HOL Conference Tournament

HOL Conference Tournament
1 Perham 261.5
2 Frazee 218.0
3 Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton 140.0
4 Barnesville 90.0
5 United Clay Becker Badgers 85.0
6 Pelican Rapids 78.0
7 Breckenridge 65.0

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1st Place – Owen Werner of Perham
2nd Place – Blaze Brady of Perham
3rd Place – Jordan Summers of Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton
4th Place – Jake Nagel of Frazee
5th Place – Tommy Thach of Pelican Rapids
6th Place – Zack Cole of United Clay Becker Badgers
1st: Owen Werner (Perham) 27-7, So. over Blaze Brady (Perham) 20-5, Jr. (Inj. 0:00)
3rd: Jordan Summers (Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton) 26-6, 7th. over Jake Nagel (Frazee) 2-7, 7th. (Fall 0:01)
5th: Tommy Thach (Pelican Rapids) 12-6, Fr. over Zack Cole (United Clay Becker Badgers) 10-18, Fr. (Inj. 0:00)
1st Place – Michael Miller of Frazee
2nd Place – Dylan Johnson of Perham
3rd Place – Blake Bakken of Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton
4th Place – Nathan Sperr of United Clay Becker Badgers
5th Place – Anthony Reese of Pelican Rapids
1st: Michael Miller (Frazee) 29-2, Sr. over Dylan Johnson (Perham) 26-8, Sr. (Dec 8-4)
3rd: Blake Bakken (Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton) 11-4, Fr. over Nathan Sperr (United Clay Becker Badgers) 9-21, So. (Dec 8-2)
5th: Anthony Reese (Pelican Rapids) 11-9, 8th. over () , . (Bye)
1st Place – Gabe Bellefeuille of Perham
2nd Place – Chase Brenner of Barnesville
3rd Place – Landon Byer of Frazee
4th Place – Lukas Volstad of Frazee
5th Place – Zach Haire of Breckenridge
6th Place – Zander Jenson of Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton
1st: Gabe Bellefeuille (Perham) 26-9, So. over Chase Brenner (Barnesville) 31-6, Jr. (Dec 7-1)
3rd: Landon Byer (Frazee) 27-8, Sr. over Lukas Volstad (Frazee) 10-13, So. (Inj. 0:00)
5th: Zach Haire (Breckenridge) 19-8, Jr. over Zander Jenson (Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton) 21-13, Fr. (Dec 8-2)
1st Place – Tanner Schermerhorn of Frazee
2nd Place – Jack Fuchs of Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton
3rd Place – Garrett Peterson of United Clay Becker Badgers
4th Place – Gareth Covington of Perham
5th Place – Sebastian Centeno of Pelican Rapids
1st: Tanner Schermerhorn (Frazee) 29-4, Sr. over Jack Fuchs (Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton) 28-3, Jr. (Dec 3-2)
3rd: Garrett Peterson (United Clay Becker Badgers) 25-11, Jr. over Gareth Covington (Perham) 5-12, Fr. (Fall 0:42)
5th: Sebastian Centeno (Pelican Rapids) 6-11, 8th. over () , . (Bye)
1st Place – Leighton Rach of Perham
2nd Place – Matthew Pollock of Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton
3rd Place – Kaden Hiemenz of Frazee
4th Place – Mason Newling of Frazee
5th Place – Sanden O’Connell of United Clay Becker Badgers
1st: Leighton Rach (Perham) 15-6, Jr. over Matthew Pollock (Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton) 18-6, So. (SV-1 4-2)
3rd: Kaden Hiemenz (Frazee) 22-10, Fr. over Mason Newling (Frazee) 6-8, So. (Inj. 0:00)
5th: Sanden O’Connell (United Clay Becker Badgers) 15-15, Jr. over () , . (Bye)
1st Place – Jack Fudge of Perham
2nd Place – Carter Shipman of Frazee
3rd Place – Cade Sogge of Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton
4th Place – Carter Gilles of Breckenridge
5th Place – Tanner Kadrmas of Barnesville
1st: Jack Fudge (Perham) 27-7, Fr. over Carter Shipman (Frazee) 14-16, Sr. (Fall 2:14)
3rd: Cade Sogge (Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton) 22-13, So. over Carter Gilles (Breckenridge) 15-15, Sr. (Dec 3-2)
5th: Tanner Kadrmas (Barnesville) 9-14, So. over () , . (Bye)
1st Place – Brady Tweeton of Barnesville
2nd Place – Dylan Fudge of Perham
3rd Place – Ricky Roforth of Frazee
4th Place – Noah Rooney of Perham
5th Place – Carter Schmidt of Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton
6th Place – Hunter Magnusson of United Clay Becker Badgers
1st: Brady Tweeton (Barnesville) 31-1, Sr. over Dylan Fudge (Perham) 32-6, Jr. (MD 9-1)
3rd: Ricky Roforth (Frazee) 16-18, Jr. over Noah Rooney (Perham) 4-4, Fr. (Dec 3-0)
5th: Carter Schmidt (Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton) 22-13, So. over Hunter Magnusson (United Clay Becker Badgers) 9-22, Jr. (MD 11-1)
