2017 Class AAA Section 4 Team Tournament

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Centennial 73 Irondale 6
106: Emily Shilson (CENT) over Charlie Dojan (IRON) (Fall 1:11)
113: Mason Wiersgalla (CENT) over (IRON) (For.)
120: Roland Cosey (IRON) over Eric Hotakainen (CENT) (Fall 2:58)
126: Jonah Hylton (CENT) over (IRON) (Fall 1:37)
132: Aiston Degeest (CENT) over (IRON) (For.)
138: Zach Spetzman (CENT) over (IRON) (For.)
145: Jakob Bergeland (CENT) over Sean LeFluer (IRON) (Fall 3:13)
152: Isaiah Bettinger (CENT) over (IRON) (For.)
160: Tyler Shilson (CENT) over Kerry Burggraff-Czech (IRON) (TF 16-1 3:14)
170: John Noll (CENT) over Jake Spencer (IRON) (TF 16-1 5:00)
182: Max Kolflat (CENT) over (IRON) (For.)
195: Ken Her (CENT) over Kevin Henry (IRON) (Fall 0:55)
220: Justin Mohlin (CENT) over Mahad Yusaf/ Farah (IRON) (Fall 0:49)
285: Sam Byrd (CENT) over Ty Cobb (IRON) (Dec 4-2)

White Bear Lake Area 55 Roseville Area 19
106 Charlie Yang (WBL) Pinned Micheal Wossenyeien in 3:48
113 Josh Powell (WBL) wins by FF
120 Jorrel Turner (WBL) wins 13-3 over Jared Ruskin
126 Isaiah Baker (WBL) wins 23 – 8 over Ber Blute Htoo
132 Kris Thury (WBL) wins 12 -4 over Yared Ansera
138 T.J. Turninske (WBL) wins by Pin over Matthew Toe
145 Matthew Muedeking (WBL) wins by Pin over Peyton Nelson
152 Mitchell Woodcock (WBL) loses 12-5 Tamir Beeler
160 Jon Arreguin (WBL) Loses 13-3 Alex Lapierre
170 Ethan Longhenry (WBL) loses by Pin Zateb Tat-Siaka
182 Josh Suedbeck (WBL) wins by a Pin Thomas Schweitzer
195 Brandon Krekelberg (WBL) wins by Pin Misael Moreno
220 Luke Parzyck (WBL) win by FF
285 Chris Atz (WBL) loses by Pin William Peterson

Mounds View 60 North 23
106: Garrett Wilson (MOVI) over Jack Romain (NSP) (Fall 1:31)
113: Mitch Engebretson (MOVI) over Ixtzul Anguilar (NSP) (Fall 0:40)
120: Nick Dunagan (MOVI) over (NSP) (For.)
126: Brendan Dunagan (MOVI) over Tito Massaly (NSP) (Fall 3:13)
132: Noah Hurley (NSP) over Anthony Hernandez (MOVI) (Fall 3:16)
138: Sam Bobick (MOVI) over (NSP) (For.)
145: Chase Dressel (MOVI) over (NSP) (For.)
152: Jack Graham (MOVI) over Anson Waturocha (NSP) (Fall 1:32)
160: Charles Dressel (MOVI) over Luke Malakowsky (NSP) (Fall 0:57)
170: Iving Serano (NSP) over Andrew Boucher (MOVI) (TF 20-4 5:34)
182: Rowan Morgan (MOVI) over Nick Weldon (NSP) (Fall 0:49)
195: Daniel Van Oort (MOVI) over (NSP) (For.)
220: Fisayo Oduyemi (NSP) over Johnny Tereault (MOVI) (Fall 3:56)
285: Corey Guenther (NSP) over Jack O`Brien (MOVI) (Fall 0:23)

Stillwater 75 Spring Lake Park/St. Anthony 5
106: Javon Taschuk (STW) over Michael Buffington (SLPV) (Fall 1:18)
113: Reid Ballantyne (STW) over Austin Miller (SLPV) (Fall 3:55)
120: Anthony Arens (SLPV) over Luke Bethke (STW) (TF 15-0 5:38)
126: Jeffrey Robinson (STW) over (SLPV) (For.)
132: Trey Kruse (STW) over Nik Strasser (SLPV) (Fall 5:05)
138: Porter Estenson (STW) over Ashton Signer (SLPV) (Fall 3:44)
145: Jared Christian (STW) over Paul Werni (SLPV) (Dec 9-6)
152: Peter Hagel (STW) over (SLPV) (For.)
160: Thomas Reisselman (STW) over Devin Jacenko (SLPV) (Fall 2:00)
170: Kevin Thole (STW) over John Labelle (SLPV) (Fall 1:38)
182: James Huntley (STW) over Dakota Anderson (SLPV) (Fall 0:46)
195: Conner Weiss (STW) over (SLPV) (For.)
220: Will Gleason (STW) over (SLPV) (For.)
285: Tyler Olson (STW) over (SLPV) (For.)


