Vikings 1-3 at the Midwest Duals

Amo and Lowman Reach the 100 Career Wins Plateau at the Midwest Duals

KEARNEY, Neb. – The two leaders for the Vikings reach career milestones at the Midwest Duals in Kearney, Neb. Senior Michael Lowman and junior Aero Amo each won their 100th career matches for the Vikings during action on Saturday.

Lowman entered the Midwest Duals one win shy from his milestone and it only took one match for him to accomplish the feat. Lowman defeated Colorado Mesa’s Clayton Voytilla with a first period pin for his 100th career win.

Amo needed two wins to reach the milestone and it took all four matches for him to reach the 100-win plateau. Amo dropped his first two matches of the day, but won his last two matches. Amo notched his 100th career win against San Francisco State’s Mitchell Owens with a first period pin.

stanalogo The Vikings went 1-3 at the Midwest Duals with a win against San Francisco State. Augustana is now 7-5 (1-0) NSIC in duals on the season.

No. 23 Lindenwood 24, No. 18 Augustana 12
The Vikings dropped their opening dual of the Midwest Duals to No. 23 Lindenwood, 24-12.

The Lions scored decisions at 125 and 133, before Austin Jordan scored a fall at 141 to tie the dual up at 6-6. The next four matches were split between Augustana and Lindenwood, with Bailey Neises (157) and Brent Havlik (174) picking up decisions. Havlik earned his first win in his Augustana career in upset fashion over No. 10 Batchka Zulkhuu.

The Lions secured the last three matches of the dual to finish off the 24-12 victory.

Colorado Mesa 28, No. 18 Augustana 13

Augustana fell in its second dual of the Midwest Duals to Colorado Mesa, 28-13.

The highlight of the match for the Vikings came in the final match of the dual when Michael Lowman earned a first period pin at 285. With the pin Lowman earned his 100th victory in his Viking career.

Other Vikings to earn victories against the Mavericks were Brandon Charbonneau (133) and Clayton Wahlstrom (197).

No. 21 CSU-Pueblo 30, No. 18 Augustana 11
The Vikings dropped their third dual of the day, falling to No. 21 CSU-Pueblo, 30-11. The Vikings managed two victories in the dual with Bailey Neises (149) earning a forfeit win and Aero Amo (184) winning by his team-leading fifth tech fall.

No. 18 Augustana 25, San Francisco State 18
Augustana finished the Midwest Duals on a positive note with a 25-18 dual victory over San Francisco State.

The Gators jumped out to an early 5-0 lead with wins at 125 and 133. The Vikings countered to win the next four weight classes with victories by Oscar Ramirez Jr. (141), Bailey Neises (149), Colin Ayers (157) and Bruce Lemon Jr. (165).

The Vikings sealed the dual with pins by Aero Amo (184) and Michael Lowman (285), giving the Vikings the 25-18 victory. Amo’s pin was his 100th career victory at Augustana.

Next Up
Augustana will finish out the regular season with duals against NSIC opponents. Next up for the Vikings will take on Southwest Minnesota State in Marshall, Minn. on Jan. 21.

Lindenwood (Mo.) defeated Augustana (SD) 24-12
125 – Carlos Jacquez (Lindenwood (Mo.)) over Brandon Carroll (Augustana (SD)) Dec 19-12
133 – Hunter Haralson (Lindenwood (Mo.)) over Brandon Charbonneau (Augustana (SD)) Dec 7-0
141 – Austin Jordan (Augustana (SD)) over Chase Kelley (Lindenwood (Mo.)) Fall 2:46
149 – Ronald Gentile (Lindenwood (Mo.)) over Jacob Anderson (Augustana (SD)) SV-1 11-9
157 – Bailey Neises (Augustana (SD)) over Colton Orlando (Lindenwood (Mo.)) Dec 5-2
165 – Kyle Jolas (Lindenwood (Mo.)) over Mitchell Rechtzigel (Augustana (SD)) Dec 6-3
174 – Brent Havlik (Augustana (SD)) over Batchuluun Zulkhuu (Lindenwood (Mo.)) Dec 8-7
184 – David Hamil (Lindenwood (Mo.)) over Aero Amo (Augustana (SD)) Dec 3-1
197 – Dillon Archer (Lindenwood (Mo.)) over Ben Goodwin (Augustana (SD)) Fall 2:43
285 – Jacob Borgmeyer (Lindenwood (Mo.)) over Lane Lettau (Augustana (SD)) Dec 3-2

