Three Gophers Capture Titles at Daktronics

Of the 32 wrestlers that the University of Minnesota wrestling team sent to Brookings, S.D., 17 came back with honors from the Daktronics Open. No. 4 Ethan Lizak, No. 6 Mitch McKee and No. 11 Nick Wanzek each came away with titles in their respective weights.

Minnesota also came away with five runner-up finishers. Steve Polakowski made it to the final of 133 before McKee took him out. No. 6 Tommy Thorn made a run but was tripped up in sudden victory in his finals match.

No. 7 Steve Bleise wrestled a full 11 minutes in his title match but came away just short of the title. No. 10 Jake Short also was narrowly a champion but was defeated in sudden victory time, 4-2. At 285, Rylee Streifel was the final Gopher in the top two and fell to his unattached opponent in a high scoring affair.

“I thought our guys wrestled well overall,” head coach Brandon Eggum said. “I liked the attitude our team wrestled with, from the upperclassmen all the way down to our redshirt guys. There is always room for improvement, but it is a long season so we will continue to get better.”

minnlogoLizak, who claimed last season’s Daktronics Open title, dominated in his title defense. He pinned his first opponent in just 35 seconds, and then in the finals, dominated his unattached opponent 16-0 in just 2:28.

McKee, who was a runner-up a season ago, claimed the 133-pound title. His three pins tied a team-high on the day, with all of his pins coming at 2:26 or earlier.

At 165, Wanzek was able to finish with an unblemished 4-0 record. He was able to capture a pin in the second round and then finished with two decision matches. Wanzek was able to ride out his opponent in the third period of his title match and earned the 2-0 victory.

Another notable accomplishment on the day was a match by Owen Webster. The transfer was able to pin his opponent in a Minnesota wrestling record, 11 seconds. Webster eventually finished third in his first appearance in Maroon and Gold.

Out of the Gophers that finished second, Bleise was the closest to capturing the title at 149. He and his opponent finished three rounds with the score knotted at 1-1, and then a pair of sudden victory periods later, Bleise was unable to come up with a score and settled for the second place finish.

Almost in the exact same fashion, Short was a score away from claiming a title after coming up just short last year as well. Short went into a sudden victory period and was scored on before he could secure a takedown.

Last season, Thorn finished the season as an All-American, he showed off his talent early on by not allowing a score entering his finals match, including a 1:46 pin in his second match. Though in the final, Thorn was forced into an extra period, and was taken down and finished as the runner-up at 141.

Steve Polakowski impressed many during the Daktronics Open. His run to the final was largely due to his high scoring. He picked up a pair of major decision, and a fall at 5:59 to earn his second-place finish.

In the heavyweight division, Rylee Streifel was ready to take on the field, he took down his first opponent rather easily with a tech fall, 16-1. He then picked up a pair of decision victories before taking on a talented finalist and capturing second place.

Nine other Gophers placed in the top-six of their respective divisions: Gannon Volk (sixth), Hunter Marko (sixth), Alex Crowe (fifth), Miles Patton (fourth), Brandon Krone (fourth), Chris Pfarr (third), Owen Webster (third), Dylan Anderson (fourth), and Chase O’Connor (fifth).

With the first tournament of the season completed, the Gophers will take a week to get ready for the Air Force dual on Nov. 12 at Maturi Pavilion. is your home for Gopher Wrestling news. Be sure to follow Gopher Wrestling on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for the latest updates.

2017 Warren Williamson/Daktronics Open Results

Gopher Match-by-Match Results


No. 4 Ethan Lizak (4-0, 1st Place)
Round of 16: Ethan Lizak fall (0:35) Tyler Hamm (Briar Cliff)
Quarters: Ethan Lizak dec Romelle Person-Williams (Unattached), 8-1
Semis: Ethan Lizak dec Connor Brown (Unattached), 8-2
Finals: Ethan Lizak tech fall (2:28) Patrick McKee (Unattached) 16-0


No. 6 Mitch McKee (4-0, 1st Place)
Champ Rnd 1: Bye
Round of 16: Mitch McKee fall (1:52) Kaiden Gosselink (Iowa Central)
Quarters: Mitch McKee fall (1:39) Zak Hensley (Unattached)
Semis: Mitch McKee maj dec Todd Small (Iowa Central), 12-0
Finals: Mitch McKee fall (2:26) Steve Polakowski (Minnesota)

