The Russian Summer

Often when a former high school coach reaches out with an opportunity, it’s an offer to work a camp and make a few bucks, or a request to come speak to the current team. Colin Carr may have assumed the same when his former high school coach contacted him earlier this year. Fortunately, he took the call.

“Basically, [he] hooked us up with the opportunity to train where all these amazing Russian athletes train,” said Carr.

Where these athletes train, in this instances at least, was Vladikavkaz, a city in extreme southwest Russia, just north of Georgia and tucked into the foothills of the Caucasus Mountains. As the story goes, Carr’s high school coach in Washington, Ill., connected with a coach originally from the Vladikavkaz area and together they developed a plan where some of the high school headman’s former athletes could visit over the summer and learn the finer points of freestyle wrestling from Russian athletes.

As exciting as the experience would be, the adventure began almost immediately once the group reached their destination. Continue reading at