Central College Tournament

2017 Central College Tournament Results. January 7th at Pella, Iowa.

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College – 125
1st Place – Clarren Pestano of Central (IA)
2nd Place – Devon Jackson of University of the Ozarks
3rd Place – John Altieri of William Penn (Iowa)
4th Place – Keegan Hessler of Morningside (Iowa)
1st: Clarren Pestano (Central (IA)) won by decision over Devon Jackson (University of the Ozarks) (Dec 8-1)
3rd: John Altieri (William Penn (Iowa)) won by medical forfeit over Keegan Hessler (Morningside (Iowa)) (MFF)

College – 133
1st Place – Cameron Timok of Central (IA)
2nd Place – Jamarius Jackson of North Iowa Area Community College
3rd Place – Michael Andreano of Briar Cliff (Iowa)
4th Place – Isiah Lysius of Unattached-Briar Cliff
1st: Cameron Timok (Central (IA)) won by decision over Jamarius Jackson (North Iowa Area Community College) (Dec 7-4)
3rd: Michael Andreano (Briar Cliff (Iowa)) won by medical forfeit over Isiah Lysius (Unattached-Briar Cliff) (MFF)

College – 141
1st Place – Nathan Ryan of Briar Cliff (Iowa)
2nd Place – Dan Radcliffe of Central (IA)
3rd Place – Ny`Trell Dean of University of the Ozarks
4th Place – Jonathan Halk of Waldorf (Iowa)
1st: Nathan Ryan (Briar Cliff (Iowa)) won by fall over Dan Radcliffe (Central (IA)) (Fall 2:01)
3rd: Ny`Trell Dean (University of the Ozarks) won by fall over Jonathan Halk (Waldorf (Iowa)) (Fall 1:16)

College – 149
1st Place – Zac Funderburk of Briar Cliff (Iowa)
2nd Place – Cole Menck of Davenport (MI)
3rd Place – Jordan Challen of Central (IA)
4th Place – Dario Gamino of Waldorf (Iowa)
1st: Zac Funderburk (Briar Cliff (Iowa)) won by major decision over Cole Menck (Davenport (MI)) (Maj 11-2)
3rd: Jordan Challen (Central (IA)) won by fall over Dario Gamino (Waldorf (Iowa)) (Fall 2:45)

College – 157
1st Place – Kyle Fowler of Unattached
2nd Place – Jeremy Vester of Central (IA)
3rd Place – Dakota Drenth of Morningside (Iowa)
4th Place – Mitch Knock of Central (IA)
1st: Kyle Fowler (Unattached) won by major decision over Jeremy Vester (Central (IA)) (Maj 10-1)
3rd: Dakota Drenth (Morningside (Iowa)) won by fall over Mitch Knock (Central (IA)) (Fall 3:24)

College – 165
1st Place – Ryan Vandall of Central (IA)
2nd Place – Tucker Black of North Iowa Area Community College
3rd Place – Jeremy Scheuermann of Central (IA)
4th Place – Brandon Dyke of Davenport (MI)
1st: Ryan Vandall (Central (IA)) won by tech fall over Tucker Black (North Iowa Area Community College) (TF 15-0)
3rd: Jeremy Scheuermann (Central (IA)) won by decision over Brandon Dyke (Davenport (MI)) (Dec 5-0)

College – 174
1st Place – Moss Zach of Central (IA)
2nd Place – Nathan Garcia of Briar Cliff (Iowa)
3rd Place – Derik Bailey of Morningside (Iowa)
4th Place – Rj Brown of Simpson
1st: Moss Zach (Central (IA)) won by decision over Nathan Garcia (Briar Cliff (Iowa)) (Dec 6-2)
3rd: Derik Bailey (Morningside (Iowa)) won by decision over Rj Brown (Simpson) (Dec 7-2)

College – 184
1st Place – Logan Moore of Morningside (Iowa)
2nd Place – Noah Robinson of Simpson
3rd Place – Anthony McBroom of Central (IA)
4th Place – Cullin Brendeland of Iowa State Wrestling Club
1st: Logan Moore (Morningside (Iowa)) won by decision over Noah Robinson (Simpson) (Dec 3-1)
3rd: Anthony McBroom (Central (IA)) won by tech fall over Cullin Brendeland (Iowa State Wrestling Club) (TF 17-1)

College – 197
1st Place – Matt Seabold of Central (IA)
2nd Place – Chaydon O`Fallon of Minnesota State Mankato
3rd Place – Ryan Paige of Graceland University
4th Place – Joel Deere of Waldorf (Iowa)
1st: Matt Seabold (Central (IA)) won by decision over Chaydon O`Fallon (Minnesota State Mankato) (Dec 10-4)
3rd: Ryan Paige (Graceland University) won by fall over Joel Deere (Waldorf (Iowa)) (Fall 2:54)

College – 285
1st Place – Colby Vlieger of Simpson
2nd Place – Jimsher Sidhu of North Iowa Area Community College
3rd Place – Mario Pena of North Iowa Area Community College
4th Place – Ashton Mutuwa of Truman
1st: Colby Vlieger (Simpson) won by fall over Jimsher Sidhu (North Iowa Area Community College) (Fall 2:51)
3rd: Mario Pena (North Iowa Area Community College) won by decision over Ashton Mutuwa (Truman) (Dec 2-1)

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