2017 MN/USA Wrestling Junior Freestyle State Tournament

2017 MN/USA Wrestling Junior Freestyle State Tournament results. April 23rd at Augsburg College in Minneapolis, Minn.

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Junior – 100 Results
1st Place – Emily Shilson of Minnesota Storm

Junior – 106 Results
1st Place – Paxton Creese of Shakopee
2nd Place – Michael Majerus of Zumbrota-Mazeppa Wrestling
1st: Paxton Creese (Shakopee) over Michael Majerus (Zumbrota-Mazeppa Wrestling) TF 10-0

Junior – 113 Results
1st Place – Joey Thompson of Maple Grove

Junior – 120 Results
1st Place – Aaron Cashman of Spring Lake Park
2nd Place – Jake Svihel of Totino-Grace
3rd Place – Maxwell Crowe of Shakopee
4th Place – Nathan Nygaard of Hi Flyers Wrestling Club
5th Place – Ashton Clark of Northwest Wrestling Club
6th Place – Trevor Pearson of Brotherhood Wrestling
1st: Aaron Cashman (Spring Lake Park) over Jake Svihel (Totino-Grace) TF 10-0
3rd: Maxwell Crowe (Shakopee) over Nathan Nygaard (Hi Flyers Wrestling Club) TF 11-0
5th: Ashton Clark (Northwest Wrestling Club) over Trevor Pearson (Brotherhood Wrestling) TF 12-2

Junior – 126 Results
1st Place – Israel Navarro of Willmar
2nd Place – Tyler Jones of Shakopee
3rd Place – Drew Woodley of Northfield
4th Place – Chad Orsburn of Takedown Gym
5th Place – Josh Clark of Totino-Grace
6th Place – Nolan Hentges of Rum River
1st: Israel Navarro (Willmar) over Tyler Jones (Shakopee) TF 14-4
3rd: Drew Woodley (Northfield) over Chad Orsburn (Takedown Gym) TF 12-2
5th: Josh Clark (Totino-Grace) over Nolan Hentges (Rum River) Fall 0:24

Junior – 132 Results
1st Place – Dylan Droegemueller of Anoka
2nd Place – Peyton McLagan of Apple Valley Wrestling Club
3rd Place – Garrett Vos of Waconia
4th Place – Spencer Miller of Takedown Gym
5th Place – Kyle Patnode of Scoring Edge
6th Place – Brant Buysse of Thor
1st: Dylan Droegemueller (Anoka) over Peyton McLagan (Apple Valley Wrestling Club) TF 10-0
3rd: Garrett Vos (Waconia) over Spencer Miller (Takedown Gym) TF 10-0
5th: Kyle Patnode (Scoring Edge) over Brant Buysse (Thor) Fall 2:19

Junior – 138 Results
1st Place – Cael Carlson of Willmar
2nd Place – Clay Carlson of Willmar
3rd Place – Jackson Stauffacher of Scott West
4th Place – Alex Kern of St Cloud
5th Place – Jack Fuchs of Northwest Wrestling Club
6th Place – Luke Pelarski of Scoring Edge
1st: Cael Carlson (Willmar) over Clay Carlson (Willmar) ID
3rd: Jackson Stauffacher (Scott West) over Alex Kern (St Cloud) TF 14-4
5th: Jack Fuchs (Northwest Wrestling Club) over Luke Pelarski (Scoring Edge) TF 16-6

Junior – 145 Results
1st Place – Tyler Shilson of Centennial
2nd Place – Alex Lloyd of Owatonna
3rd Place – Jacob Tvinnereim of Flat Earth Wrestling
4th Place – Dalton Nagel of Blue Earth
5th Place – Chandler Mooney of Frontier
6th Place – Tate Card of Central Minnesota Wrestling
1st: Tyler Shilson (Centennial) over Alex Lloyd (Owatonna) Dec 8-8
3rd: Jacob Tvinnereim (Flat Earth Wrestling) over Dalton Nagel (Blue Earth) TF 12-1
5th: Chandler Mooney (Frontier) over Tate Card (Central Minnesota Wrestling) Fall 0:33

Junior – 152 Results
1st Place – Calvin Germinaro of Anoka
2nd Place – Tyler Eischens of Anoka
3rd Place – Samuel Webster of Shakopee
4th Place – Jack Vaselaar of Warrior Warehouse
5th Place – Morgan Fuenffinger of The Avengers
6th Place – Brady Bastyr of Lakeville
1st: Calvin Germinaro (Anoka) over Tyler Eischens (Anoka) TF 12-2
3rd: Samuel Webster (Shakopee) over Jack Vaselaar (Warrior Warehouse) TF 10-0
5th: Morgan Fuenffinger (The Avengers) over Brady Bastyr (Lakeville) Fall 2:14

