OVERTIME, the long-awaited third book in the TO BE THE BEST series is now available.

This third story follows Nick Castle through the highs and lows of his senior wrestling season and, as with the first two books in the trilogy, contains a number of twists and turns to keep the reader guessing and eager to read “just one more chapter” before putting the book down. Nick’s coach, Sean MacCallister, is featured as well as he begins his new career 1,000 miles away but makes a point of keeping tabs on Nick’s season and doing whatever he can to fulfill his promise of coming back to see Nick wrestle at state.

to-be-the-best-booksWith Ron Castle graduated and gone, two characters who had smaller roles in REMATCH come back to be further developed and play larger roles. Tanner Nestor, the son of the South High School coach who came within an instant of pinning Nick plays a critical role while Chester Troftgruben, the chiseled returning state champion who throttled Nick at the Pre-Christmas tournament re-emerges as well. Also pertinent is the return of Nick’s junior high teammate Patron who was first introduced in the monthly TO BE THE BEST prequel series.

H. L. Hertel took five years after finishing REMATCH to get OVERTIME right and ensure that it lived up to the quality reputation of his first two books. It seems to be doing just that as 40% of test readers call it their favorite in the series while one of the first readers to order the book communicated to the publisher, “It is said that the mark of a great story is when the reader is sad to come to the end because there is no more. Definitely how I felt as I finished OVERTIME.”

The books are for wrestlers and anyone else who has ever dedicated themselves to pursuing their dream. Kindle, Nook and print versions are available from Amazon and Barnes and Nobel (use search criteria “Hertel To Be The Best”) while special deals are available at the series’ website at www.ToBeTheBestWrestling.com. Use the contact form on the site to get extra discounts for wrestling teams and schools.