1st Place – Mason Meyer of Breckenridge
2nd Place – Hudson Hiemenz of Frazee
3rd Place – Matthew Bush of Perham
4th Place – Zane Brosowske of Pelican Rapids
5th Place – Logan Tucker of Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton
6th Place – Jacob Beaudine-Schlick of United Clay Becker Badgers
1st: Mason Meyer (Breckenridge) 21-5, Sr. over Hudson Hiemenz (Frazee) 21-11, Sr. (Dec 6-2)
3rd: Matthew Bush (Perham) 11-8, Jr. over Zane Brosowske (Pelican Rapids) 16-16, Jr. (SV-1 3-1)
5th: Logan Tucker (Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton) 8-13, So. over Jacob Beaudine-Schlick (United Clay Becker Badgers) 9-20, So. (MD 9-0)
1st Place – Tanner Eischens of Frazee
2nd Place – Wyatt Guck of Perham
3rd Place – Matthew Ziebell of Pelican Rapids
4th Place – Bailey Johnson of United Clay Becker Badgers
5th Place – Carter Steen of Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton
1st: Tanner Eischens (Frazee) 29-4, Sr. over Wyatt Guck (Perham) 24-11, Sr. (Dec 2-0)
3rd: Matthew Ziebell (Pelican Rapids) 17-7, So. over Bailey Johnson (United Clay Becker Badgers) 7-17, Jr. (TF-1.5 5:00 (17-2))
5th: Carter Steen (Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton) 4-17, So. over () , . (Bye)
1st Place – Dawson Kellogg of Perham
2nd Place – Preston Snobl of Barnesville
3rd Place – Brian Ramos of Perham
4th Place – Matt Osborne of Pelican Rapids
5th Place – Logan Wacker of Frazee
6th Place – Landon Bergron of United Clay Becker Badgers
1st: Dawson Kellogg (Perham) 34-5, So. over Preston Snobl (Barnesville) 25-8, Jr. (Fall 5:38)
3rd: Brian Ramos (Perham) 6-3, 8th. over Matt Osborne (Pelican Rapids) 8-8, So. (Dec 7-5)
5th: Logan Wacker (Frazee) 10-12, Sr. over Landon Bergron (United Clay Becker Badgers) 3-15, Fr. (Fall 4:18)
1st Place – Zachary Peterson of Perham
2nd Place – Jacob Arends of Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton
3rd Place – Carson Haugrud of Pelican Rapids
4th Place – Brett Graham of Frazee
5th Place – Alex Jenison of Barnesville
6th Place – Joey Stuhaug of United Clay Becker Badgers
1st: Zachary Peterson (Perham) 32-2, Jr. over Jacob Arends (Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton) 32-5, Sr. (TF-1.5 5:55 (22-7))
3rd: Carson Haugrud (Pelican Rapids) 25-4, Sr. over Brett Graham (Frazee) 21-6, So. (Fall 2:04)
5th: Alex Jenison (Barnesville) 18-16, Sr. over Joey Stuhaug (United Clay Becker Badgers) 6-7, Jr. (Fall 1:39)
1st Place – Ty Moser of Perham
2nd Place – Tanner Differding of Breckenridge
3rd Place – Gabe Drewes of Frazee
4th Place – Daniel Erlandson of Breckenridge
5th Place – TJ Hines of United Clay Becker Badgers
6th Place – Noah Ziebell of Pelican Rapids
1st: Ty Moser (Perham) 32-1, Jr. over Tanner Differding (Breckenridge) 15-10, Jr. (TF-1.5 3:28 (18-3))
3rd: Gabe Drewes (Frazee) 18-12, Jr. over Daniel Erlandson (Breckenridge) 16-5, Fr. (Dec 8-7)
5th: TJ Hines (United Clay Becker Badgers) 9-16, Jr. over Noah Ziebell (Pelican Rapids) 3-5, Jr. (Fall 2:27)
1st Place – Luke Tweeton of Frazee
2nd Place – Sam Wamre of United Clay Becker Badgers
3rd Place – Jackson Poepping of Barnesville
4th Place – Jose Lopez of Perham
5th Place – Trevor Dufault of Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton
6th Place – Gabe Diaz of Breckenridge
1st: Luke Tweeton (Frazee) 27-4, So. over Sam Wamre (United Clay Becker Badgers) 28-3, Sr. (SV-3 2-2)
3rd: Jackson Poepping (Barnesville) 17-16, Jr. over Jose Lopez (Perham) 17-9, Jr. (Dec 3-2)
5th: Trevor Dufault (Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton) 21-11, Sr. over Gabe Diaz (Breckenridge) 15-16, Sr. (Fall 0:47)
1st Place – Tony Malikowski of Frazee
2nd Place – Hunter Macziewski of Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton
3rd Place – Tanner Tappe of Frazee
4th Place – Colton Kostynick of Perham
5th Place – Tyler Stage of Barnesville
6th Place – Wyatt Dunham of United Clay Becker Badgers
1st: Tony Malikowski (Frazee) 17-1, Jr. over Hunter Macziewski (Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton) 24-7, Sr. (Fall 4:15)
3rd: Tanner Tappe (Frazee) 16-5, Sr. over Colton Kostynick (Perham) 3-12, Jr. (Fall 0:38)
5th: Tyler Stage (Barnesville) 8-16, Sr. over Wyatt Dunham (United Clay Becker Badgers) 4-11, 8th. (Dec 7-4)

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