Colorado Mesa University defeated Augustana (SD) 28-13
125 – Thomas Tawata (Colorado Mesa University) over Javier Vieyra (Augustana (SD)) Dec 5-2
133 – Brandon Charbonneau (Augustana (SD)) over Michael McDanial (Colorado Mesa University) Maj 10-2
141 – Daniel Salazar (Colorado Mesa University) over Oscar Ramirez-Hernandez Jr (Augustana (SD)) Dec 4-2
149 – Nick Swanson (Colorado Mesa University) over Colin Ayers (Augustana (SD)) Dec 7-6
157 – Payton Tawater (Colorado Mesa University) over Bailey Neises (Augustana (SD)) Fall 2:50
165 – Jason Buhr (Colorado Mesa University) over Regan Bye (Augustana (SD)) Dec 14-7
174 – Bruno Nicoletti (Colorado Mesa University) over Brent Havlik (Augustana (SD)) Fall 1:18
184 – Austin Gaun (Colorado Mesa University) over Aero Amo (Augustana (SD)) Maj 11-1
197 – Clayton Wahlstrom (Augustana (SD)) over Adam Visconti (Colorado Mesa University) Dec 3-0
285 – Michael Lowman (Augustana (SD)) over Clayton Voytilla (Colorado Mesa University) Fall 1:26

Colorado State University – Pueblo defeated Augustana (SD) 30-11
125 – Josiah Seaton (Colorado State University – Pueblo) over Brandon Carroll (Augustana (SD)) Dec 8-3
133 – Levi Maes (Colorado State University – Pueblo) over Brandon Charbonneau (Augustana (SD)) SV-1 2-0
141 – Jared Mestas (Colorado State University – Pueblo) over Austin Jordan (Augustana (SD)) Dec 9-3
149 – Bailey Neises (Augustana (SD)) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
157 – Alex Smith (Colorado State University – Pueblo) over Jacob Anderson (Augustana (SD)) Inj 0:05
165 – JaCobi Jones (Colorado State University – Pueblo) over Bruce Lemon (Augustana (SD)) Dec 3-1
174 – Kyle Bateman (Colorado State University – Pueblo) over Lukas Poloncic (Augustana (SD)) Dec 7-6
184 – Aero Amo (Augustana (SD)) over Steven Ullman (Colorado State University – Pueblo) TF 19-3
197 – Cody Johnson (Colorado State University – Pueblo) over Ben Goodwin (Augustana (SD)) Dec 9-5
285 – Kenny Cleveland (Colorado State University – Pueblo) over Michael Lowman (Augustana (SD)) Fall 1:30

Augustana (SD) defeated San Francisco State 25-18
125 – Matt Gamble (San Francisco State) over Javier Vieyra (Augustana (SD)) TF 21-1
133 – Nate Cervantez (San Francisco State) over Brandon Charbonneau (Augustana (SD)) SV-1 3-1
141 – Oscar Ramirez-Hernandez Jr (Augustana (SD)) over Josh Villaflor (San Francisco State) Maj 19-8
149 – Bailey Neises (Augustana (SD)) over Dylan Furtado (San Francisco State) Dec 7-5
157 – Colin Ayers (Augustana (SD)) over Trevor Perez (San Francisco State) Dec 6-2
165 – Bruce Lemon (Augustana (SD)) over Tyson Kuahine (San Francisco State) SV-1 3-1
174 – Jesse Lyga (San Francisco State) over Brent Havlik (Augustana (SD)) Fall 5:56
184 – Aero Amo (Augustana (SD)) over Mitchell Owens (San Francisco State) Fall 1:30
197 – Johnny Costa (San Francisco State) over Clayton Wahlstrom (Augustana (SD)) Maj 12-3
285 – Michael Lowman (Augustana (SD)) over Ricardo Jaramillo (San Francisco State) Fall 2:54

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