J Robinson Intensive Camps and USA Wrestling partner to expand freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling

MINNEAPOLIS – J Robinson Intensive Camps announced that beginning in the summer of 2017, its Competition Camps will feature senior-level athletes from USA Wrestling in an effort to expose young wrestlers to Freestyle and Greco-Roman (GR) wrestling, the two disciplines competed in the Olympics. In this partnership, USA Wrestling will send one Freestyle wrestler and one Greco-Roman wrestler to each Competition Camp, which will take place in Atlanta, Georgia; River Falls, Wisconsin; and Chico, California.

Although some wrestlers compete in offseason Freestyle or Greco-Roman tournaments, American high school, college and university wrestlers compete during the season exclusively in Folkstyle wrestling. According to J Robinson Intensive Camps Executive Director Ty Eustice, the goal of this collaboration is to broaden the knowledge and popularity of the two Olympic disciplines in order to further expand the sport of wrestling in all its forms.

“You hear so much about the need to ‘grow wrestling,’ and I think we have the platform to try and do some innovative things,” said Eustice. “We’re excited to help expose young wrestlers to these role models and to different styles that they may not have access to in their home programs.”

J Robinson encourages people to try new approaches to build interest in their own communities. “People need to look close to home to grow the sport in ways they can exert control over. Understand that this is a small step, but all great journeys begin with you. So ask yourself, what are you going to do to make an impact in wrestling?”

The program has the following four objectives:

  1. Promote participation in offseason (i.e. non-Folkstyle) wrestling
  2. Encourage young wrestlers to get friends and teammates to try other styles
  3. Encourage young wrestlers to ask their coach or parent to start a Freestyle/Greco-Roman club
  4. Popularize post-collegiate wrestlers to foster interest in Freestyle and Greco-Roman

In this partnership, the Greco-Roman athlete from USA Wrestling will give a technique and rules presentation to the campers in the morning so that they can wrestle matches in the style later in the day. In the afternoon, the Freestyle athlete will do the same. Both featured wrestlers will also deliver motivational speeches to the group of campers, along with taking part in Q&A sessions.

“USA Wrestling is excited to partner with the legendary JROB Camp System,” said USA Wrestling Executive Director Rich Bender. “J Robinson has long been one of the great visionaries in our sport and we are confident that the mutually beneficial relationship will help move the sport forward.”

Now entering its 40th year, J Robinson Intensive Camps (JRIC) has trained more than 45,000 wrestlers with a training philosophy that focuses on developing technical skill, physical preparation, building mental toughness, and life skills. Founded in 1978 by legendary wrestling coach J Robinson, JRIC now operates 12 summer wrestling camps in seven states across the country. For more information, please call 612.349.6585 or visit jrobinsoncamps.com.