2017 Class AAA Section 3 Individual Tournament

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High School Tournament Time

February 24-25, 2017 at Park High School – map

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106 Results
1st Place – Cole West of Woodbury
2nd Place – Hunter Lyden of East Ridge
3rd Place – Andrew Wick of Eagan
4th Place – John Kendall of Hastings
5th Place – Shervy Xiong of St Paul Harding
6th Place – Andres Sandoval of Park
1st: Cole West (Woodbury) 36-4, So. over Hunter Lyden (East Ridge) 32-8, 7th. (Dec 6-3).
2nd: Hunter Lyden (East Ridge) 32-8, 7th. over Andrew Wick (Eagan) 29-11, So. (RULE).
3rd: Andrew Wick (Eagan) 29-11, So. over John Kendall (Hastings) 23-16, Fr. (Dec 2-0).
5th: Shervy Xiong (St Paul Harding) 23-10, Jr. over Andres Sandoval (Park) 12-19, 8th. (MD 11-0).

113 Results
1st Place – Roman Rogotzke of East Ridge
2nd Place – Paul Kendall of Hastings
3rd Place – Jack Johnson-Macphereson of Eagan
4th Place – Pawan Biswa of St Paul Harding
5th Place – Cedric Ramos of Woodbury
6th Place – Zach Steigauf of Cretin-Derham Hall
1st: Roman Rogotzke (East Ridge) 32-9, 8th. over Paul Kendall (Hastings) 13-12, So. (Fall 3:34).
2nd: Paul Kendall (Hastings) 13-12, So. over Jack Johnson-Macphereson (Eagan) 20-17, Jr. (RULE).
3rd: Jack Johnson-Macphereson (Eagan) 20-17, Jr. over Pawan Biswa (St Paul Harding) 11-14, Fr. (TF-1.5 5:39 (17-2)).
5th: Cedric Ramos (Woodbury) 8-24, So. over Zach Steigauf (Cretin-Derham Hall) 6-12, 8th. (MD 11-3).

120 Results
1st Place – Brady Moesenthin of Woodbury
2nd Place – Croix Mader of Hastings
3rd Place – Nathan Alvarado of Tartan
4th Place – Ty Gage of Eagan
5th Place – Wai Wai Eh of St Paul Central
6th Place – Htu Net of St Paul Harding
1st: Brady Moesenthin (Woodbury) 29-11, So. over Croix Mader (Hastings) 22-13, Fr. (Dec 4-3).
2nd: Croix Mader (Hastings) 22-13, Fr. over Nathan Alvarado (Tartan) 22-13, Sr. (RULE).
3rd: Nathan Alvarado (Tartan) 22-13, Sr. over Ty Gage (Eagan) 17-17, Fr. (Dec 7-0).
5th: Wai Wai Eh (St Paul Central) 16-8, So. over Htu Net (St Paul Harding) 18-8, Sr. (Inj. 0:00).

126 Results
1st Place – Kaden Gage of Eagan
2nd Place – Jesse Mimbach of Hastings
3rd Place – Chontu Lee of St Paul Harding
4th Place – Sam Tollison of East Ridge
5th Place – Solomon Lankow of Park
6th Place – Javen Guzik-McNeil of Cretin-Derham Hall
1st: Kaden Gage (Eagan) 27-12, Jr. over Jesse Mimbach (Hastings) 19-7, So. (SV-1 6-4).
2nd: Jesse Mimbach (Hastings) 19-7, So. over Chontu Lee (St Paul Harding) 25-9, Jr. (RULE).
3rd: Chontu Lee (St Paul Harding) 25-9, Jr. over Sam Tollison (East Ridge) 9-17, 7th. (Fall 5:51).
5th: Solomon Lankow (Park) 11-13, Fr. over Javen Guzik-McNeil (Cretin-Derham Hall) 12-9, Jr. (Inj. 0:00).

132 Results
1st Place – Adam McSorley of Hastings
2nd Place – Jet Mi Ka of St Paul Harding
3rd Place – Michael Murphy of Eagan
4th Place – Peter Oyebanji of Park
5th Place – Cade Magill of Tartan
6th Place – Ba Soet Gay of St Paul Central
1st: Adam McSorley (Hastings) 39-3, Sr. over Jet Mi Ka (St Paul Harding) 30-2, Sr. (Dec 5-2).
2nd: Jet Mi Ka (St Paul Harding) 30-2, Sr. over Michael Murphy (Eagan) 28-11, Fr. (RULE).
3rd: Michael Murphy (Eagan) 28-11, Fr. over Peter Oyebanji (Park) 19-10, Jr. (Dec 7-1).
5th: Cade Magill (Tartan) 10-17, So. over Ba Soet Gay (St Paul Central) 11-12, Fr. (Fall 4:33).

