Before You Take Off: Andy Bisek Reflects On His Career Prior To Rio

“The thing about Andy is that he’s kind of a quiet guy, but he pays attention to everything.” So says Patrick Smith, Minnesota Storm stablemate and friend of US Olympian Andy Bisek. I hadn’t wanted to bother Bisek this close to the Rio Games. Time is tight, he has a family, and plus, he was getting blitzed by every other media outlet in the country. At the same juncture, I couldn’t not have him here officially. It just did not feel correct to go on with all of this Olympic coverage without him being appropriately featured.

At any rate, I hadn’t talked with Andy since Beat the Streets and in that interim, he has been covered up and down by everyone else everywhere else. And because I refused to go ahead and ask the same trite questions as other outlets, I also wanted to make sure whatever I asked Bisek would let people catch a glimpse at why he stands out the way he does. The way Smith and I saw it, if you’re here reading about Andy, then you already know he’s a superbly talented athlete and Olympic medal contender. Belaboring that point after a while helps no one, making coming up with a direction that does Bisek the human, justice, the priority. Continue reading at