Minnesota Freestylers Going after Greco National Titles

“Wrestling is Wrestling.” Something often said, especially amongst wrestlers in the Minnesota wrestling community. Growing up in Minnesota, it is common for the top middle school and high school wrestlers to wrestle all styles.

The success of the Minnesota Storm senior level program is an extension of the opportunities that exist for youth wrestlers to compete in freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling throughout the state. Years of instruction have led to a tradition of excellence in international competition for Minnesota’s best wrestlers. Many of whom continue to give back to the younger generations, providing them with high-level instruction and training.

The “Minnesota gut” has become synonymous with the Minnesota Storm. It has become a trademark of Minnesota, being implemented not only as a fun chant, but also a technically sound maneuver that’s taught at all levels. A driving force behind this success and tradition comes from none other than head Minnesota Storm coach, Dan Chandler. Continue reading at www.mtcstorm.com