Steve Polakowski (3-1, 2nd Place)
Champ Rnd 1: Bye
Round of 16: Steve Polakowski maj dec Cary Palmer (Iowa Central), 10-2
Quarters: Steve Polakowski fall (5:59) McGwire Midkiff (NDSU)
Semis: Steve Polakowski maj dec Tucker Sjomeling (Unattached), 13-5
Finals: Mitch McKee fall (2:26) Steve Polakowski (Minnesota)


No. 6 Tommy Thorn (3-1, 2nd Place)
Round of 16: Tommy Thorn maj dec Christian Miller (Unattached), 10-0
Quarters: Tommy Thorn fall (1:46) Nathan Ryan (Briar Cliff)
Semis: Tommy Thorn maj dec Eric Clarke (Iowa Central), 12-0
Finals: Chad Red Jr. (Nebraska) dec Tommy Thorn, 5-3 (SV)

Gannon Volk (1-3, 6th Place)
Round of 16: Gannon Volk maj dec Riley Palmer (Iowa Central), 10-2
Quarters: Gannon Volk fall (2:54) Henry Pohlmeyer (Unattached)
Semis: Chad Red Jr. (Nebraska) dec Gannon Volk, 6-1
Cons Semis: Colin Ayers (Augustana) fall (2:05) Gannon Volk
5th Place: Eric Clarke (Iowa Central) med) Gannon Volk

Brent Jones (2-2)
Round of 16: Brent Jones dec Jaxon Fitzgerald (Unattached), 6-3
Quarters: Chad Red Jr. (Nebraska) fall (3:22) Brent Jones
Cons Rnd 1: Brent Jones dec Christian Miller (Unattached), 11-6
Cons Rnd 2: Henry Pohlmeyer (Unattached) dec Brent Jones, 8-2


No. 7 Steve Bleise (4-1, 2nd Place)
Round of 32: Steve Bleise fall (2:42) Oscar Ramirez-Hernandez Jr. (Augustana)
Round of 16: Steve Bleise dec Jordan Shearer (Nebraska), 8-6 (SV)
Quarters: Steve Bleise fall (2:41) Tyler Waterson (Minnesota)
Semis: Steve Bleise dec Collin Purrinton (Nebraska) 6-4 (SV)
Finals: Colton McCrystal fall (11:00) Steve Bleise

Tyler Waterson (2-2)
Champ Rnd 1: Bye
Round of 16: Tyler Waterson dec Peyton Smith (Unattached), 12-6
Quarters: Steve Bleise (Minnesota) fall (2:41) Tyler Waterson
Semis: Tyler Waterson dec Ben Brancale (Minnesota), 7-3
Cons Rnd 2: Luke Weber (Nebraska) tech fall (4:34) Tyler Waterson, 18-2

Jakob Bergeland (1-2)
Champ Rnd 1: Bye
Round of 16: Luke Weber (Nebraska) dec Jakob Bergeland, 14-8
Cons Rnd 1: Jakob Bergeland maj dec Austin Braun (NDSU), 11-0
Cons Rnd 2: Colten Carlson (Unattached) maj dec Jakob Bergeland, 13-5

Ben Brancale (2-2)
Champ Rnd 1: Bye
Round of 16: Kyle Ruettiger (Nebraska) dec Ben Brancale, 3-1 (SV)
Cons Rnd 1: Jakob Bergeland fall (2:32) McKinley Mosgrove (Briar Cliff)
Cons Rnd 2: Jakob Bergeland fall (2:16) Ben Peters (Briar Cliff)
Cons Rnd 3: Tyler Waterson (Minnesota) dec Ben Brankale, 7-3

Hunter Marko (3-3, 6th Place)
Champ Rnd 1: Hunter Marko maj dec Austin Braun (NDSU), 12-0
Champ Rnd 2: Hunter Marko fall (3:00) Ben Peters (Briar Cliff)
Quarters: Hunter Marko tech fall (4:21) Kyle Ruettiger (Nebraska), 18-1
Semis: Colton McCrystal (Nebraska) maj dec Hunter Marko, 12-3
Cons Semis: Luke Weber (Nebraska) dec Hunter Marko, 6-5
5th Place: Jordan Shearer (Nebraska) dec Hunter Marko, 4-2

