J Robinson: A Great Coach – An Even Better Person

By Dave Dean

“There are some folks who manage handling difficult issues by sticking to the principle of the matter. These are the people who often times won’t do what is right but what is politically expedient. Great people are focused on doing what is right. Doing the right thing and doing what is principled many times do not match up. When you are a leader, it is these moments and the decisions you make that will define you, your body of work, your life.” (Quoting J Robinson 1987)

I remember when J said this to me. It was after my first year with him. The lesson didn’t fully sink in with me until years later, until I was responsible for others and, in the dark of night, had to make a difficult decision, deviating from principle because the right thing did not match up. Sleepless nights, knowing what I had to do. Many people depending on how I was going to play my role. Continue reading at www.associatedwrestlingpress.com