2016 Viking-Warrior Open

2016 Viking-Warrior Open results. December 31st at Fremont, Neb.

Final Results

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OPEN – 125
1st Place – Mason Naifeh of Oklahoma City University
2nd Place – Brandon Carroll of Augustana
3rd Place – Hugo Perez of Midland University
4th Place – Brandon Kile of Chadron State
1st: Mason Naifeh (Oklahoma City University) won by major decision over Brandon Carroll (Augustana) (Maj 16-6)
3rd: Hugo Perez (Midland University) won by major decision over Brandon Kile (Chadron State ) (Maj 14-2)

OPEN – 133
1st Place – Bryce Shoemaker of Nebraska-Kearney
2nd Place – Taylor Summers of Chadron State
3rd Place – Brandon Charbonneau of Augustana
4th Place – Mike Rhone of St Cloud State
1st: Bryce Shoemaker (Nebraska-Kearney) won by decision over Taylor Summers (Chadron State ) (Dec 10-4)
3rd: Brandon Charbonneau (Augustana) won by decision over Mike Rhone (St Cloud State) (Dec 3-1)

OPEN – 141
1st Place – Jacob Wasser of Nebraska-Kearney
2nd Place – Jeff Bizzle of Nebraska-Kearney
3rd Place – Brock Thumm of Chadron State
4th Place – Michael Robles of Midland University
1st: Jacob Wasser (Nebraska-Kearney) won by decision over Jeff Bizzle (Nebraska-Kearney) (Dec 9-3)
3rd: Brock Thumm (Chadron State ) won in tie breaker – 1 over Michael Robles (Midland University) (TB-1 5-4)

OPEN – 149
1st Place – Scottie Bonds of Midland University
2nd Place – Jacob Anderson of Augustana
3rd Place – Derek Miller of Grandview
4th Place – Sean Glasgow of Chadron State
1st: Scottie Bonds (Midland University) won by decision over Jacob Anderson (Augustana) (Dec 9-7)
3rd: Derek Miller (Grandview) won by injury default over Sean Glasgow (Chadron State ) (Inj. 0:00)

OPEN – 157
1st Place – Destin McCauley of Nebraska-Kearney
2nd Place – Tyler Nation of Augustana
3rd Place – Seth Harrington of Nebraska-Kearney
4th Place – John Porter of Chadron State
1st: Destin McCauley (Nebraska-Kearney) won by major decision over Tyler Nation (Augustana) (Maj 11-1)
3rd: Seth Harrington (Nebraska-Kearney) won by decision over John Porter (Chadron State ) (Dec 7-2)

OPEN – 165
1st Place – Nickalas Babcock of Nebraska-Kearney
2nd Place – Regan Bye of Augustana
3rd Place – Bruce Lemon of Augustana
4th Place – Devin Fitzpatrick of St Cloud State
1st: Nickalas Babcock (Nebraska-Kearney) won by decision over Regan Bye (Augustana) (Dec 6-5)
3rd: Bruce Lemon (Augustana) won by decision over Devin Fitzpatrick (St Cloud State) (Dec 4-2)

OPEN – 174
1st Place – Calvin Ochs of Nebraska-Kearney
2nd Place – Joe Cornejo of Mud Dogs
3rd Place – Chance Helmick of Chadron State
4th Place – Dylan Blackford of Grandview
1st: Calvin Ochs (Nebraska-Kearney) won by decision over Joe Cornejo (Mud Dogs) (Dec 4-3)
3rd: Chance Helmick (Chadron State ) won by decision over Dylan Blackford (Grandview) (Dec 9-3)

OPEN – 184
1st Place – Aero Amo of Augustana
2nd Place – Willy Cogdill of Chadron State
3rd Place – Ethan Leighton of Grandview
4th Place – Gage Hartline of Midland University
1st: Aero Amo (Augustana) won by fall over Willy Cogdill (Chadron State ) (Fall 2:24)
3rd: Ethan Leighton (Grandview) won by fall over Gage Hartline (Midland University) (Fall 0:20)

OPEN – 197
1st Place – Clayton Wahlstrom of Augustana
2nd Place – Trey Schlender of Nebraska-Kearney
3rd Place – Ben Goodwin of Augustana
4th Place – Steven Gregory of Grandview
1st: Clayton Wahlstrom (Augustana) won by decision over Trey Schlender (Nebraska-Kearney) (Dec 8-2)
3rd: Ben Goodwin (Augustana) won by fall over Steven Gregory (Grandview) (Fall 2:37)

OPEN – 285
1st Place – Christian Lance of Ft Hays St
2nd Place – Kevin Barrett of Nebraska-Kearney
3rd Place – James Jones of Midland University
4th Place – Cooper Cogdill of Chadron State
1st: Christian Lance (Ft Hays St) won in sudden victory – 1 over Kevin Barrett (Nebraska-Kearney) (SV-1 3-1)
3rd: James Jones (Midland University) won by decision over Cooper Cogdill (Chadron State ) (Dec 6-4)

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