-10, Jr. (Inj. 5:19).
9th: Logan Zibert (Newton) 4-2, Jr. over Brennan Creelman (Burlington) 20-13, Jr. (Dec 7-0).
11th: Jerimiah Reyes (Antioch) 20-16, Sr. over Ben Bertell (Iowa City West) 14-14, Sr. (Dec 5-3).
13th: Gary Mosley (Oswego High School) 14-21, Jr. over JT Kramer (Urbandale) 1-11, Jr. (Fall 1:05).
15th: Jacob Oliver (Waterloo West) 7-19, So. over Tony Thies (Benilde St. Margaret) 8-16, Jr. (DFF).

152 Results
1st Place – Pat Schoenfelder of Antioch
2nd Place – Nick Johnson of Assumption
3rd Place – Christian Foote of Pleasant Valley
4th Place – Zack Wagenhoffer of Waverly-Shell Rock
5th Place – Collin Hushagen of Johnston
6th Place – Jovontay Burris of Waterloo West
7th Place – Bryce Tish of Newton
8th Place – Andrew Edens of Camanche
9th Place – Tyler Yoerger of Iowa City West
10th Place – Alex Blizzard of Bettendorf
11th Place – Zac Duncalf of Urbandale
12th Place – Adam Stilson of Waukee
13th Place – Tykell Gordon of Burlington
14th Place – Zeshaun Hubbard Baker of Davenport West
15th Place – Grant Gustafson of Benilde St. Margaret
16th Place – Brett Mordecai of Kearney
17th Place – Dan Majewski of Oswego High School
1st: Pat Schoenfelder (Antioch) 33-2, Jr. over Nick Johnson (Assumption) 25-5, Sr. (Dec 8-4).
3rd: Christian Foote (Pleasant Valley) 21-2, Sr. over Zack Wagenhoffer (Waverly-Shell Rock) 31-8, Jr. (Dec 9-4).
5th: Collin Hushagen (Johnston) 25-8, So. over Jovontay Burris (Waterloo West) 10-21, Jr. (Fall 0:47).
7th: Bryce Tish (Newton) 17-11, Sr. over Andrew Edens (Camanche) 23-8, So. (Inj. 0:00).
9th: Tyler Yoerger (Iowa City West) 14-16, Jr. over Alex Blizzard (Bettendorf) 8-11, Fr. (Dec 10-6).
11th: Zac Duncalf (Urbandale) 15-19, So. over Adam Stilson (Waukee) 17-5, Sr. (Dec 7-4).
13th: Tykell Gordon (Burlington) 10-19, So. over Zeshaun Hubbard Baker (Davenport West) 4-17, Jr. (MD 11-2).
15th: Grant Gustafson (Benilde St. Margaret) 4-16, Jr. over Brett Mordecai (Kearney) 14-15, Fr. (RULE).
17th: Dan Majewski (Oswego High School) 15-9, Jr. over () , . (Bye).
19th: () , . over () , . (Bye).
21st: () , . over () , . (Bye).
23rd: () , . over () , . (Bye).

160 Results
1st Place – Seth Walker of Waverly-Shell Rock
2nd Place – Austin Garcia of Johnston
3rd Place – Dan Risley of Oswego High School
4th Place – Ryan Loyd of Pleasant Valley
5th Place – Carter Rohweder of Iowa City West
6th Place – Alex Lopez of Bettendorf
7th Place – Joe Argo of Assumption
8th Place – Austin Lamm of Urbandale
9th Place – John Ramirez of Waterloo West
10th Place – Dylan Lewis of Kearney
11th Place – Tanner Petro of Newton
12th Place – Damian Wallace of Waukee
13th Place – Anthony Stock of Davenport West
14th Place – Henry Wolfe of Benilde St. Margaret
15th Place – Jimmy Zhang of Camanche
16th Place – Drew Porter of Antioch
1st: Seth Walker (Waverly-Shell Rock) 17-4, Sr. over Austin Garcia (Johnston) 30-4, Sr. (MD 11-2).
3rd: Dan Risley (Oswego High School) 25-12, Sr. over Ryan Loyd (Pleasant Valley) 25-10, Jr. (Dec 5-3).
5th: Carter Rohweder (Iowa City West) 27-12, Jr. over Alex Lopez (Bettendorf) 20-14, Jr. (MD 13-2).
7th: Joe Argo (Assumption) 27-4, Sr. over Austin Lamm (Urbandale) 14-8, Jr. (MD 12-2).
9th: John Ramirez (Waterloo West) 7-6, Sr. over Dylan Lewis (Kearney) 13-10, So. (SV-1 6-4).
11th: Tanner Petro (Newton) 8-7, Jr. over Damian Wallace (Waukee) 14-16, Jr. (Fall 1:03).
13th: Anthony Stock (Davenport West) 17-19, Jr. over Henry Wolfe (Benilde St. Margaret) 8-12, So. (Fall 4:35).
15th: Jimmy Zhang (Camanche) 14-16, Jr. over Drew Porter (Antioch) 1-17, So. (Fall 0:35).