138 Results
1st Place – Xavier Rosenbloom of Eagan
2nd Place – Brock Rinehart of Woodbury
3rd Place – Riley Zietlow of Hastings
4th Place – Payton Thao of East Ridge
5th Place – Josh Ruiz of Park
6th Place – Connor DeBorde of Cretin-Derham Hall
1st: Xavier Rosenbloom (Eagan) 30-5, Sr. over Brock Rinehart (Woodbury) 31-11, Fr. (Fall 5:59).
2nd: Brock Rinehart (Woodbury) 31-11, Fr. over Riley Zietlow (Hastings) 6-6, Jr. (Fall 3:01).
3rd: Riley Zietlow (Hastings) 6-6, Jr. over Payton Thao (East Ridge) 13-21, Jr. (Dec 10-8).
5th: Josh Ruiz (Park) 15-12, Jr. over Connor DeBorde (Cretin-Derham Hall) 6-25, Sr. (MD 12-3).

145 Results
1st Place – Austin Braun of Woodbury
2nd Place – Marcus McGinley of Eagan
3rd Place – Tyus Reinke of Hastings
4th Place – Evan Haldeman of St Paul Harding
5th Place – Silvio Whidby of Tartan
6th Place – Collin Brown of East Ridge
1st: Austin Braun (Woodbury) 35-6, Sr. over Tyus Reinke (Hastings) 6-8, Sr. (Fall 3:17).
2nd: Marcus McGinley (Eagan) 11-8, So. over Tyus Reinke (Hastings) 6-8, Sr. (Dec 8-4).
3rd: Marcus McGinley (Eagan) 11-8, So. over Evan Haldeman (St Paul Harding) 13-11, So. (Dec 10-6).
5th: Silvio Whidby (Tartan) 22-15, Jr. over Collin Brown (East Ridge) 17-21, Jr. (Dec 6-2).

152 Results
1st Place – Kyle Erickson of Hastings
2nd Place – Gavin Bradley of Woodbury
3rd Place – Carter Lyons of Eagan
4th Place – Ethan Pittman of East Ridge
5th Place – Edric Waindim of Park
6th Place – Max Steigauf of Cretin-Derham Hall
1st: Kyle Erickson (Hastings) 30-9, Sr. over Gavin Bradley (Woodbury) 29-9, Sr. (Dec 8-3).
2nd: Gavin Bradley (Woodbury) 29-9, Sr. over Carter Lyons (Eagan) 22-14, So. (RULE).
3rd: Carter Lyons (Eagan) 22-14, So. over Ethan Pittman (East Ridge) 16-19, Fr. (Dec 6-3).
5th: Edric Waindim (Park) 6-17, So. over Max Steigauf (Cretin-Derham Hall) 9-23, Jr. (Dec 14-11).

160 Results
1st Place – TJ Pottinger of Hastings
2nd Place – Garrett Whitehead of Park
3rd Place – Andrew Johnson of Tartan
4th Place – Alex Wick of Eagan
5th Place – Zane Schaffer of Woodbury
6th Place – Salvador Gonzalez of St Paul Central
1st: TJ Pottinger (Hastings) 32-7, Jr. over Garrett Whitehead (Park) 26-14, Jr. (MD 9-1).
2nd: Garrett Whitehead (Park) 26-14, Jr. over Andrew Johnson (Tartan) 25-7, Jr. (RULE).
3rd: Andrew Johnson (Tartan) 25-7, Jr. over Alex Wick (Eagan) 24-15, Jr. (Fall 0:31).
5th: Zane Schaffer (Woodbury) 20-17, Sr. over Salvador Gonzalez (St Paul Central) 8-12, Jr. (Fall 2:03).