Junior – 160 Results
1st Place – Peyton Robb of Owatonna
2nd Place – McCoy Tekautz of Warrior Warehouse
3rd Place – Kyle Erickson of HASTINGS
4th Place – Carter Marx of Stewartville
5th Place – Dylan Fudge of Northwest Wrestling Club
6th Place – Braden Kramer of Baxter
1st: Peyton Robb (Owatonna) over McCoy Tekautz (Warrior Warehouse) TF 10-0
3rd: Kyle Erickson (HASTINGS) over Carter Marx (Stewartville) TF 17-6
5th: Dylan Fudge (Northwest Wrestling Club) over Braden Kramer (Baxter) Fall 4:55

Junior – 170 Results
1st Place – Kenny O`Neil of Prior Lake Wrestling Club
2nd Place – Justin Dravis of Northwest Wrestling Club
3rd Place – Austin Brenner of St Cloud
4th Place – Chase Pomeroy of Warrior Warehouse
5th Place – Tyler Soltau of Zumbrota-Mazeppa Wrestling
6th Place – Danyel Olivera of Fridley
1st: Kenny O`Neil (Prior Lake Wrestling Club) over Justin Dravis (Northwest Wrestling Club) TF 12-1
3rd: Austin Brenner (St Cloud) over Chase Pomeroy (Warrior Warehouse) Dec 18-17
5th: Tyler Soltau (Zumbrota-Mazeppa Wrestling) over Danyel Olivera (Fridley) TF 14-4

Junior – 182 Results
1st Place – Zachary Peterson of Northwest Wrestling Club
2nd Place – Grant Parrish of Forest Lake
3rd Place – William Storch of WEM
4th Place – Jacob Scherber of Buffalo
5th Place – Michael Nelson of Stewartville
6th Place – Lincoln Shinn of Willmar
1st: Zachary Peterson (Northwest Wrestling Club) over Grant Parrish (Forest Lake) TF 16-6
3rd: William Storch (WEM) over Jacob Scherber (Buffalo) Dec 13-4
5th: Michael Nelson (Stewartville) over Lincoln Shinn (Willmar) ID

Junior – 195 Results
1st Place – Jared Florell of Totino-Grace
2nd Place – Trey Rogers of HASTINGS
3rd Place – Ty Moser of Northwest Wrestling Club
4th Place – Jake Erckenbrack of Northwest Wrestling Club
5th Place – Rowan Morgan of Iron Mustangs
6th Place – James Huntley of Stillwater
1st: Jared Florell (Totino-Grace) over Trey Rogers (HASTINGS) TF 10-0
3rd: Ty Moser (Northwest Wrestling Club) over Jake Erckenbrack (Northwest Wrestling Club) TF 15-4
5th: Rowan Morgan (Iron Mustangs) over James Huntley (Stillwater) TF 10-0

Junior – 220 Results
1st Place – Saylor Schmit of Central Minnesota Wrestling
2nd Place – Robert Striggow of Medina
3rd Place – Jackson Schichel of HASTINGS
4th Place – Reid Seelhammer of Stewartville
5th Place – Justin Mohlin of Centennial
6th Place – Cole Fibranz of Central Minnesota Wrestling
1st: Saylor Schmit (Central Minnesota Wrestling) over Robert Striggow (Medina) TF 10-0
3rd: Jackson Schichel (HASTINGS) over Reid Seelhammer (Stewartville) TF 11-0
5th: Justin Mohlin (Centennial) over Cole Fibranz (Central Minnesota Wrestling) TF 12-1

Junior – 285 Results
1st Place – Trenten Rogich of Valley Elite
2nd Place – Tim Mandyck of Coon Rapids Wrestling
3rd Place – Colton Hellman of Highway
4th Place – Mitchell Trigg of Central Minnesota Wrestling
5th Place – Noah Carter of Stewartville
6th Place – James Johnson of minnetonka
1st: Trenten Rogich (Valley Elite) over Tim Mandyck (Coon Rapids Wrestling) Dec 5-3
3rd: Colton Hellman (Highway) over Mitchell Trigg (Central Minnesota Wrestling) Fall 2:02
5th: Noah Carter (Stewartville) over James Johnson (minnetonka) TF 10-0

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