2016 UNI Open

2016 UNI Open Results. December 3rd at Cedar Falls, Iowa.

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Final Results

Open – 125
1st Place – Ethan Lizak of Minnesota
2nd Place – Travis Piotrowski of Illinois
3rd Place – Aaron Assad of Missouri
4th Place – Devin Schroder of Purdue
5th Place – Paul Bianchi of North Dakota State
6th Place – Kyle Larson of Iowa State
1st: Ethan Lizak (Minnesota) won by tech fall over Travis Piotrowski (Illinois) (TF 16-0)
3rd: Aaron Assad (Missouri) won by decision over Devin Schroder (Purdue) (Dec 6-0)
5th: Paul Bianchi (North Dakota State) won by major decision over Kyle Larson (Iowa State) (Maj 16-4)

Open – 133
1st Place – Jaydin Eierman of Missouri
2nd Place – Dylan Duncan of Illinois
3rd Place – John Erneste of Missouri
4th Place – Ian Parker of Iowa State
5th Place – Forfeit Forfeit of Unattached
6th Place – Sam Brancale of Minnesota
6th Place – Eduardo Penha of St Cloud State
1st: Jaydin Eierman (Missouri) won by decision over Dylan Duncan (Illinois) (Dec 6-3)
3rd: John Erneste (Missouri) won by fall over Ian Parker (Iowa State) (Fall 3:38)
5th: Eduardo Penha (St Cloud State) and Sam Brancale (Minnesota) (DFF)

Open – 141
1st Place – Thomas Thorn of Minnesota
2nd Place – Kanen Storr of Iowa State
3rd Place – Carter Happel of University of Iowa
4th Place – Zach Synon of Missouri
5th Place – Alex Butler of Missouri
6th Place – Jwan Britton of Michigan State
1st: Thomas Thorn (Minnesota) won by decision over Kanen Storr (Iowa State) (Dec 4-1)
3rd: Carter Happel (University of Iowa) won by decision over Zach Synon (Missouri) (Dec 5-2)
5th: Alex Butler (Missouri) won by medical forfeit over Jwan Britton (Michigan State) (MFF)

Open – 149
1st Place – Max Thomsen of Northern Iowa
2nd Place – Brock Ervin of Illinois
3rd Place – Gabriel Grahek of Wisconsin
4th Place – Zander Wick of Unattached
5th Place – Hunter Marko of Minnesota
6th Place – Blayne Briceno of Iowa State
1st: Max Thomsen (Northern Iowa) won by decision over Brock Ervin (Illinois) (Dec 3-1)
3rd: Gabriel Grahek (Wisconsin) won by fall over Zander Wick (Unattached) (Fall 1:04)
5th: Hunter Marko (Minnesota) won by injury default over Blayne Briceno (Iowa State) (Inj. 0:18)

Open – 157
1st Place – Joey Lavallee of Missouri
2nd Place – Luke Fortuna of Missouri
3rd Place – Evan Wick of Unattached
4th Place – Paden Moore of Northern Iowa
5th Place – Carson Brolsma of Minnesota
6th Place – Colten Carlson of South Dakota St.
1st: Joey Lavallee (Missouri) won by decision over Luke Fortuna (Missouri) (Dec 6-1)
3rd: Evan Wick (Unattached) won by decision over Paden Moore (Northern Iowa) (Dec 14-9)
5th: Carson Brolsma (Minnesota) won by tech fall over Colten Carlson (South Dakota St.) (TF 16-1)

Open – 165
1st Place – Isaiah Martinez of Illinois
2nd Place – Daniel Lewis of Missouri
3rd Place – Connor Flynn of Missouri
4th Place – Kaleb Young of University of Iowa
5th Place – Gabe Fogarty of St Cloud State
6th Place – Larry Early of Minnesota
1st: Isaiah Martinez (Illinois) won by decision over Daniel Lewis (Missouri) (Dec 7-4)
3rd: Connor Flynn (Missouri) won by decision over Kaleb Young (University of Iowa) (Dec 3-2)
5th: Gabe Fogarty (St Cloud State) won by medical forfeit over Larry Early (Minnesota) (MFF)

Open – 174
1st Place – Taylor Lujan of Northern Iowa
2nd Place – Zach Brunson of Illinois
3rd Place – Brandon Krone of Minnesota
4th Place – Canten Marriott of Missouri
5th Place – Clayton Jennissen of St Cloud State
6th Place – Xavier Montalvo of Illinois
1st: Taylor Lujan (Northern Iowa) won by decision over Zach Brunson (Illinois) (Dec 13-10)
3rd: Brandon Krone (Minnesota) won by decision over Canten Marriott (Missouri) (Dec 2-0)
5th: Clayton Jennissen (St Cloud State) won by forfeit over Xavier Montalvo (Illinois) (FF)

Open – 184
1st Place – Emory Parker of Illinois
2nd Place – Drew Foster of Northern Iowa
3rd Place – Jacob Holschlag of Northern Iowa
4th Place – Chris Pfarr of Minnesota
5th Place – Brady Ayers of South Dakota St.
6th Place – Darius Wright of Minnesota
1st: Emory Parker (Illinois) won by fall over Drew Foster (Northern Iowa) (Fall 5:41)
3rd: Jacob Holschlag (Northern Iowa) won by decision over Chris Pfarr (Minnesota) (Dec 6-4)
5th: Brady Ayers (South Dakota St.) won by decision over Darius Wright (Minnesota) (Dec 5-3)

Open – 197
1st Place – J`den Cox of Missouri
2nd Place – Tyler Hoffman of Northern Iowa
3rd Place – Vince Dietz of St Cloud State
4th Place – Joe Teague of Iowa State
5th Place – Nolan Funk of South Dakota St.
6th Place – Wes Kibler of Illinois
1st: J`den Cox (Missouri) won by fall over Tyler Hoffman (Northern Iowa) (Fall 5:19)
3rd: Vince Dietz (St Cloud State) won by major decision over Joe Teague (Iowa State) (Maj 8-0)
5th: Nolan Funk (South Dakota St.) won by decision over Wes Kibler (Illinois) (Dec 9-3)

Open – HWT
1st Place – Brooks Black of Illinois
2nd Place – Rylee Streifel of Minnesota
3rd Place – Austin Myers of Missouri
4th Place – Carter Isley of Northern Iowa
5th Place – Jacob Aven of Purdue
6th Place – James Romero of Missouri
1st: Brooks Black (Illinois) won by decision over Rylee Streifel (Minnesota) (Dec 6-1)
3rd: Austin Myers (Missouri) won by decision over Carter Isley (Northern Iowa) (Dec 6-0)
5th: Jacob Aven (Purdue) won by decision over James Romero (Missouri) (Dec 9-4)

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