2017 Class AA Section 6 Individual Tournament

Events subject to change. Check local schedules to verify dates, times, and locations.

High School Tournament Time

February 24-25, 2017 at St. Cloud State Halenbeck Hall (4:30 pm/11:00 am) – map

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106 Results
1st Place – Nathan Garceau of Foley
2nd Place – Jerry Simes of Litchfield
3rd Place – Jake Nelson of Becker
4th Place – Joe Montplaisir of Zimmerman
5th Place – Rocco Visci of Big Lake
6th Place – Noah Halonen of Dassel-Cokato
8th Place – Clete Scherer of Delano
8th Place – Dustin Schmitt of Albany
1st: Nathan Garceau (Foley) 20-1, Jr. over Jerry Simes (Litchfield) 22-13, 8th. (Dec 5-1).
2nd Place Wrestleback
Jerry Simes (Litchfield) 22-13, 8th. over Jake Nelson (Becker) 28-5, Fr. (RULE).
3rd: Jake Nelson (Becker) 28-5, Fr. over Joe Montplaisir (Zimmerman) 26-9, 8th. (Dec 5-3).
5th: Rocco Visci (Big Lake) 25-5, 8th. over Noah Halonen (Dassel-Cokato) 23-15, Fr. (MD 15-6).

113 Results
1st Place – Carson Tschudi of Delano
2nd Place – Dylan Young of Foley
3rd Place – Evan Carr of Zimmerman
4th Place – Lukas Paulson of Becker
5th Place – Cade Sixberry of Big Lake
6th Place – Nelson Anderson of Monticello
8th Place – Jude Link of Dassel-Cokato
8th Place – Cade Illg of St Cloud Apollo
1st: Carson Tschudi (Delano) 32-6, 8th. over Dylan Young (Foley) 25-8, Sr. (Dec 10-3).
2nd Place Wrestleback
Dylan Young (Foley) 25-8, Sr. over Evan Carr (Zimmerman) 24-10, Sr. (Fall 2:31).
3rd: Evan Carr (Zimmerman) 24-10, Sr. over Lukas Paulson (Becker) 18-7, 8th. (Dec 11-5).
5th: Cade Sixberry (Big Lake) 12-13, Fr. over Nelson Anderson (Monticello) 7-12, 7th. (Fall 3:34).

120 Results
1st Place – Tanner Kroells of Delano
2nd Place – Afton Kaping of Litchfield
3rd Place – Ryan Dunlap of Foley
4th Place – Vince Dailey of Big Lake
5th Place – Quinn Clapper of Albany
6th Place – Caden Dewall of Becker
8th Place – Jack Klug of Annand M Lk Lightning
8th Place – Joeseph Gardas of Zimmerman
1st: Tanner Kroells (Delano) 38-3, So. over Afton Kaping (Litchfield) 37-4, Jr. (Dec 8-6).
2nd Place Wrestleback
Afton Kaping (Litchfield) 37-4, Jr. over Ryan Dunlap (Foley) 22-12, Sr. (RULE).
3rd: Ryan Dunlap (Foley) 22-12, Sr. over Vince Dailey (Big Lake) 20-12, 8th. (Dec 7-1).
5th: Quinn Clapper (Albany) 13-16, So. over Caden Dewall (Becker) 3-5, 8th. (Dec 6-2).

126 Results
1st Place – Ezra Kaping of Litchfield
2nd Place – Quinn Youngs of Annand M Lk Lightning
3rd Place – Cameron Kowitz of Foley
4th Place – Josh Lumley of Becker
5th Place – Carter Michels of Monticello
6th Place – Javier Solis of Albany
7th Place – Brett Kayfes of St Cloud Apollo
1st: Ezra Kaping (Litchfield) 36-6, Jr. over Quinn Youngs (Annand M Lk Lightning) 34-7, Jr. (Dec 4-2).
2nd Place Wrestleback
Quinn Youngs (Annand M Lk Lightning) 34-7, Jr. over Cameron Kowitz (Foley) 24-13, Jr. (RULE).
3rd: Cameron Kowitz (Foley) 24-13, Jr. over Josh Lumley (Becker) 13-7, Sr. (Dec 7-3).
5th: Carter Michels (Monticello) 16-22, Sr. over Javier Solis (Albany) 5-23, Jr. (Fall 2:04).