Carson Brolsma (2-2)
Champ Rnd 1: Bye
Round of 16: Carson Brolsma dec Zac Funderburk (Briar Cliff), 15-8
Quarters: Colton McCrystal (Nebraska) fall (4:08) Carson Brolsma
Cons Rnd 2: Carson Brolsma maj dec Colten Carlson (Unattached), 12-1
Cons Rnd 3: Jordan Shearer (Nebraska) maj dec Carson Brolsma, 16-2


Alex Crowe (4-2, 5th Place)
Champ Rnd 1: Bye
Round of 16: Tyler Berger (Nebraska) maj dec Alex Crowe, 14-3
Cons Rnd 1: Bye
Cons Rnd 2: Alex Crowe dec Jaden Vanmaanen (NDSU), 4-2
Cons Rnd 3: Alex Crowe dec James Berg (Minnesota), 2-0
Cons Rnd 4: Alex Crowe dec Caleb Licking (Nebraska), 6-0
Cons Semis: Luke Zilverberg (Unattached) dec Alex Crowe, 6-3
5th Place: Alex Crowe dec Bailey Neises (Augustana), 4-1

Jose Champagne (1-2)
Champ Rnd 1: Bye
Round of 16: Jose Champagne maj dec Jaden Vanmaanen (NDSU), 10-2
Quarters: Tyler Berger (Nebraska) maj dec Jose Champagne, 9-0
Cons Rnd 1: Zach Baptista (Nebraska) dec Jose Champagne, 14-10

James Berg (1-2)
Champ Rnd 1: Bye
Round of 16: James Berg fall (1:35) Thomas Falk (Briar Cliff)
Quarters: Miles Patton (Minnesota) dec James Berg, 4-1
Cons Rnd 2: Alex Crowe (Minnesota) dec James Berg, 2-0

Miles Patton (3-2, 4th Place)
Champ Rnd 1: Bye
Round of 16: Miles Patton dec Zach Baptista (Nebraska), 12-7
Quarters: Miles Patton dec James Berg (Minnesota), 4-1
Semis: Jake Short (Minnesota) dec Miles Patton, 8-2
Cons Semis: Miles Patton dec Bailey Neises (Augustana), 8-3
3rd Place: Luke Zilverberg (Unattached) dec Miles Patton, 5-1

No. 10 Jake Short (3-1, 2nd Place)
Champ Rnd 1: Bye
Round of 16: Jake Short dec Nick Morris (Unattached), 9-3
Quarters: Jake Short maj dec Brandon Meyer (Briar Cliff), 14-2
Semis: Jake Short dec Miles Patton (Minnesota), 8-2
Finals: Tyler Berger (Nebraska) dec Jake Short, 4-2 (SV)


No. 11 Nick Wanzek (4-0, 1st Place)
Champ Rnd 1: Bye
Round of 16: Nick Wanzek maj dec Johnny Blankenship (Nebraska), 16-6
Quarters: Nick Wanzek fall (3:43) Nick Knutson (NDSU)
Semis: Nick Wanzek dec Zach Carlson (Unattached), 12-9
Finals: Nick Wanzek dec Isaiah White (Nebraska), 2-0

Colin Carr (2-2)
Champ Rnd 1: Bye
Round of 16: Colin Carr maj dec Zach Davis (Briar Cliff), 8-0
Quarters: Isaiah White (Nebraska) maj dec Colin Carr, 15-3
Cons Rnd 1: Colin Carr dec Johnny Blankenship (Nebraska), 6-4
Cons Rnd 2: Brett Bye (Unattached) dec Colin Carr, 6-4


Jordon Rothers (1-2)
Round of 16: Jordon Rothers dec Eric Engler (Nebraska), 3-1
Quarters: David Kocer (Unattached) maj dec Jordon Rothers, 9-0
Cons Rnd 1: Jesse Beverely (Iowa Central) fall (2:38) Jordon Rothers

Brandon Krone (3-2, 4th Place)
Round of 16: Brandon Krone dec Jesse Shearer (NDSU), 14-8
Quarters: Brandon Krone dec Lukas Poloncic (Augustana) 4-0
Semis: David Kocer (Unattached) dec Brandon Krone, 8-1
Cons Semis: Brandon Krone fall (2:50) Jesse Shearer (NDSU)
3rd Place: Chris Pfarr (Minnesota) dec Brandon Krone, 5-0

Bailee O’Reilly (1-2)
Round of 16: Bailee O’Reilly fall (2:10) Devin Michicich (Iowa Central)
Quarters: Mikey Labriola (Unattached) tech fall (7:00) Bailee O’Reilly, 25-9
Cons Rnd 1: Jesse Shearer (NDSU) dec Bailee O’Reilly, 6-1

