Zillmer Powers His Way To Bronze Medal At Ljubomir Ivanovic-Gedza International

The hits keep on coming for Hayden Zillmer (98 kg, Minnesota Storm).

Earlier this morning at the 31st annual Ljubomir Ivanovic-Gedza International in Kragujevac, Serbia, Zillmer collected his second overseas medal of the year in clutch fashion. Down by a point to Stjepan Lavoric (CRO) with :36 remaining in the bronze medal match, Zillmer stepped in and lassoed a deep bodylock. He then lifted it up and dramatically took Lavric straight to his back, the pin coming seconds later. Lavric won this event last year.

Up until the fall, it was tough sledding for the Storm wrestler. The bout started off with Lavric being awarded a passivity point as Zillmer attempted to find angles to appropriate his busy brand of inside work. Zillmer sustained a steady pace throughout the first period, but it was Lavric who was finding success in the pummel, digging into underhooks whilst controlling the range. Zillmer made adjustments heading into the second period, although Lavric was given another passivity point to go up 2-0. Zillmer began shoring up the distance in the tie-ups and coming closer with his two-on-ones. Lavric didn’t seem to be fading right away — he used his legs constantly to try and move Zillmer off his spot. But towards the waning moments of the bout he was clearly losing steam. Continue reading at www.fivepointmove.com