170 Results
1st Place – Josh Torres of Oswego High School
2nd Place – Spencer Sherwood of Burlington
3rd Place – Julien Broderson of Assumption
4th Place – Drew Singbush of Johnston
5th Place – Trevor Byram of Waverly-Shell Rock
6th Place – Cody Rodebush of Waterloo West
7th Place – Steven Frandsen of Antioch
8th Place – Ashton Stumpf of Iowa City West
9th Place – Tristin Langmaid of Newton
10th Place – Devon Stock of Pleasant Valley
11th Place – Alex Rosas of Bettendorf
12th Place – Micah Manser of Kearney
1st: Josh Torres (Oswego High School) 32-4, Jr. over Spencer Sherwood (Burlington) 29-1, Jr. (Dec 5-4).
3rd: Julien Broderson (Assumption) 22-9, Fr. over Drew Singbush (Johnston) 19-12, Sr. (Dec 6-3).
5th: Trevor Byram (Waverly-Shell Rock) 24-12, Jr. over Cody Rodebush (Waterloo West) 9-12, Sr. (DQ).
7th: Steven Frandsen (Antioch) 11-13, Sr. over Ashton Stumpf (Iowa City West) 7-12, So. (Dec 10-8).
9th: Tristin Langmaid (Newton) 19-19, So. over Devon Stock (Pleasant Valley) 12-17, Sr. (Fall 5:55).
11th: Alex Rosas (Bettendorf) 1-4, Sr. over Micah Manser (Kearney) 6-15, Sr. (RULE).
13th: () , . over () , . (Bye).
15th: () , . over () , . (Bye).

182 Results
1st Place – Andrew Buckley of Kearney
2nd Place – David Carr of Pleasant Valley
3rd Place – Duncan Lee of Newton
4th Place – Ben Wilson of Johnston
5th Place – Mason Hartman of Burlington
6th Place – Nate Kelsay of Iowa City West
7th Place – Victor Aguirre of Oswego High School
8th Place – Kolby Snodgrass of Camanche
9th Place – Cody Pearson of Urbandale
10th Place – Dylan Meyer of Waterloo West
11th Place – Brandon Tessau of Waukee
12th Place – Peter Laubenthel of Assumption
13th Place – Nevin Goettsch of Davenport West
14th Place – Greg Kane of Antioch
15th Place – Dustin Dallman of Benilde St. Margaret
1st: Andrew Buckley (Kearney) 23-1, Sr. over David Carr (Pleasant Valley) 26-2, Sr. (Dec 7-0).
3rd: Duncan Lee (Newton) 35-4, Sr. over Ben Wilson (Johnston) 26-9, Sr. (Dec 6-2).
5th: Mason Hartman (Burlington) 23-13, So. over Nate Kelsay (Iowa City West) 28-10, Sr. (Dec 7-2).
7th: Victor Aguirre (Oswego High School) 18-15, Sr. over Kolby Snodgrass (Camanche) 17-14, So. (Dec 10-9).
9th: Cody Pearson (Urbandale) 10-7, Sr. over Dylan Meyer (Waterloo West) 11-16, Jr. (Fall 1:18).
11th: Brandon Tessau (Waukee) 13-13, So. over Peter Laubenthel (Assumption) 3-9, Jr. (Inj. 0:00).
13th: Nevin Goettsch (Davenport West) 9-23, Sr. over Greg Kane (Antioch) 2-11, Jr. (Fall 1:00).
15th: Dustin Dallman (Benilde St. Margaret) 5-10, So. over () , . (Bye).

195 Results
1st Place – Donovan Doyle of Iowa City West
2nd Place – George Bessette of Antioch
3rd Place – Chance Cary of Pleasant Valley
4th Place – Nathan McDonald of Waukee
5th Place – Zac Courtoise of Kearney
6th Place – Brock Timmons of Assumption
7th Place – Emin Okic of Johnston
8th Place – Chris Patricio of Bettendorf
9th Place – Sam Gerst of Waterloo West
10th Place – Jordan Henning of Newton
11th Place – Albert Miller of Oswego High School
12th Place – Layne Dean of Camanche
13th Place – Garrett Brooks of Davenport West
14th Place – Malik McClellon of Burlington
15th Place – Riley Steckelberg of Waverly-Shell Rock
16th Place – Michael Nemmers of Urbandale
17th Place – Braeden Fitzgerald of Benilde St. Margaret
1st: Donovan Doyle (Iowa City West) 38-1, Sr. over George Bessette (Antioch) 17-5, Jr. (Dec 1-0).
3rd: Chance Cary (Pleasant Valley) 29-4, Sr. over Nathan McDonald (Waukee) 19-18, So. (MD 9-0).
5th: Zac Courtoise (Kearney) 14-7, Sr. over Brock Timmons (Assumption) 15-16, Jr. (Fall 4:38).
7th: Emin Okic (Johnston) 19-16, Jr. over Chris Patricio (Bettendorf) 3-4, Sr. (Inj. 0:00).
9th: Sam Gerst (Waterloo West) 9-4, Jr. over Jordan Henning (Newton) 7-7, Sr. (Fall 4:13).
11th: Albert Miller (Oswego High School) 5-3, Jr. over Layne Dean (Camanche) 17-10, Sr. (Dec 2-1).
13th: Garrett Brooks (Davenport West) 10-18, Jr. over Malik McClellon (Burlington) 14-18, Sr. (Dec 7-2).
15th: Riley Steckelberg (Waverly-Shell Rock) 13-21, Sr. over Michael Nemmers (Urbandale) 7-14, Jr. (Inj. 0:00).
17th: Braeden Fitzgerald (Benilde St. Margaret) 2-5, So. over () , . (Bye).
19th: () , . over () , . (Bye).
21st: () , . over () , . (Bye).
23rd: () , . over () , . (Bye).

