Two of America’s Best Discuss the Reality of High-Level Competition

In wrestling, there has always been the belief that in many cases, matches are won before you ever step on the mat. It’s trite, but there is logic behind the adage. Certainly, intense yet appropriate preparation combined with an iron-will make a difference when the going gets predictably tough. Of course, there is a flipside to consider. Winning, especially at the highest reaches of the sport, comes with a price paid in full. Which is why the despair and confusion that comes with losing often seems so overwhelming, processing the ramifications can take an athlete to previously unknown depths they have never encountered. But sometimes, this bleakness is necessary. You need darkness to reveal the light.

Two of the United States’ best Greco Roman wrestlers, Andy Bisek (Minnesota Storm) and Joe Rau (Minnesota Storm) recently sat down to have a conversation centered around the imagined consequences of losing, the inevitable regret that follows, and the acceptance required to bring about tangible improvement. The purpose of this dialogue is to hopefully illustrate the various mental obstacles wrestlers face by providing real examples of situations which could be useful for athletes of all levels. Continue reading at