No. 20 Chris Pfarr (4-1, 3rd Place)
Round of 16: Chris Pfarr maj dec Jesse Beverly (Iowa Central), 10-1
Quarters: Chris Pfarr dec Antrez Clagon (Iowa Central), 8-3
Semis: Mikey Labriola (Unattached) dec Chris Pfarr, 7-4
Cons Semis: Chris Pfarr maj dec Lukas Poloncic (Augustana), 13-4
3rd Place: Chris Pfarr dec Brandon Krone (Minnesota), 5-0


Faris Karaborni (1-2)
Round of 16: Taylor Venz (Nebraska) fall (2:23) Faris Karaborni
Cons Rnd 1: Faris Karaborni fall (1:00) Chaka Johnson (Iowa Central)
Cons Rnd 2: Austin Ward (Augustana) fall (1:56) Faris Karaborni

Owen Webster (3-1 (3rd Place)
Round of 16: Owen Webster tech fall Jeremiah Glise (Briar Cliff) 17-1
Quarters: Owen Webster fall (0:11) Jesus Perez (Iowa Central)
Semis: Taylor Venz (Nebraska) fall (3:27) Owen Webster
Cons Semis: Owen Webster med Austin Ward (Augustana)
3rd Place: Owen Webster maj dec Dylan Anderson (Minnesota), 13-3

John Frisco (2-2)
Round of 16: John Frisco fall (2:45) Eddie Smith (Iowa Central)
Quarters: Dylan Anderson (Minnesota) dec John Frisco, 10-6
Cons Rnd 1: John Frisco fall (3:58 Jeremiah Glise (Briar Cliff)
Cons Rnd 2: Austin Ward dec John Frisco, 11-4

Dylan Anderson (3-2, 4th Place)
Round of 16: Dylan Anderson dec Caleb Shanks (Briar Cliff), 8-3
Quarters: Dylan Anderson dec John Frisco (Minnesota), 10-6
Semis: Brady Ayers (Unattached) maj dec Dylan Anderson, 12-2
Cons Semis: Dylan Anderson dec Caleb Shanks (Briar Cliff), 7-0
3rd Place: Owen Webster (Minnesota) maj dec Dylan Anderson, 13-3

Tijani Karaborni (0-2)
Round of 16: Austin Ward (Augustana) tech fall (5:35) Tijani Karaborni, 19-2
Cons Rnd 1: Bye
Cons Rnd 2: Samuel Grove (Unattached) dec Tijani Karaborni, 4-0


Chase O’Connor (4-2, 5th Place)
Round of 16: Chase O’Connor fall (1:13) Cannon Kelly (Iowa Central)
Quarters: Cade Svoboda (Nebraska) dec Chase O’Connor, 2-1
Cons Rnd 1: Chase O’Connor fall (4:53) Austin Coppinger (Briar Cliff)
Cons Rnd 2: Chase O’Connor fall (1:43) Brenden Hansen (Iowa Central)
Cons Semis: Tyree Sutton (Iowa Central) dec Chase O’Connor, 6-4
5th Place: Chase O’Connor fall (1:53) Cade Svoboda

Dalton Lunde (1-2)
Round of 16: Bye
Quarters: Tyree Sutton (Iowa Central) dec Dalton Lunde, 11-4
Cons Rnd 1: Dalton Lunde tech fall Cannon Kelly (Iowa Central), 16-0
Cons Rnd 2: Clayton Wahlstrom (Augustana) dec Dalton Lunde, 5-4


Rylee Streifel (3-1, 2nd Place)
Round of 16: Rylee Streifel tech fall Lane Lettau (Augustana), 16-1
Quarters: Rylee Streifel dec Blake Wolters (Unattached), 6-0
Semis: Rylee Streifel dec Patrick Grayson (Nebraska), 3-2
Finals: Gable Steveson (Unattached) dec Rylee Streifel, 14-7

Nate Rose (2-2)
Round of 16: Gable Steveson (Unattached) tech fall (5:28) Nate Rose, 22-7
Cons Rnd 1: Nate Rose tech fall (5:10) Alex Aarsvold (Unattached), 18-3
Cons Rnd 2: Nate Rose fall (2:02) Alexander Macki (Unattached)
Cons Rnd 3: Kevin Vough (Unattached) dec Nate Rose, 4-3

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