Big 12 Wrestling Championships Pre-Seeds Announced

Pre-seeding for the 2017 Big 12 Wrestling Championship, set for March 4-5 at the BOK Center in Tulsa, are announced. Oklahoma State leads the way with six top-seeded wrestlers, while South Dakota State records two. North Dakota State and West Virginia both have one wrestler in the top spot.

All ten schools will place a wrestler in each weight class. The seeds, as voted by the conference coaches and approved at the pre-championship coaches meeting on Friday, will compete over two days for 38 automatic qualifying bids to the NCAA Championship, as well as the 2017 Big 12 Championship team title.

Oklahoma State’s Dean Heil (141 pounds), Anthony Collica (149 pounds), Joe Smith (157 pounds), Chandler Rogers (165 pounds), Nolan Boyd (184 pounds) and Austin Shafer (heavyweight) lead the way as the No. 1 seeds for the Cowboys. Seth Gross (133 pounds) and David Kocer (174 pounds) slot in as the top seeds for the SDSU. NDSU’s Josh Rodriguez (125 pounds), WVU’s Jacob A. Smith (197 pounds) round out the top of the brackets for the conference.

For more information on the Big 12 Wrestling Championship, visit The first three sessions will be streamed exclusively on FloWrestling, with FSN broadcasting the championship rounds live.


1. Josh Rodriguez (NDSU)
2. Nick Piccininni (OSU)
3. Drew Templeman (WYO)
4. Christian Moody (OU)
5. Kyle Larson (ISU)
6. Trey Andrews (UNC)
7. Ben Gillette (SDSU)
8. Mitch Brown (UVU)
9. Drew Romero (AF)
10. Devin Brown (WVU)

1. Seth Gross (SDSU)
2. Kaid Brock (OSU)
3. Earl Hall (ISU)
4. Cam Sykora (NDSU)
7. Rico Montoya (UNC)
6. Cory Stainbrook (WVU)
7. Dylan Hyder (AF)
8. Jarod Maynes (UVU)
9. Trae Blackwell (OU)
10. Ronnie Stevens (WYO)

1. Dean Heil (OSU)
2. Bryce Meredith (WYO)
3. Mike Longo (OU)
4. Timmy Box (UNC)
5. John Meeks (ISU)
6. Trevor Willson (UVU)
7. Joe Wheeling (WVU)
8. John Twomey (AF)
9. Taylor Nein (NDSU)
10. Henry Pohlomeyer (SDSU)

1. Anthony Collica (OSU)
2. Alex Kocer (SDSU)
3. Davion Jeffries (OU)
4. Cole Mendenhall (WYO)
5. Grant LaMont (UVU)
6. Jerry McGinty (AFA)
7. Christian Monserrat (WVU)
8. Mitch Friedman (NDSU)
9. Ben Polkowske (UNC)
10. Gabe Moreno (ISU)

1. Joe Smith (OSU)
2. Clay Ream (NDSU)
3. Clark Glass (OU)
4. Archie Colgan (WYO)
5. Alex Mossing (AF)
6. Colston Diblasi (ISU)
7. Logan Peterson (SDSU)
8. Raider Lofthouse (UVU)
9. Jimmy Fate (UNC)
10. Dayton Garrett (WVU)

1. Chandler Rogers (OSU)
2. Dylan Cottrell (WVU)
3. Branson Ashworth (WYO)
4. Luke Zilverberg (SDSU)
5. Yoanse Mejias (OU)
6. Andrew Fogarty (NDSU)
7. Rickey Padilla (AF)
8. Keilan Torres (UNC)
9. Koy Wilkinson (UVU)
10. Logan Breitenback (ISU)

1. David Kocer (SDSU)
2. Kyle Crutchmer (OSU)
3. Lelund Weatherspoon (ISU)
4. Kimball Bastian (UVU)
5. Matt Reed (OU)
6. Kyle Pope (WYO)
7. Michael Billingsley (AF)
8. Dylan Urbach (NDSU)
9. Dalton Robertson (UNC)
10. Ty Millward (WVU)

1. Nolan Boyd (OSU)
2. Dylan Gabel (UNC)
3. Martin Mueller (SDSU)
4. Carson Powell (ISU)
5. Tyler McNutt (NDSU)
6. Parker VonEgidy (WVU)
7. Lucas Lovvorn (WYO)
8. Andrew Dixon (OU)
9. Zen Ikehara (AF)
10. Able Gomez (UVU)

1. Jacob A. Smith (WVU)
2. Nate Rotert (SDSU)
3. Preston Weigel (OSU)
4. Anthony McLaughlin (AF)
5. Brad Johnson (OU)
6. Tanner Orndorff (UVU)
7. Cordell Eaton (NDSD)
8. Marcus Harrington (ISU)
9. Luke Paine (WYO)
10. Jamarcus Grant (UNC)

1. Austin Shafer (OSU)
2. Ross Larson (OU)
3. Dustin Dennison (UVU)
4. Ben Tynan (NDSU)
5. Quean Smith (ISU)
6. Brandon Tribble (WYO)
7. Alex Macki (SDSU)
8. Kerry Powers (AF)
9. Jack Kuck (UNC)
10. Brandon Ngati (WVU)

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