220 Results
1st Place – Noah Broderson of Assumption
2nd Place – Clayton Mordecai of Kearney
3rd Place – Jacob Eggleston of Waverly-Shell Rock
4th Place – Alex Newberg of Urbandale
5th Place – Guy Snow of Iowa City West
6th Place – Adam Burdock of Bettendorf
7th Place – Tyler Poggenpohl of Davenport West
8th Place – Jackson Villont of Burlington
9th Place – Alex Williams of Oswego High School
10th Place – Jordon Poe of Antioch
11th Place – Jacob Cooper of Johnston
12th Place – Daniel Calzadillas of Waterloo West
13th Place – Dallas McManus of Camanche
14th Place – Caleb Kite of Newton
15th Place – Ryan Allen of Waukee
16th Place – Alex Fischer of Benilde St. Margaret
1st: Noah Broderson (Assumption) 27-2, Jr. over Clayton Mordecai (Kearney) 23-8, Jr. (Fall 1:30).
3rd: Jacob Eggleston (Waverly-Shell Rock) 31-8, Jr. over Alex Newberg (Urbandale) 23-6, Sr. (Fall 3:15).
5th: Guy Snow (Iowa City West) 15-8, So. over Adam Burdock (Bettendorf) 13-20, Jr. (MD 12-2).
7th: Tyler Poggenpohl (Davenport West) 15-13, Sr. over Jackson Villont (Burlington) 12-14, Jr. (Fall 0:38).
9th: Alex Williams (Oswego High School) 8-18, Sr. over Jordon Poe (Antioch) 12-18, Jr. (UTB 3-2).
11th: Jacob Cooper (Johnston) 5-4, Sr. over Daniel Calzadillas (Waterloo West) 5-9, Sr. (Dec 3-2).
13th: Dallas McManus (Camanche) 5-8, So. over Caleb Kite (Newton) 9-14, Jr. (Fall 3:00).
15th: Ryan Allen (Waukee) 5-21, Jr. over Alex Fischer (Benilde St. Margaret) 3-11, So. (Fall 3:52).

285 Results
1st Place – Max Erpelding of Bettendorf
2nd Place – Jameer Anderson of Benilde St. Margaret
3rd Place – Xavier Sanchez of Antioch
4th Place – Jake Ryan of Johnston
5th Place – Hayden Heath of Davenport West
6th Place – Travis Bruns of Assumption
7th Place – Tamer Delati of Waukee
8th Place – Alex Miller of Newton
9th Place – Brady Bormann of Pleasant Valley
10th Place – Broc Garlow of Burlington
11th Place – Undel Hatchett of Iowa City West
12th Place – Jared Romero of Oswego High School
13th Place – Danny Alcott of Waterloo West
14th Place – Evan Kramer of Waverly-Shell Rock
15th Place – Jared Ernst of Camanche
1st: Max Erpelding (Bettendorf) 29-4, Sr. over Jameer Anderson (Benilde St. Margaret) 18-4, Sr. (Fall 3:43).
3rd: Xavier Sanchez (Antioch) 16-2, Fr. over Jake Ryan (Johnston) 25-6, So. (Fall 5:45).
5th: Hayden Heath (Davenport West) 23-12, Sr. over Travis Bruns (Assumption) 18-13, Sr. (Fall 2:45).
7th: Tamer Delati (Waukee) 14-19, Jr. over Alex Miller (Newton) 14-15, Jr. (Dec 3-1).
9th: Brady Bormann (Pleasant Valley) 19-12, Jr. over Broc Garlow (Burlington) 18-14, Jr. (Fall 4:00).
11th: Undel Hatchett (Iowa City West) 9-14, Sr. over Jared Romero (Oswego High School) 2-10, Jr. (Dec 4-0).
13th: Danny Alcott (Waterloo West) 7-18, Sr. over Evan Kramer (Waverly-Shell Rock) 7-17, Sr. (Fall 2:46).
15th: Jared Ernst (Camanche) 13-16, Sr. over () , . (Bye).