132 Results
1st Place – Tucker Sjomeling of Delano
2nd Place – Sam Tibbits of Litchfield
3rd Place – Heath Foster of Big Lake
4th Place – Dominick Braun of Annand M Lk Lightning
5th Place – John Dierkes of Foley
6th Place – Blake Paulson of Becker
8th Place – Alec Smieja of Monticello
8th Place – Ashton Brandner of St Cloud Apollo
1st: Tucker Sjomeling (Delano) 38-1, Sr. over Sam Tibbits (Litchfield) 36-7, Sr. (UTB 4-2).
2nd Place Wrestleback
Sam Tibbits (Litchfield) 36-7, Sr. over Heath Foster (Big Lake) 24-12, Sr. (Fall 1:30).
3rd: Heath Foster (Big Lake) 24-12, Sr. over Dominick Braun (Annand M Lk Lightning) 26-15, Sr. (Dec 9-2).
5th: John Dierkes (Foley) 25-17, Jr. over Blake Paulson (Becker) 18-15, Jr. (Dec 6-3).

138 Results
1st Place – Carsten Scherber of Monticello
2nd Place – Brody Schmidt of Dassel-Cokato
3rd Place – Michael Rothfork of Foley
4th Place – Hunter Manka of Annand M Lk Lightning
5th Place – Colten Demant of Becker
6th Place – Andrew Loch of Litchfield
8th Place – Ethan Quast of Delano
8th Place – Ben Morris of Big Lake
1st: Carsten Scherber (Monticello) 29-10, Jr. over Brody Schmidt (Dassel-Cokato) 24-11, Sr. (Dec 7-4).
2nd Place Wrestleback
Brody Schmidt (Dassel-Cokato) 24-11, Sr. over Michael Rothfork (Foley) 21-11, Fr. (RULE).
3rd: Michael Rothfork (Foley) 21-11, Fr. over Hunter Manka (Annand M Lk Lightning) 23-10, Jr. (MD 12-4).
5th: Colten Demant (Becker) 27-13, Sr. over Andrew Loch (Litchfield) 23-16, Jr. (Dec 7-5).

145 Results
1st Place – Peter Nelson of St Cloud Apollo
2nd Place – Logan Nelson of Litchfield
3rd Place – Adam Bauman of Becker
4th Place – Caleb Juhl of Big Lake
5th Place – Connor Thorsten of Foley
6th Place – Camden Tschudi of Delano
8th Place – Adam Neumann of Annand M Lk Lightning
8th Place – Logan Wenzel of Albany
1st: Peter Nelson (St Cloud Apollo) 26-2, Sr. over Logan Nelson (Litchfield) 37-6, So. (Dec 3-1).
2nd Place Wrestleback
Logan Nelson (Litchfield) 37-6, So. over Adam Bauman (Becker) 22-12, Sr. (Dec 8-5).
3rd: Adam Bauman (Becker) 22-12, Sr. over Caleb Juhl (Big Lake) 26-9, Sr. (Dec 11-10).
5th: Connor Thorsten (Foley) 16-11, Fr. over Camden Tschudi (Delano) 23-18, Jr. (Dec 3-0).

152 Results
1st Place – Noah Lefebvre of Foley
2nd Place – Alex Pachan of St Cloud Apollo
3rd Place – Mikey James of Becker
4th Place – Joe Morris of Big Lake
5th Place – Logan Kittleson of Albany
6th Place – Walker Weege of Annand M Lk Lightning
8th Place – Benjamin Schnellman of Zimmerman
8th Place – Joe Soucy of Monticello
1st: Noah Lefebvre (Foley) 32-5, Sr. over Alex Pachan (St Cloud Apollo) 17-8, Sr. (Dec 6-2).
2nd Place Wrestleback
Alex Pachan (St Cloud Apollo) 17-8, Sr. over Mikey James (Becker) 21-12, So. (Dec 6-0).
3rd: Mikey James (Becker) 21-12, So. over Joe Morris (Big Lake) 24-16, Jr. (Dec 2-1).
5th: Logan Kittleson (Albany) 16-18, Jr. over Walker Weege (Annand M Lk Lightning) 17-9, Jr. (Inj. 1:00).