170 Results
1st Place – Joshua Goldberg of Cretin-Derham Hall
2nd Place – Carson Lesher of East Ridge
3rd Place – Cody Leflay of Hastings
4th Place – Drew Allred of Eagan
5th Place – Cole Smutny of Woodbury
6th Place – Andrew Drigans of Park
1st: Joshua Goldberg (Cretin-Derham Hall) 28-5, Sr. over Carson Lesher (East Ridge) 34-7, Sr. (Dec 17-13).
2nd: Carson Lesher (East Ridge) 34-7, Sr. over Cody Leflay (Hastings) 32-7, Sr. (RULE).
3rd: Cody Leflay (Hastings) 32-7, Sr. over Drew Allred (Eagan) 16-14, Jr. (Dec 14-8).
5th: Cole Smutny (Woodbury) 3-3, Fr. over Andrew Drigans (Park) 14-23, Jr. (Fall 4:33).

182 Results
1st Place – Trey Rogers of Hastings
2nd Place – Andrew French of Woodbury
3rd Place – Garrison Solliday of Eagan
4th Place – Jamze Powers of East Ridge
5th Place – Noah Johnson of Park
6th Place – Jared Schmittz of Tartan
1st: Trey Rogers (Hastings) 36-5, Jr. over Andrew French (Woodbury) 33-6, Sr. (MD 25-12).
2nd: Andrew French (Woodbury) 33-6, Sr. over Garrison Solliday (Eagan) 4-6, 8th. (Fall 1:07).
3rd: Garrison Solliday (Eagan) 4-6, 8th. over Jamze Powers (East Ridge) 12-7, Sr. (Dec 6-5).
5th: Noah Johnson (Park) 12-17, Fr. over Jared Schmittz (Tartan) 2-20, Jr. (Fall 4:29).

195 Results
1st Place – Josh Miser of Hastings
2nd Place – Roth Stricker of Eagan
3rd Place – Donald Nde of Woodbury
4th Place – Antonio Davis of Park
5th Place – Eli Andrzejek of Cretin-Derham Hall
6th Place – Alex Bahl of Tartan
1st: Josh Miser (Hastings) 16-1, Sr. over Roth Stricker (Eagan) 29-10, Sr. (Dec 7-0).
2nd: Roth Stricker (Eagan) 29-10, Sr. over Donald Nde (Woodbury) 27-15, So. (RULE).
3rd: Donald Nde (Woodbury) 27-15, So. over Antonio Davis (Park) 25-15, Fr. (Fall 1:33).
5th: Eli Andrzejek (Cretin-Derham Hall) 12-14, Sr. over Alex Bahl (Tartan) 7-7, Sr. (Dec 8-5).

220 Results
1st Place – Jackson Schichel of Hastings
2nd Place – Marco Cavallaro of East Ridge
3rd Place – Antwan McClenty of Eagan
4th Place – Houa Thao of St Paul Harding
5th Place – Trey Staves of Tartan
6th Place – Brad Murphy of Woodbury
1st: Jackson Schichel (Hastings) 36-4, Sr. over Marco Cavallaro (East Ridge) 29-10, So. (Dec 9-4).
2nd: Marco Cavallaro (East Ridge) 29-10, So. over Antwan McClenty (Eagan) 26-12, Jr. (RULE).
3rd: Antwan McClenty (Eagan) 26-12, Jr. over Houa Thao (St Paul Harding) 3-18, Sr. (Fall 1:14).
5th: Trey Staves (Tartan) 13-25, Sr. over Brad Murphy (Woodbury) 4-6, Sr. (Inj. 0:00).

285 Results
1st Place – Robert Marrier of Park
2nd Place – Nick Neumann of Cretin-Derham Hall
3rd Place – Brandon Floyd of Tartan
4th Place – Abdullahi Seef of Eagan
5th Place – Max Fick of Woodbury
6th Place – Drake Guck of Hastings
1st: Robert Marrier (Park) 30-6, Sr. over Nick Neumann (Cretin-Derham Hall) 26-9, Sr. (Fall 4:54).
2nd: Nick Neumann (Cretin-Derham Hall) 26-9, Sr. over Brandon Floyd (Tartan) 26-15, Jr. (MD 11-2).
3rd: Brandon Floyd (Tartan) 26-15, Jr. over Abdullahi Seef (Eagan) 17-19, Jr. (Fall 2:26).
5th: Max Fick (Woodbury) 16-19, Jr. over Drake Guck (Hastings) 21-16, Jr. (Dec 5-4).