Augello receives draw for first day of Olympic women’s freestyle on Wednesday

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil – The first U.S. women’s freestyle wrestler, Haley Augello (Lockport, Ill./New York AC) weighed in and received her first-round draw for the Olympic Games, which continue on Monday in Carioca 2 Arena.

Augello is in the top half of the bracket, in the first quarter-bracket. She opens against 2015 World bronze medalist Jessica Blaszka of the Netherlands.

“I have been really impressed with Haley and her focus and just staying on track and doing what she can to get ready for this. She doesn’t seem like she is wide-eyed. It is just another competition for her, although we all realize it has great meaning, but at the same time it is just another wrestling tournament. She has done a great job doing what she does, staying in her routines, staying with her processes and readying herself for competition,” said National Women’s Coach Terry Steiner. Continue reading at