160 Results
1st Place – Nate Carlson of Annand M Lk Lightning
2nd Place – Gaven Gillman of Dassel-Cokato
3rd Place – Simon Bryce of Foley
4th Place – Charlie Gellerman of Big Lake
5th Place – Brett Kirchner of St Cloud Apollo
6th Place – Austin Olmscheid of Albany
8th Place – Dylan Madsen of Litchfield
8th Place – Brandon Gaber of Monticello
1st: Nate Carlson (Annand M Lk Lightning) 30-3, Sr. over Gaven Gillman (Dassel-Cokato) 32-3, Sr. (Dec 6-4).
2nd Place Wrestleback
Gaven Gillman (Dassel-Cokato) 32-3, Sr. over Simon Bryce (Foley) 31-13, Jr. (Dec 10-8).
3rd: Simon Bryce (Foley) 31-13, Jr. over Charlie Gellerman (Big Lake) 28-10, So. (TF-1.5 3:50 (16-1)).
5th: Brett Kirchner (St Cloud Apollo) 28-11, Jr. over Austin Olmscheid (Albany) 16-19, Jr. (Dec 6-0).

170 Results
1st Place – Trae Bedford of Annand M Lk Lightning
2nd Place – Kal Jackman of Litchfield
3rd Place – Aidan Schiltz of St Cloud Apollo
4th Place – Driston Schyma of Foley
5th Place – Jacob Schmitz of Dassel-Cokato
6th Place – Kyle Nathan of Monticello
8th Place – Kaleb Kliever of Zimmerman
8th Place – Brayden Weber of Becker
1st: Trae Bedford (Annand M Lk Lightning) 20-1, Sr. over Kal Jackman (Litchfield) 32-11, Jr. (Fall 3:32).
2nd Place Wrestleback
Kal Jackman (Litchfield) 32-11, Jr. over Aidan Schiltz (St Cloud Apollo) 35-8, Sr. (Fall 1:23).
3rd: Aidan Schiltz (St Cloud Apollo) 35-8, Sr. over Driston Schyma (Foley) 20-10, Sr. (Dec 5-2).
5th: Jacob Schmitz (Dassel-Cokato) 23-10, So. over Kyle Nathan (Monticello) 23-11, Sr. (Dec 14-7).

182 Results
1st Place – Gabe Zierden of Albany
2nd Place – Jaylin Hildebrandt of Becker
3rd Place – Justin Robinson of Zimmerman
4th Place – Reed Rasset of Annand M Lk Lightning
5th Place – Samson Streachek of Delano
6th Place – Jesse Midas of Monticello
8th Place – Logan Wagner of Litchfield
8th Place – Chris Hance of St Cloud Apollo
1st: Gabe Zierden (Albany) 22-0, So. over Jaylin Hildebrandt (Becker) 26-8, Sr. (Dec 9-6).
2nd Place Wrestleback
Jaylin Hildebrandt (Becker) 26-8, Sr. over Justin Robinson (Zimmerman) 34-2, Jr. (RULE).
3rd: Justin Robinson (Zimmerman) 34-2, Jr. over Reed Rasset (Annand M Lk Lightning) 10-6, Jr. (Dec 8-7).
5th: Samson Streachek (Delano) 16-17, So. over Jesse Midas (Monticello) 12-14, Fr. (Dec 4-2).

195 Results
1st Place – Saylor Schmit of Foley
2nd Place – Matt Baloun of Monticello
3rd Place – Tristan Revering of Litchfield
4th Place – Edward Hajas of Delano
5th Place – Mitchell Bergstrom of Annand M Lk Lightning
6th Place – Steven Lloyd of Big Lake
8th Place – Nick Goth of Becker
8th Place – Nick Gill of St Cloud Apollo
1st: Saylor Schmit (Foley) 38-2, Jr. over Matt Baloun (Monticello) 27-12, Sr. (Fall 4:45).
2nd Place Wrestleback
Matt Baloun (Monticello) 27-12, Sr. over Tristan Revering (Litchfield) 23-5, Sr. (RULE).
3rd: Tristan Revering (Litchfield) 23-5, Sr. over Edward Hajas (Delano) 19-20, Fr. (Dec 4-1).
5th: Mitchell Bergstrom (Annand M Lk Lightning) 19-14, Jr. over Steven Lloyd (Big Lake) 17-16, Jr. (Fall 4:46).

220 Results
1st Place – Steven Hajas of Delano
2nd Place – Bryce Murphy of Big Lake
3rd Place – Tyson Gothman of Foley
4th Place – Joe Driscoll of Annand M Lk Lightning
5th Place – Blake Snyder of Dassel-Cokato
6th Place – Wyatt Mergen of Albany
8th Place – Sam Mohr of Litchfield
8th Place – Scott Braun of Becker
1st: Steven Hajas (Delano) 35-5, Jr. over Bryce Murphy (Big Lake) 32-9, Sr. (Dec 8-1).
2nd Place Wrestleback
Bryce Murphy (Big Lake) 32-9, Sr. over Tyson Gothman (Foley) 15-7, Jr. (Dec 6-2).
3rd: Tyson Gothman (Foley) 15-7, Jr. over Joe Driscoll (Annand M Lk Lightning) 25-10, Sr. (Fall 2:59).
5th: Blake Snyder (Dassel-Cokato) 11-15, Jr. over Wyatt Mergen (Albany) 20-14, So. (Inj. 1:00).

