Not Your Normal, Everyday Routine

By Brian Jerzak

There are not too many high school wrestlers who have a weekend routine like Rogers’ Andrew Piehl. Piehl is one of the top 285 pound wrestlers in the state and like many successful wrestlers also is a solid football player who helped the Royals to back-to-back seven-win regular seasons. The last few years he has become active in the Greco and freestyle world and generated interest from Division I wrestling programs and Division II football programs.

For most 17-year olds, that is already a full schedule, but for an elite high school athlete, it is more of the norm. If it is not the football season, Piehl’s weekends are filled with wrestling practices, tournaments and one unique hobby that he and his dad picked up three years ago.

Piehl – who is The Guillotine’s number one ranked 285-pound wrestler in Class AAA – started wrestling at a young age.

“When I was in first grade my dad came home, and he had seen a sign on the side of the road for youth wrestling,” Piehl recalled. “He asked if I wanted to do it. Basketball wasn’t working out, and I wasn’t having any fun, so wrestling was something new to try.”

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