Centennial 40 White Bear Lake Area 34
106: Emily Shilson (CENT) over Charlie Yang (WBLA) (Fall 1:25)
113: Mason Wiersgalla (CENT) over Joshua Powell (WBLA) (Dec 8-4)
120: Jorrel Turner (WBLA) over Eric Hotakainen (CENT) (Fall 1:03)
126: Isaiah Baker (WBLA) over Jonah Hylton (CENT) (Fall 0:52)
132: Aiston Degeest (CENT) over Kris Thury (WBLA) (MD 13-4)
138: TJ Turinske (WBLA) over Zach Spetzman (CENT) (Fall 3:24)
145: Jakob Bergeland (CENT) over Matthew Muedeking (WBLA) (Dec 4-2)
152: Tyler Shilson (CENT) over Mitchell Woodcock (WBLA) (Fall 2:32)
160: Jon Arreguin (WBLA) over Isaiah Bettinger (CENT) (Fall 4:22)
170: John Noll (CENT) over Ethan Longhenry (WBLA) (Fall 3:07)
182: Josh Suedbeck (WBLA) over Ken Her (CENT) (Fall 3:37)
195: Justin Mohlin (CENT) over Brandon Krekelberg (WBLA) (Fall 1:25)
220: Luke Parzyck (WBLA) over Dennis McClimek (CENT) (Fall 0:41)
285: Sam Byrd (CENT) over Chris Atz (WBLA) (Fall 1:48) (WBLA Straps down thrown head gear -2.00)

Stillwater 38 Mounds View 31
106: Javon Taschuk (STW) over Garrett Wilson (MOVI) (Fall 4:39)
113: Reid Ballantyne (STW) over Mitch Engebretson (MOVI) (MD 15-4)
120: Nick Dunagan (MOVI) over Luke Bethke (STW) (Fall 0:56)
126: Jeffrey Robinson (STW) over Brendan Dunagan (MOVI) (MD 9-1)
132: Trey Kruse (STW) over Anthony Hernandez (MOVI) (Fall 0:52)
138: Sam Bobick (MOVI) over Porter Estenson (STW) (MD 11-0)
145: Chase Dressel (MOVI) over Jared Christian (STW) (Fall 3:52)
152: Jack Graham (MOVI) over Peter Hagel (STW) (Dec 6-2)
160: Will Harter (STW) over Charles Dressel (MOVI) (Fall 0:52)
170: Kevin Thole (STW) over Guy Fleischhacker (MOVI) (Fall 0:16)
182: Rowan Morgan (MOVI) over Jackson Dunleap (STW) (Fall 1:46)
195: James Huntley (STW) over Joey O`Brien (MOVI) (Fall 3:10)
220: Daniel Van Oort (MOVI) over Will Gleason (STW) (Dec 5-2)
285: Johnny Tereault (MOVI) over Tyler Olson (STW) (Dec 4-1)


Stillwater 47 Centennial 23
106: Javon Taschuk (STW) over Emily Shilson (CENT) (SV-1 5-3)
113: Luke Bethke (STW) over Mason Wiersgalla (CENT) (Dec 9-2)
120: Reid Ballantyne (STW) over Eric Hotakainen (CENT) (Fall 1:09)
126: Jeffrey Robinson (STW) over Jonah Hylton (CENT) (TF 18-2 4:00)
132: Trey Kruse (STW) over Aiston Degeest (CENT) (Dec 6-4)
138: Jared Christian (STW) over Zach Spetzman (CENT) (Dec 6-2)
145: Jakob Bergeland (CENT) over Porter Estenson (STW) (Fall 1:08)
152: Tyler Shilson (CENT) over Peter Hagel (STW) (TF 21-4 6:00)
160: Will Harter (STW) over Isaiah Bettinger (CENT) (Fall 1:15)
170: John Noll (CENT) over Jackson Dunleap (STW) (Fall 1:59)
182: Kevin Thole (STW) over Ken Her (CENT) (Fall 0:38)
195: James Huntley (STW) over Dennis McClimek (CENT) (Fall 0:28)
220: Justin Mohlin (CENT) over Will Gleason (STW) (Fall 1:59)
285: Tyler Olson (STW) over (CENT) (For.)