285 Results
1st Place – Mitch Trigg of Foley
2nd Place – Walker Russek of Delano
3rd Place – Chase Liestman of Litchfield
4th Place – Marvin Stang of Albany
5th Place – Nick Radunz of Becker
6th Place – Johnny Goodin of Dassel-Cokato
8th Place – Cole Patch of Annand M Lk Lightning
8th Place – Jackson Gardner of Big Lake
1st: Mitch Trigg (Foley) 38-3, Jr. over Walker Russek (Delano) 29-7, Sr. (TB-1 2-1).
2nd Place Wrestleback
Walker Russek (Delano) 29-7, Sr. over Chase Liestman (Litchfield) 32-8, So. (RULE).
3rd: Chase Liestman (Litchfield) 32-8, So. over Marvin Stang (Albany) 23-5, Jr. (Dec 10-6).
5th: Nick Radunz (Becker) 23-14, Jr. over Johnny Goodin (Dassel-Cokato) 10-7, Sr. (Fall 5:00).

Section 6AA Individual Awards. Photos by Mary Christen.


106 pounds
Nathan Garceau (FOL) Dec. Joe Montplaisir (ZIM) 6-0
Jerry Simes (LIT) Dec. Jake Nelson (BEC) 3-2

113 pounds
Carson Tschudi (DEL) Maj. Dec. Evan Carr (ZIM) 12-3
Dylan Young (FOL) Dec. Lukas Paulson (BEC) 11-10

120 pounds
Tanner Kroells (DEL) Maj. dec. Vince Dailey (BL) 11-0
Afton Kaping (LIT) Fall Ryan Dunlap (FOL) 2:26

126 pounds
Ezra Kaping (LIT) Dec. Josh Lumley (BEC) 5-2
Quinn Young (AN/ML) Dec. Cameron Kowitz (FOL) 4-2

132 pounds
Tucker Sjomeling (DEL) Fall Heath Foster (BL) 1:28
Sam Tibbits (LIT) Dec. John Dierkes (FOL) 7-1

138 pounds
Brody Schmidt (DC) Dec. Michael Rothfork (FOL) 8-5
Carsten Scherber (MONT) Dec. Andrew Loch (LIT) 7-2

145 pounds
Peter Nelson (SCA) Fall Adam Bauman (BEC) 2:53
Logan Nelson (LIT) Maj. Dec. Caleb Juhl (BL) 9-1

152 pounds
Noah Lefebvre (FOL) Maj. Dec. Mikey James (BEC) 9-1
Alex Pachan (SCA) Dec. Walker Weege (AN/ML) 7-1

160 pounds
Gaven Gillman (DC) Maj. Dec. Charlie Gellerman (BL) 13-5
Nate Carlson (AN/ML) Dec. Simon Bryce (FOL) 9-3

170 pounds
Trae Bedford (AN/ML) Maj. Dec. Jacob Schmitz (DC) 12-1
Kal Jackman (LIT) Dec. Kyle Nathan (MONT) 10-3

182 pounds
Gabe Zierden (ALB) Dec. Reed Rasset (AN/ML) 4-0
Jaylin Hildebrandt (BEC) Dec. Justin Robinson (ZIM) 10-7

195 pounds
Saylor Schmit (FOL) Tech. Fall Mitchell Bergstrom (AN/ML) 4:28
Matt Baloun (MONT) Fall Tristan Revering (LIT) :47

220 pounds
Steven Hajas (DEL) Maj. Dec. Tyson Gothman (FOL) 10-1
Bryce Murphy (BL) Dec. Joe Driscoll (AN/ML) 4-3

285 pounds
Mitch Trigg (FOL) Fall Marvin Stang (ALB) 3:06
Walker Russek (DEL) Dec. Chase Liestman (LIT) 5-1 OT


106 pounds
Nathan Garceau (FOL) Dec. Dustin Schmitt (ALB) 1-0
Joe Montplaisir (ZIM) Dec. Rocco Visci (BL) 6-5
Jake Nelson (BEC) Dec. Clete Scherer (DEL) 7-0
Jerry Simes (LIT) Fall Noah Halonen (DC) 3:36

113 pounds
Carson Tschudi (DEL) Fall Code Illg (SCA) 1:50
Evan Carr (ZIM) Fall Nelson Anderson (MONT) 3:15
Lukas Paulson (BEC) Fall Will Mergen (ALB) 2:29
Dylan Young (FOL) Fall Jude Link (DC) 1:14

120 pounds
Tanner Kroells (DEL) Fall Ben Zobel (DC) :27
Vince Dailey (BL) Fall Jake Klug (AN/ML) 4:36
Ryan Dunlap (FOL) Fall Joseph Gardas (ZIM) 1:36
Afton Kaping (LIT) Fall Quinn Clapper (ALB) 2:00

126 pounds
Ezra Kaping (LIT) Fall Brett Kayfes (SCA) :58
Josh Lumley (BEC) Fall Javier Solis (ALB) 3:04
Quinn Youngs (AN/ML) Dec. Carter Michels (MONT) 8-2
Cameron Kowitz (FOL) Bye

132 pounds
Tucker Sjomeling (DEL) Fall Alex Smieja (MONT) 1:26
Heath Foster (BL) Dec Dominick Braun (AN/ML) 4-0
John Dierkes (FOL) Dec. Blake Paulson (BEC) 2-0
Sam Tibbits (LIT) Fall Ashton Brandner (SCA) 1:26

138 pounds
Michel Rothfork (FOL) Dec. Hunter Manka (AN/ML) 8-1
Brody Schmidt (DC) Dec. Ben Morris (BL) 5-4
Carsten Scherber (MONT) Dec. Colten Demant (BEC) 9-2
Andrew Loch (LIT) Fall Ethan Quast (DEL) 7:00 OT

145 pounds
Peter Nelson (SCA) Tech. Fall Logan Wenzel (ALB) 5:09
Adam Bauman (BEC) Dec. Camden Tschudi (DEL) 8-3
Caleb Juhl (BL) Dec. Adam Neumann (AN/ML) 9-3
Logan Nelson (LIT) Fall Connor Thorsten (FOL) 4:46

152 pounds
Noah Lefebvre (FOL) Fall Joe Soucy (MONT) 1:40
Mike James (BEC) Dec. Joe Morris (BL) 6-0
Walker Weege (AN/ML) Dec. Logan Kitttleson (ALB) 4-3
Alex Pachan (SCA) Tech. Fall Benjamin Schnellman (ZIM) 4:12

160 pounds
Gaven Gillman (DC) Fall Brando Gaber (MONT) 2:31
Charlie Gellerman (BL) Dec. Brett Kirchner (SCA) 5-3 OT
Simon Bryce (FOL) Fall Austin Olmscheid (ALB) 2:00
Nate Carlson (AN/ML) Fall Dylan Madsen (LIT) :24

170 pounds
Trae Bedford (AN/ML) Fall Brayden Webber (BEC) 1:41
Jacob Schmitz (DC) Dec. Driston Schyma (FOL) 9-3
Kyle Nathan (MONT) Dec. Aidan Schiltz (SCA) 6-4 OT
Kal Jackman (LIT) Fall Kaleb Kliever (ZIM) 2:49

182 pounds
Gabe Zierden (ALB) Fall Chris Hance (AN/ML) 6:00
Reed Rasset (AN/ML) Fall Samson Streachek (DEL)
Jaylin Hildebrant (BEC) Fall Jesse Midas (MONT) :47
Justin Robinson (ZIM) Maj. Dec. Logan Wagner (LIT) 9-1

195 pounds
Saylor Schmit (FOL) Fall Nick Gill (SCA) 1:56
Mitchell Bergstrom (AN/ML) Fall Steven Loyd (BL) 3:58
Matt Baloun (MONT) Fall Edward Hajas (DEL) :57
Tristan Revering (LIT) Fall Nick Goth (BEC) :47

220 pounds
Steven Hajas (DEL) Fall Scott Braun (BEC) 1:15
Tyson Gothman (FOL) Fall Wyatt Mergen (ALB) 3:35
Bryce Murphy (BL) Dec. Blake Snyder (DC) 7-1
Joe Driscoll (AN/ML) Fall Zach Willard (SCA) 5:58

285 pounds
Mitch Trigg (FOL) Fall Jackson Gardner (BL) :44
Marvin Stang (ALB) Dec. Johnny Goodin (DC) 2-0
Walker Russek (DEL) Dec. Nick Radunz (BEC) 3-0
Chase Liestman (LIT) Fall Cole Patch (AN/ML) :42